The Strongest Gene - Chapter 504: What Is This?

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Chapter 504: What Is This?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Outer space.

Due to the appearance of the devil race and ancient race, a huge amount of wealthy big shots had departed this planet, drifting through space. The spaceships that had only been used for holiday tours had all been transformed and had several energy shuttles added to them to transform them into battleships. Even spaceships that did not reach the standard of a battleship were outfitted with several shuttles so that these ships could be blasted into outer space.

Presently, a huge battleship was hovering somewhere in space. The black ice-cold exterior of this battleship exuded a mysterious and metallic feeling, demonstrating that this battleship was obviously different than the other ships around it. This was a battleship in the truest sense.

At present moment, within the battleship, a certain middle-aged man was reading the news on the screen silently. Despite the huge amount of white hair on his head, he still appeared rather robust and healthy.

He appeared gratified as he asked, "Has the research on the new gene reagent succeeded?" The power of beyond… Humanity had finally reached this step?

"You should take a rest," the female assistant beside him reminded him.

"All right." He paused. "Include news pertaining to Chen Feng in the daily reports from now on as well."

"Chen Feng?"

The female assistant was rather surprised. From the planet to where they were, every piece of news sent to them was sent with great difficulty. As the distance between them and the planet increased, the cost of information transmission would exponentially increase. Even so, Chen Feng was worth being added to their daily report as well? She voiced her doubts.

"Chen Feng is rather different." That person smiled yet did not provide much explanation.

"All right." The female assistant bowed slightly before leaving to do what had been asked of her. The person stood up and proceeded to gaze in the direction of that planet that was so very far from their present location. His gaze appeared as deep as night itself.



The gold radiance shone.

The moment when a dazzling radiance erupted around Xu Fei as his entire person transformed like a super saiyan was a new milestone for humanity as a whole. Alas, with his bald head, Xu Fei appeared rather villainous.


The tactful BC team had decided to note in their submission form that 80% of this result was the result of Chen Feng\'s contributions, while their entire team had contributed only 20% of this. Even with this, they were still rather anxious. That was because the content of their research was no longer a secret now, yet the energy stimulant gene reagent of Chen Feng\'s still remained a secret only known to Chen Feng.

As Chen Feng glanced at the submission form they had filled out, he was immensely satisfied. If possible, he was definitely not willing to waste even a single second here. Since this BC team had successfully assisted him in greatly reducing the time spent on this research, he reasoned that it was acceptable for them to claim 20% credit for this result.

The BC team was extremely grateful. "Many thanks."

And now, their research titled "New Gene Reagent" was formally submitted to their superiors. Surprisingly, they were actually not the first team who had completed their research. Moreover, they were not even the second team to have completed their research.

The person in charge of the BC team was extremely shocked. "We placed third?" Third team? Two other teams had completed the research before them?

"Indeed." The employee checked the submission form. "Two other teams also submitted their forms earlier today."

The person in charge: "…"

He still couldn\'t believe this. They were extremely clear on how difficult this research was. It was so hard that when they had started on this, they had braced themselves for a research that would take them three, five, or even ten years.

Why had so many people been focusing on body research? That was because this was the aspect of research easiest to verify. With that, regardless of whether their research ended in success or failure, they would be able to decide on their next step from their research results. An example was them, who had subsequently decided on energy as the next direction of their research. The only reason they had succeeded was because of Chen Feng and luck.

Completing the research in a little bit over one month in itself was a miraculous feat. This was a miracle of Chen Feng\'s, but now, those guys…

The person in charge frowned deeply as he contemplated. It wasn\'t really hard to stimulate the power of beyond. One only needed to focus on a correct direction and use the proper equipment and one would be able to stimulate a split second of the power of beyond. But then, for this project, the minimum requirement was a duration of one second.

Their team, the BC team, was a team self-proclaimed as the top three team of researchers in the Genetic Union. Even with them, they had only managed to reach the duration of one millisecond. And now, he had discovered that two other teams had also completed this research? There had to be some problem somewhere. As the person in charge brought the news back, the rest couldn\'t believe this as well.

"Lock down the research area," Chen Feng ordered without hesitation. "From now onward, nobody is allowed to leave."

Next, he looked at the person in charge and said, "You, come with me. Let us go take a look at this so-called research result of theirs. Let\'s see how legendary their results are."

The person in charge of BC team nodded. "All right." He was, after all, still filled with doubt as well. Seeing how Chen Feng had locked down everyone else decisively, he was rather anxious as well. Was there truly an internal problem that had caused their formula to be leaked?

Chen Feng shook his head. "That\'s not possible. I am the only one who knows this formula of mine."

The person in charge nodded his head solemnly.

"Let\'s go." Leading him, Chen Feng left the research hall. The significance of the result of the Beyond X project was extremely huge. As such, from the moment the first form had been submitted, almost all the big shots had been alarmed. By the time the second and third form had been submitted, all these big shots had already returned to the Genetic Union. Presently, they were preparing to verify the results of the first team that had submitted the form.

Chen Feng and the person in charge walked into the room. When the others saw them and noted that they were the third team to submit their results, they were told to take a seat and continue observing the first submission.

The person in charge of BC team introduced the leader of the first team to Chen Feng. "His name is Man Junxi. The research team he leads is also the best team."

"Mhm." Chen Feng sat down and focused his gaze on that person. He was a rather handsome youth who appeared to be around 26 or 27 years old. Presently, he was describing his research excitedly.

The superiors interrupted him. "Start immediately. We only want to see the result."

So many of them had only come to see the result. It had only been a little bit over a month so far. Had the concept of beyond been grasped so fast?

Man Junxi nodded. "All right." The so-called demonstration was in fact extremely simple.

Man Junxi pulled over a genetic warrior. "Look at this, everyone. I have a certain genetic warrior."

The big shots glanced at that person and were able to see through his strength. This was a B class.

He took out the latest gene reagent they had produced. "I have a super reagent." In a well-practiced manner, Man Junxi chanted his lines.


"Beyond B class!"


The genetic union member swallowed the gene reagent immediately.


A terrifying golden radiance started emanating out of his body. Everyone stood up abruptly and looked at that person with an inconceivable expression. Even Chen Feng and his companion was alarmed. This was truly the power of beyond B class. That genetic warrior had indeed become a beyond B class warrior.

The beyond B class warrior roared. "Ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three attacks were unleashed in succession by him.

Beyond B!

Beyond B!

Beyond B!

No mistake. Even after unleashing the attacks, he still remained in the beyond B state for three extra seconds before it ended. Even afterward, the genetic warrior did not seem to have suffered from any side effects either.


Everyone was alarmed.