The Strongest Gene - Chapter 506: Vitality Exhaustion?

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Chapter 506: Vitality Exhaustion?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"There\'s another flaw." The old man paused. "The probability is rather low. After producing 100 such gene reagents, only one of them succeeded."

"A success rate of 1%?" The head of the department appeared rather gratified. "Such a high success rate?"

Indeed. This was actually a high success rate. As long as the success rate was 1% or above, they would be able to produce a huge amount of them. The moment they started mass producing these gene reagents… they would be able to enter the proper mass-manufacturing phase. This demonstration by the second team seemed to be even better than the first team\'s. Both their results seemed acceptable as well. Which should they select, then? Everyone was filled with expectation.

Chen Feng frowned. "Another success?" Even if he overlooked the success of that old man Man Junxi, even this old man had succeeded as well. Chen Feng had studied the demonstration properly and had noted that no problems could be found. Different from Man Junxi\'s rather clumsy demonstration, this second team\'s test appeared incredibly well practiced. From the performance of that genetic warrior, it could be deduced that this team had clearly practiced this countless times and that this was not their first time at this.

Even Chen Feng started having doubts. "Could it be that they truly succeeded by themselves?"

During Man Junxi\'s demonstration, the B-class warrior of theirs had clearly not been well practiced with what he should do. With a single look, one could deduce that this was the first time he had grasped this power of beyond B class. Even if everything looked normal, to Chen Feng\'s group, which already had numerous encounters with this power of beyond, that B-class warrior\'s performance was too unpracticed.

This was most definitely the first time for Man Junxi\'s team. Prior to this, they hadn\'t conducted any relevant tests that had resulted in the power of beyond. That was the reason their demonstration had appeared so clumsy. As for this old man and his team, their understanding and grasp of the power of beyond almost exceeded even Chen Feng\'s group\'s. This was even more so for their B-class warrior.

Evidently, this was a test they had done a huge number of times. This was a team that was even more mature and steady than the combination of Chen Feng and the BC team. This team…

Even Chen Feng started doubting whether this team had truly succeeded on their own. But then, this thought only lasted momentarily before being dispelled by Chen Feng. The only reason for this was the timing for their submission, which was truly too coincidental. After all, all three submissions had been submitted together.

This signified that this second team had most certainly been forced to conduct this demonstration out of nowhere. However, despite the forced demonstration, they had still been able to conduct it in an extremely well-practiced manner. What was the problem here, then? Or perhaps… there was an unknown fatal flaw to their produced gene reagent?

Chen Feng fixed his gaze on that B-class warrior. Suddenly, he noted that this B-class warriors\' complexion was somewhat pale and appeared rather weakened.

Chen Feng\'s heart jolted slightly. Weakened… Is this a gene reagent that exhausts one\'s vitality?

Right at this moment, before Chen Feng could even say anything, that person called Man Junxi started talking. "Head, I feel like there\'s a problem with their test."

The head frowned. "Oh?"

"During our tests, we discovered that three seconds is already humanity\'s limit. At least, this is the case when this power of beyond is achieved with the help of items. If this limit is surpassed, there is a possibility that one\'s vitality will be exhausted. As such, the gains do not make up for the losses. This is also the reason we kept compressing our tests. As for them…" Man Junxi pointed at the B-class warrior. "He looks pale. Perhaps he has excessively exhausted his vitality?"


Everyone\'s gaze uniformly landed on that genetic warrior. Indeed, his complexion was pale and was even sweating all over. Both his legs appeared rather weak as he stood there forcefully. From the looks of it, he truly looked like someone who had overexerted his vitality. This test result was problematic! When the head saw this was, he thought that this fellow\'s condition felt so similar to his condition after the seven-day honeymoon with his wife back then.

Mhm… this was an extremely dangerous condition.

Essentially, this Beyond X project had been started to trigger the power of beyond in humanity, to trigger the hidden potential within a human\'s body, to give humanity a better future. This was not a project just to give humans temporary strength. If they wanted a temporary boost in strength, they already had a huge amount of gene reagents capable of achieving the same effect.

What they sought was the future! The future of humanity! If this power of beyond was obtained at the cost of humanity\'s vitality, the gains would most definitely not make up for the losses. As he thought of this, the head\'s expression became unprecedentedly solemn.

"Test his vitality," the head stated solemnly.


The test crews of the Genetic Union stepped forth.

A smile appeared on Man Junxi\'s face. This old fellow was trying to compete against him with just this? As for the old man from the second team, he merely watched on with a gloomy expression, not trying to stop this at all. Soon, the test was completed.

"How is it?" the head asked.

"Oh." The test crew shrugged. "Indeed, something isn\'t right."


Some people there started shaking their head sighing. Just to obtain progress in their research, they had already started doing such things? This was truly…

"Ban their entire research team," the head stated without any hesitation.

Man Junxi beamed. "You are wise, head. Against such fraudsters…"

"No, that\'s not the case."

The test crew waved his hand, "His vitality is indeed rather different. However, how should I explain this? His vitality appears much livelier than an ordinary person\'s. From our initial estimate, his life span will be 20% higher than an ordinary person\'s."


Instantly, everyone lapsed into silence. An extra 20% life span? Hold on. In other words, there were no issues with this guy? Rather, his vitality was much more vigorous than others\'?

"I don\'t know if this is related to the power of beyond," the test crew lamented. "In short, vitality-wise, he\'s certainly doing exceptionally."

Everyone gasped in admiration. There\'s such an additional effect? If so…

The head was extremely pleased. "Not bad."

"Hold on."

Seeing how things weren\'t going as he wished, Man Junxi started analyzing the test data. He was personally a rather formidable researcher. As such, he was able to point to the crux immediately after studying the data.

Suddenly, Man Junxi said, "What if his initial vitality before this was already 30% higher than others?"

As everyone heard this, they sunk into contemplation.

Man Junxi analyzed rationally. "In this genetic era, whether it is due to genes or other factors, it is normal for some people to have much higher vitality than others. I have even seen a genius with a vitality 200% higher than others before. If we allowed him to join as a test subject, wouldn\'t he obtain a final vitality of 190% in the end? Would that be considered a success then? Clearly, the answer is no! This fellow is turning pale all over and his body is weak. With a single look, one can see that he does not seem to be feeling very well. That is also the reason I doubted him. If possible, I would like to have the data of his vitality prior to this test. Since you guys are researching on human body, during your past tests, your group had surely recorded the details of his vitality, right?" Man Junxi stated without holding back.

As the others heard this, they nodded approvingly. This was a fair argument, and his question was fair as well. Even the head couldn\'t think of a retort to this.

"Do you have any records?" the head asked the old man.

"Yes," the old man answered, and the gloomy expression on his face remained. "I will get someone to bring them over."

Man Junxi sneered. "Let me see how much longer you can continue pretending."

Shortly afterward, the record was brought over. The full data for that test subject was exposed. Alarming everyone there, all the prior tests on this test subject had remained at 20% above others from the start of his participation. This had remained throughout the 20 days he had participated. Man Junxi widened his eyes as he saw this. This… how was this possible?