The Strongest Gene - Chapter 508: The Theft of Results

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Chapter 508: The Theft of Results

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All those assassinations, all that destruction, all these actions were the Mysterious Organization\'s disguise. The actual reason they had hidden themselves all these years was to gather information. They were presently well aware of which human families were the powerful ones. Despite the fact that none of their spies were those truly powerful humans, these spies had still managed to gather a huge amount of information.

In fact, the ancient race had created a matrix to analyze the human families. Their strength, characteristics, loyalty, potential, and all other aspects, all these were studied. From these, the top 100 strongest human families were all listed in the ancient race\'s matrix. Evidently, Man Junxi\'s family was one of these 100 families. Their position was thanks to the drops of blood essence from their ancestor.

Qin Hai shrugged as he explained, "The blood essence is something their ancestor left behind secretly to avoid being found out by the Genetic Union. Otherwise, with how the Genetic Union has always acted, these drops of blood essence might have ended up taken away by the Genetic Union long ago."

Chen Feng pondered. "That\'s truly possible." After all, even excavated treasures were something one was required to hand over to their home country. As such, with a simple excuse of "for the betterment of humanity," one would be completely helpless against the demands of the Genetic Union. Thus, their act of hiding the existence of the blood essence was understandable.

If so…

Chen Feng studied the inside scoop about Man Junxi he\'d received. Mhm… Man Junxi\'s team had similarly pursued a route of trying to trigger the power of beyond in a human\'s body. The only difference was that their attempts at triggering had been focused on the human body—the bloodline of humans, to be precise. Their aim was to trigger the appearance of the power of beyond through a blood mutation. If this direction was pursued with the assistance of the blood essence their ancestors had left behind…

Finally, Chen Feng thoroughly understood. "So that\'s the case." He expressed his gratitude toward Qin Hai. "Thanks."

"Not a problem." Qin Hai shook his head and was about to end the call when, suddenly, his gaze swept past the corner of the screen. "Yi? This guy looks familiar?"

"Mhm?" Chen Feng followed Qin Hai\'s line of sight and noted that Qin Hai was talking about the old man\'s test subject.

Chen Feng\'s heart jolted. "Familiar?" What was Qin Hai\'s status nowadays? He was a beyond A class! A superexpert of the ancient race! Would a person he felt familiar be an ordinary person?

"Hold on." Qin Hai did a quick search. "So, it\'s him."


The data was transmitted to Chen Feng. With a single look, Chen Feng\'s expression changed greatly. No wonder… Chen Feng was endlessly shocked. He looked at the data he had before looking at the test subject, and finally, he looked at the old man and said, "These lunatics!"

They had gone crazy! The entire world had gone crazy! Chen Feng felt helpless. As he saw that the BC team\'s person in charge had finished the preparations and was about to begin the demonstration, Chen Feng inhaled deeply before taking a step onto the stage.

"Before this, I have something to say." Chen Feng finished his words calmly as everyone present blanked momentarily. The sole reason for this reaction was Chen Feng\'s identity. Despite the fact that everyone present was a big shot of the Genetic Union, despite the fact that when it came to research, this head of the department here was already the top authority, when the person talking was Chen Feng, he had to listen. Why? Because this was Chen Feng.

Chen Feng, the person who had played the crucial role during the Star City battle, part of the Gene Production Association\'s management, and an excellent producer with astonishingly high abilities in gene production. Just by standing there calmly, without any excessive action, nobody dared to neglect this Chen Feng.

"Please do say what\'s in your mind," the head of the department replied courteously.

If in a moment of unhappiness, this Chen Feng fellow were to decide to stop cooperating with the Genetic Union, all their projects would be foiled. It was said that that Hou Liang fellow was extremely close with this Chen Feng. The opinion of a single member of the Gene Production Association\'s management still wouldn\'t be much, but if two of them had an opinion, the entirety of the Genetic Union would need to tread carefully.

"Do you guys not have the slightest idea at how difficult the completion of this Beyond X project is? Even if there was a miracle, what you are all seeing is not the type of miracle that would appear," Chen Feng stated faintly. "I hope that all of you will not be deceived by the so-called result you are all seeing presently, thus resulting in some idiotic decision. An idiotic decision such as pursuing Man Junxi\'s research direction as the main direction for this entire project."


The moment he finished talking, everyone present was alarmed. If what Chen Feng had said earlier was merely an opinion, these final words of his were akin to a bombardment.

Man Junxi was furious. "What do you mean?!"

"What do I mean?" Chen Feng looked at Man Junxi coldly. "What I\'m saying is the fact that your entire research was faked. From the expected result till the actual test result, everything was faked."


Everyone erupted into an uproar. Fake? Even the head of the department\'s expression became solemn as he heard this. He believed that Chen Feng would most definitely not utter something like this without any reason.

"What proof do you have?"

"Proof…" Suddenly, Chen Feng lowered his voice. "An example would be the blood essence left behind by your ancestor."


Instantly, Man Junxi\'s expression paled.

"What nonsense are you uttering!?" Man Junxi shouted forcefully, "No such thing exists!"

"Is there a need for this?" Chen Feng stated calmly. "The reason they failed to detect any problems is because they were not specifically looking for it. Believe me when I tell you that by using the data of your ancestor, something will most definitely be found when your result is retested. For example, a familiar gene characteristic? Despite the fact that during the era of your ancestor, gene development was rather primitive, something like a gene record still exists. As long as the data of your ancestor is used to conduct a new round of inspections on your research result, something will most definitely be found.

"I heard that the identity verification system of your ancestral hall is set up using the blood essence of that ancestor of yours, right? This is to ensure that only his blood relatives can enter. Take a guess, if that data were taken and used to compare with the data of your test subject, what will we find? Even now, you are still trying to deny this? Did you not say earlier that you have a success rate of 100%? If so, why not conduct several more such tests in the coming days, then? How many times can you continue conducting your tests? Can the blood essence your ancestor left behind be wasted in such a manner by you guys?"


Man Junxi slumped onto the ground. He knew that he was finished. At first, he had believed that Chen Feng had merely heard some rumors. Alas, since Chen Feng had even mentioned his ancestral hall and the way to verify it, what was the point in further arguments?


Everyone erupted into an uproar. The others were all dumbstruck as they heard this. Evidently, none of them had expected that Chen Feng was actually telling the truth.

"You…" The head of the department was able to guess the truth from the reactions of Man Junxi and Man Junxi\'s team. Chen Feng was indeed correct! This Man Junxi fellow that he had looked highly upon had actually tried to cheat his way through this! As he pondered it, if they had truly decided to set this team as the main team, how terrifying would the consequences have been? Since all his research results had been faked, this would cause the progress of their project to regress by several years. For the present humanity, this was absolutely fatal. When that happened, he, as the head of the department…

Just thinking about the consequences sent a chill down the head\'s spine.

The head\'s eyes became cold. "Why? Do you not know that this will destroy humanity\'s hope?"

Man Junxi muttered, "This is our one and only chance… It has been way too long since our family last rose to power. If we were able to grab this opportunity, we would most definitely have been able to rise to power once again. As for the so-called destruction of humanity, that is not going to happen. Haha. As long as we succeed in taking the lead, having all the research teams combined under our lead, the progress of their research will all be ours anyway. At that time, we can totally start researching from scratch following all of their progress. With that, history would still have recorded us as the benefactor of humanity!"

Everyone sunk into silence. Despite the fact that what Man Junxi had said was indeed correct, their hearts still chilled. This guy… from the start, he had been planning to steal the results of others! Using such a method to fake an initial success before stealing the results of others? How hateful!