The Strongest Gene - Chapter 509: You Dare Do This in Public?

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Chapter 509: You Dare Do This in Public?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


As the people there looked at the Man Junxi that was laughing wildly, they knew that this guy had probably been overprovoked and was now insane. Under such intense provocation, this guy that was still rather young hadn\'t been able to avoid going crazy.

The head waved his hand coldly. "Drag him out."

Several people stepped out and dragged Man Junxi away. As for holding him accountable, nobody mentioned it. After all, something like this was not something a nobody like Man Junxi could decide upon, as even their ancestral blood essence had been used. The Genetic Union would most definitely deal with this.

The head thank Chen Feng solemnly. "Many thanks." If it wasn\'t for Chen Feng, he would have been fooled. The other big shots present felt the same as well. Even now, there was still some lingering fear in their hearts.

Chen Feng beamed. "No worries."

"I never expected that he was actually a cheater," the old man lamented. Clearly, this opponent of Man Junxi earlier had chosen to lament the fate of Man Junxi. However, from his expression, a trace of hidden laughter could be seen. Rather than lamenting, he appeared to be taking joy in Man Junxi\'s calamity. Now that Man Junxi was finished, all the resources would belong to their team.

Suddenly, Chen Feng looked at him. "What are you laughing at?"

"Ah?" The old man was dazed, as he had no idea why Chen Feng was suddenly targeting him. "I\'m not laughing."

Chen Feng looked at him faintly. "You were laughing secretly. I saw it. Are you thinking that since he\'s finished, all the resources will be yours?"

"Chen Feng, don\'t push it with your bullying," the old man warned. What was going on? As the others saw this, they started exchanging glances with rather dumbstruck expressions on their faces. Evidently, they had yet to react to this sudden confrontation. Could it be that Chen Feng had some other proof? Could it be that this old man was suspected of cheating as well? They all pondered.

Chen Feng smiled. "So what if I\'m bullying you? Would you believe that even if I killed you right here and right now, nobody would do anything to help you? Would you believe that even your family would keep their mouths shut?"

The old man\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "You are courting death!" Having the qualification to stand here, he was obviously not an ordinary person.

"I am not kidding." Chen Feng beamed. "I am Chen Feng! Part of the Gene Production Association\'s management! Mhm… as such, even if I killed you, so what? I have contributed greatly to humanity. Even if I were guilty of killing you, my contributions are so great that nobody would dare touch me anyway, especially when the one I killed is someone without any backer like you." Chen Feng sneered. "Since Man Junxi was caught cheating, his qualifications have been canceled. Now, for me, the only one blocking my path is you, old man. Therefore, if I directly killed you here, wouldn\'t the person who would be the main person in charge of the Beyond X project be me?" Chen Feng smiled faintly.

The old man\'s expression changed greatly. "You dare?"

Chen Feng sneered. "Why not?"


Light started shining suddenly. Astonishingly, Chen Feng had made his move directly. Combat power far surpassing an ordinary B-class warrior erupted. The moment Chen Feng made his move, he erupted with a super-powerful strength, with that old man as his target. Only now did the others react to this sudden change. The hell, this guy was really trying to kill the old man. He wasn\'t trying to present any proof or expose the old man. Rather, he was blatantly trying to kill the old man.

Just as what Chen Feng had mentioned earlier, he was indeed killing openly here. So what? What could anyone do about it?

The expressions of the others changed greatly. "Chen Feng, hold your hand!"

It was truly outside of everyone\'s expectation that Chen Feng would do this. As such, even experts like them were not able to react in time. Only a single A-class warrior was able to react in the way of tossing out a single energy attack.


The attack was blocked en route by a baldy.

"He said that he wants to kill that old man," Xu Fei stated with a fierce expression. This fierce expression, when combined with that bald head of his, gave him a rather fiend-like appearance. It\'s over! Everyone\'s heart chilled. With Chen Feng making his move suddenly, who could stop him? This instant, time seemed to freeze. Everyone watched on with wide eyes as Chen Feng leaped abruptly, light swirling all over him. A set of Energy Equipment coalesced immediately on his body as he erupted with a powerful combat power before heading directly toward that old man.

This power demonstrated by Chen Feng had astonishingly reached the very peak of B class. Despite the fact that the old man was similarly a B class, facing this sudden attack from Chen Feng, he couldn\'t react in time at all. After all, nobody had expected that Chen Feng would truly dare to attempt to kill someone here. In any case, even if he was able to react in time, he wasn\'t strong enough to actually block Chen Feng\'s attack. It was clear that there was a gap between his strength and Chen Feng\'s strength.


