The Strongest Gene - Chapter 510: Universality? What’s That?

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Chapter 510: Universality? What’s That?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng started stating his data. "Yuan Fang, a beyond-A-class genetic warrior. At a young age, his mother passed and his father abandoned him. His foster father took him in, and after growing up, he demonstrated astonishing potential. From then on, he became the mysterious expert of a certain family. Am I right?"

Everyone present went into an uproar as they heard this. Everyone thought that this guy had to have gone crazy. When Chen Feng saw their expressions, he understood how they felt. That was because when he\'d seen the information provided by Qin Hai, his first thought had also been that this guy had gone crazy.

It was no wonder that he was so well practiced with the power of beyond. That wasn\'t something he had obtained from countless tests. Rather, that was because he was already beyond A class. That was why he was able to demonstrate the power of beyond in such a smooth manner, in such a flawless manner. That was because he was already a beyond A class.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" the head asked while shuddering. Instinctively, he glanced at said genetic warrior, the test subject in question, and asked in a low voice, "He\'s not telling the truth, right? He\'s lying, right?"

The genetic warrior in question merely sighed as a response but did not say anything. His arrogance as a superexpert would not allow him to actually spout lies out of his mouth. This was the final dignity of his person. As the rest saw this, their hearts chilled as they reached the conclusion that this was indeed true. Crazy! The entire world had gone crazy!

Despite the importance of this Beyond X project, despite the historic significance of this project, before the research on the power of beyond succeeded, a beyond A class was still the strongest humanity had to offer. Essentially, this project had only been created to create more beyond A classes, yet here, people were sacrificing beyond A classes to conduct their research? They had never expected that something like this would happen. But now…

The head asked the same question everyone was wondering. "Why?"

Suddenly, the old man shouted, "For humanity! Humanity is in a crisis. If we continue researching normally, we will require at least 10 years to succeed. Humanity can\'t afford to wait this long. By sacrificing only a single beyond A class, we will be able to figure out what, exactly, the power of beyond A class entails—what, exactly, the power of beyond B class is. This is the first beyond B class in existence. There is great significance in this research on him. He will lead humanity toward success. I only require a short amount of time to break through in my research. I am capable of creating history. Humanity will obtain a brand new future! Soon… I only need a little bit more time and I will most definitely be successful." The old man was shouting crazily.

Chen Feng curled his lip. "What nonsense. Don\'t put the label of humanity on your selfish desires. Hehe, obviously, you are doing this for the glory of having your name etched in the annals of history."

"Even if that\'s true, so what? There is no conflict between this and the goal of humanity! When both goals were laid before me, I knew that this was something I had to do!" The old man appeared deranged. "Therefore, when he returned with injuries, I drugged him to reduce his power level without him realizing it. In 10 short days, his level dropped to beyond B class. Haha…" The old man laughed crazily.

As for Yuan Fang, he merely shut his eyes painfully.

He had initially believed that the battle that had given him his injuries was what had caused his strength to drop. But when his strength had continued dropping all the way to B class, it had become clear who the one that had harmed him was. It was the very foster father that had raised him.

Chen Feng sighed. "Indeed…" The only reason Qin Hai had felt that Yuan Fang was familiar was because when Qin Hai was leaving here after Chen Feng\'s test on him previously, he had stumbled upon Yuan Fang, who was on his way home. Next, a huge battle had erupted between them. Clearly, Yuan Fang had not been willing to let this "ancient clan member" off. As such, the eruption of a huge battle had been inevitable. Qin Hai had already held back, yet Yuan Fang was, after all, not a weak person. It would not have been easy to escape from him. As such, ultimately, Yuan Fang had returned with injuries from the battle. When he\'d reached his foster father\'s place, it had turned out that his foster father was a demon-like person after all…

His foster father was also a mad researcher. At that moment, the senses of the injured Yuan Fang had dropped drastically. Taking advantage of that, what everyone saw had happened. Chen Feng had, like a little butterfly waving its wings, created a butterfly effect from inviting Qin Hai over that ultimately resulted in this happening to Yuan Fang, a beyond-A-class warrior.

Chen Feng recalled that when that had happened, his excess luck value was still being urged to do anything to ensure the success of this project? In short, his luck value had caused this, resulting in the creation of this perfect test subject, despite the extreme tendencies of that old man? No, all this must be a coincidence, Chen Feng convinced himself. What could one do when such a foster father existed?

"Take him," the head stated angrily.