The terrifying radiance surged in intensity. Everyone\'s heart chilled. However, when they looked at the stage, they all blanked. Presently, in front of the old man, a person shrouded in gold energy was blocking Chen Feng\'s attack. This was precisely the test subject of this old man earlier. He had actually blocked Chen Feng\'s attack.

Everyone was overjoyed. "Good!"

Chen Feng snorted. "Hmph." Burst! Without hesitation, he punched out. With the full activation of his Energy Equipment, Chen Feng activated the strongest combat power he could activate normally, the peak of B class. He started battling the test subject.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Light swirled around and exploded without end. They appeared evenly matched. At this time, finally, the experts of the Genetic Union reacted and forced their battle to end.

The head was furious. "Chen Feng, what are you doing?"

Due to Chen Feng\'s past contributions, they had always been extremely courteous toward him. Unexpectedly, this guy had actually done such a thing in public. It was too excessive! He was acting too wantonly!

Chen Feng beamed. "I\'m eliminating my opponents. Are my actions not clear enough?"

"You…" The head was infuriated. This was too excessive! For others, even if they wanted to play any tricks, they would do so secretly. Who would act openly in such a manner? Where was his face as an excellent producer, doing something like this?

The head inhaled as he asked, "What exactly do you want to do?"

Chen Feng shrugged. "Do I still need to say it? We will have to question our adorable test subject here. If I am correct, earlier, he was using the power of beyond B class when battling me, right?"


At this, everyone was alarmed. Wasn\'t that right? As they thought about it, that guy had indeed erupted with the power of beyond B class in order to save the old man earlier. Only that would have enabled him to block Chen Feng\'s surprise attack with a casual attack of his. Granted, he had concealed the beyond B class power immediately after. However, that familiar aura was something impossible to mask. That was precisely the power of beyond B class. Was this what Chen Feng had been aiming for all along?

The head looked at the both of them. "You all…"

The old man sneered. "Mhm, indeed, it\'s the power of beyond B class. Our gene reagent does not only enable one to activate the power of beyond for several seconds at a time. Our gene reagent, with increased usage, is also capable of enabling one to gain more understanding of the power of beyond. The only reason this wasn\'t recorded was because we had yet to verify that that is indeed the case.

"As he had already used our gene reagent during tests numerous times, he is already very well versed with the power of beyond. As such, he is able to occasionally activate the power of beyond without the help of the gene reagent. He is not far away from fully comprehending the power of beyond B class."

So that was the case. Everyone was shaken as they heard this. If this was true, wasn\'t this exactly what they had been after when initiating this Beyond X project?

"Can you truly activate the power of beyond occasionally without the gene reagent?" the head asked expectantly.

"Yes," he replied with his hoarse voice.


As a proof, he tried activating the power, and once again, a golden flash flickered out. Beyond B class! Indeed! This was a true beyond B class without the help of any gene reagents. Everyone was overjoyed as they saw this. The final goal of the Beyond X project was to enable humanity to grasp the power of beyond. Now, the first success case was right before their eyes.

The head was excited. "Good, very good." As he saw that Chen Feng was about to make another move, his eyes widened. "Chen Feng, don\'t act recklessly. From now onward, he is under the protection of the Genetic Union. You are absolutely not allowed to harm him." As the first beyond B class in existence, that person was indeed worthy of their protection. "Moreover, they aren\'t exactly without any backers as you imagined. For your own sake, do not act recklessly. Otherwise, you will bring harm to yourself," the head warned. Despite the fact that he feared Chen Feng\'s identity, he would not allow Chen Feng to act recklessly here.

Chen Feng wasn\'t the least bothered. "What harm will this bring to me? Are you talking about the mysterious beyond-A-class warrior that was helping their family?"

The head gazed at Chen Feng inconceivably. "You are aware of that?" The hell, since he was aware that their family had been assisted by a beyond A class, why had he still dared to act recklessly?

"Of course I\'m aware of that." Chen Feng smiled playfully. "But then, that is merely a crippled beyond A class. What is there to be afraid of? Have you not heard that a fallen phoenix is lower than even a chicken?"


The head was alarmed. "Something happened to that beyond A class?"

Every single beyond A class in existence was akin to a precious treasure of humanity. Any mishap befalling any single beyond A class was an affair capable of shaking the entirety of humanity.

Chen Feng pointed behind him. "Of course. Since he has already transformed from beyond A class to beyond B class, isn\'t he crippled?"

What? Everyone widened their eyes. Beyond A? The head was completely dumbfounded. Everyone looked in the direction Chen Feng was pointing. There, the B-class warrior that was also the test subject of the second team could be seen. Presently, his face was dreadfully ice cold. This person…had once been a beyond A class?