"No, don\'t take me," the old main stated in a flustered manner. He shouted frantically, "I never intended to harm Fang Er. He has only dropped to B class temporarily. As long as my research is completed, I will most definitely think of a way to recover his strength. I\'m telling the truth. Fang Er, trust me. I will most definitely figure out a way to recover your strength."

To ensure the accuracy of his research, the gene reagent he\'d fed Yuan Fang to drop his strength had a permanent effect. That had been the only way to ensure that he could research the power of beyond B class. Otherwise, if the B-class power drop had only been a temporary effect while Yuan Feng was injured, with him still being a beyond A class, would there have been a point in using him as the test subject?

Everyone sighed. Was there a need for this? They looked at Yuan Fang and felt sad for him. This was a beyond-A-class warrior who had battled for humanity in the past. Now, due to such a matter, he had been plotted against by his own foster father. This was truly…

They all sighed and stared ahead, losing hope on his behalf. As a person abandoned by his biological father, he had cherished his relationship with his foster father more. As such, so long as it concerned the family of his foster father, he had provided any help he could. To help his foster father, he had strived to become stronger without stop. This firm belief was the very thing that had enabled him to ultimately become a beyond A class. Alas, he had never expected that even after becoming an all-powerful beyond A class, his foster father had ultimately still abandoned him. Once again, he had been abandoned!

The atmosphere became dreadfully stifling. Everyone had a gloomy expression on their face. From great happiness to great sadness. Earlier, they had still believed that a beautiful future for humanity was within grasp, yet now, this seemed like it had been an illusion all along, an illusion that had been broken so very easily. How lamentable, how sad. And now, a problem faced them: what to do with Yuan Fang?

Despite the fact that Yuan Fang as a person still had huge research value, with his status as a person who had once been a hero of humanity, who would actually dare take him as a test subject? People would be worried that this would result in all the other beyond-A-class warriors going on strike. At this moment, Yuan Fang stood and walked to a corner silently before sitting down, no longer raising his head. Everyone exchanged glances and did not dare disturb him.

"Start the third demonstration, then," the head muttered. Only now did everyone remember that there was still a third submission today. Once again, they prepared for the demonstration. As they took a look, they noted that the test subject this time was precisely the baldy who had blocked an A-class attack earlier.

Hold on… If this fellow was capable of blocking an A-class attack, was he really a B class? The head started doubting. This wouldn\'t be another fraud, right? He had obviously been shocked crazy today. Instinctively, he looked at Chen Feng. If this was a fraud as well, there was no point in continuing this demonstration.

"Please check the fifth row on the first page of the submission form," Chen Feng stated dryly. The head and the others exchanged glances before looking over. Instantly, their eyes shone. That was because on that row, it was written that the main person in charge of this team was Chen Feng, and his research contribution was 80%.

Their eyes shone. "This is actually something researched by Chen Feng himself?" Despite Chen Feng\'s tendencies to act in an unbridled manner, none here dared to look down on his production skills. After all, he was an excellent producer from the Gene Production Association.

The preparations were completed. "Begin."

The demonstration was, in fact, a rather simple process. Xu Fei merely swallowed down the gene reagent before transforming into a super saiyan. Active duration: one second.

"One second?"

The head was dazed momentarily before recalling how the three seconds and five seconds earlier had both been fraudulent. This one second they were seeing was instead the real deal. There was no excitement or any other emotions. Everyone merely looked at the data in silence.

After the great fluctuation in their mood earlier, now, they truly couldn\'t feel any excitement anymore. Or perhaps, their feelings were already numbed by now.

Mhm, it was confirmed that the active duration was one second.

Mhm, it was confirmed that the condition of the test subject remained well.

Mhm, it was confirmed that the power of beyond was triggered.


Everyone confirmed all the recorded data silently in an incomparably solemn manner. Next, with astonishment, they found out that almost everything recorded in the submission form was correct—flawless, even. This seemed somewhat similar to Yuan Fang\'s fake record previously, but with a shorter active duration.

The head looked at Xu Fei in a somewhat worried manner. "This…" This fellow obviously possessed extraordinary strength. Moreover, he appeared so very ferocious. He wouldn\'t be yet another exploited person like Yuan Fang, right? Right at this instant, Chen Feng walked forth and stood silently in front of the data monitoring devices. Next, he took out a gold-colored gene reagent.

Everyone blanked. "What are you doing?"


He swallowed the gene reagent down.


A gold radiance erupted. The power of beyond erupted, and instantly, the data on the screen went off the charts. Everyone widened their eyes.

Hold on… Only now did they notice an extremely frightening matter. "Your gene reagent, it works on everyone?"