The Strongest Gene - Chapter 502: Scram!

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Chapter 502: Scram!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Gene Production Association.

All the research teams were busy with their research.

A certain research team.

"How\'s the progress?"

"It\'s quite great. By provoking human blood, there is a certain degree of possibility for the power of beyond to be provoked. Our test has verified this as well."

"How long is the active duration?"

"One millisecond."

"Not bad."

The person in charge was gratified. One millisecond was most definitely the longest active duration since the start of this project. If this duration was expanded 1,000-fold, they could very well create history here.

"Increase the dosage…"

"Oh, I\'m afraid that won\'t work."


"Presently, our dosage is already at its maximum. Despite the successful appearance of beyond, the stress on the human body is too intense. Let alone 1,000-fold, even doubling it could lead to mishaps."


The person in charge could only stop this thought with much regret. As the difference between this duration and a meaningful duration was 1,000-fold, it was pointless to try it out with only a onefold increase. They had already been testing this for several tens of days. Human potential had nearly been pushed to the limits by them. Alas, the duration of their power of beyond only lasted for a pathetic one millisecond.

"Perhaps the duration is related to their strength?" the person in charge asked.

"We are already using B-class warriors. If any increase is required, we will have to use an A-class warrior, but then, this research will be pointless if we use A-class warriors."


The person in charge lapsed into silence. During this month, from the initial duration of one microsecond, they had successfully pushed it to one millisecond. Unfortunately, the bottleneck for human body research had already been reached. Right now, there were no other ways of progressing. If even a peak B-class warrior could only last one millisecond, what about others?

"Perhaps… from the start, we have been researching in the wrong direction."

The person in charge frowned. Should he try researching in a different direction? But then, regardless of which direction they decided to choose, they would have to start from scratch. It was already too late for that. Unless…

Suddenly, the eyes of the person in charge shone as he recalled a particular research direction. Energy! A short while ago, that person called Chen Feng had seemingly supplied the data on this train of thought. Unfortunately, nobody had believed him. Now that the person in charge thought of it, this seemed like quite a feasible direction to take.

Indeed. This direction, then! The person in charge slapped his thigh as he decided. Chen Feng only had himself in his entire team, while they had a complete full team filled with experienced researchers. If they started energy research right now, they would definitely surpass Chen Feng soon enough.

The person in charge decided on the direction speedily. "You. Draw up the plan and gather all energy stimulant gene reagents. I want to start the tests immediately."

"All right."

His underlings did what he commanded immediately. Alas, only after a short while, the underling returned empty handed.

The person in charge was rather astonished. "Done?"

"Oh…" That person paused. "Earlier, when I tried to get the gene reagents, the data indicated that there was currently a lack of stock."

"Just get whatever is available for now, then," the person in charge stated unhappily. This fellow had been an assistant for so long yet still needed to seek his opinion for something like this?

"Oh." The assistant\'s expression was somewhat unsightly. After a slight hesitation, he stated, "All the gene reagents are lacking in stock."

The person in charge\'s eyes widened. "What?" All of them? Are you kidding? This is the Genetic Union!

Due to the disaster that had befallen Star City, nearly all the Gene Production Association\'s stock of gene reagents were being kept here now. Each gene reagent was present in an extremely huge amount, yet they lacked stock? How was that possible?

The assistant turned his screen interface on. "It\'s true." On the screen, a succession of red warning windows could be seen. All gene reagents related to the stimulation of energy were currently lacking in stock.

The person in charge was alarmed. "What\'s going on?" Had a huge amount of people started researching in this direction as well? If everyone had noticed this, it would be pointless for him to undertake this direction. If this was truly the case…

The anxious person in charge turned on the project interface. Instantly, he heaved a sigh of relief. That was because the only one who had gathered those gene reagents was Chen Feng.

The person in charge sneered. "This guy again." He checked the record of gene reagent withdrawals. By numerous batches, all the gene reagents had been withdrawn by Chen Feng.


Rather than being angry, the person in charge laughed. Could a single person truly finish up all the gene reagents? Evidently, it was impossible. If so, why had Chen Feng withdrawn all the gene reagents in such a hurry? This signified that he had indeed made a breakthrough in this direction of research and had decided to withdraw all the related gene reagents to prevent others from researching the same thing.

That had to be the case! If their team had been the one who had managed to apply for these gene reagents for research, with the specialized and richer experience of their team, they would most certainly have obtained a research result faster than Chen Feng.

"Apply for the gene reagents," the person in charge stated without the slightest hesitation.

"A long time might be required to transfer stocks from other places," the assistant reminded him.

The person in charge sneered. "Who says that we are transferring stock from other places? There is no need for that. In fact, this is quite easy to deal with. Since when has the gene bank been a place one could withdraw gene reagents without limit? Any researcher has to first submit an application before withdrawing any gene reagents. Previously, Chen Feng is the only one who was researching energy. As such, his application was easily approved. Now that we are here as well… there is no way he will be allowed a monopoly over all the gene reagents. Launch an official complaint toward the Gene Production Association. Tell them that Chen Feng is engaging in an unfair competition by keeping all gene reagents for himself. Regardless of how many it is that he obtained, I want him to give half of them to me," the person in charge stated with a cold gaze. He was aware that this would not only increase the speed of their research but would also enable them to enter the testing phase much faster. This would also mess up Chen Feng\'s plans.

"Understood," the assistant said. Soon, a complaint and application were submitted. Logically, the Gene Production Association would take this extremely seriously and would usually come out with a judgment in a short amount of time. Indeed, shortly after the complaint was submitted, not even five minutes had passed before they received a reply.

The person in charge smiled calmly. "I knew it." What could a single Chen Feng, the lone member of an entire team, do?


A screen popped up. Calmly, the person in charge read what was on his screen. Suddenly, he blanked. With his widened eyes, he stared at the official reply, unbelieving.

This, this, this…

The person in charge was dumbfounded.

What\'s up?

Curiously, the assistant walked over to take a look. Instantly, he was stupefied as well. That was because, on the screen, only a single word could be seen: "Scram!" Below the "scram" was the official seal of the Gene Production Association.

Hold on… had there been an error somewhere? The assistant was somewhat dumbstruck. He studied the seal in detail and noticed that it was indeed the correct seal. Normally, such official replies were something that needed to be vetted before being sent out. As such, there had most certainly been no errors. If so, why was the word "scram" the reply, then?

Next, he noted that right below the red seal was a signature. Normally, this would be the signature of the person in charge of the Gene Production Association. This time, the name signed there was an incredibly familiar name: Chen Feng!

The assistant blanked. "Chen... Chen Feng?"

Evidently, the person in charge had yet to recover from his stupor. "What Chen Feng?"

The assistant carefully pointed at the signature. "There."


Instantly, the room lapsed into silence. Only now did the person in charge note that around half a year or a year ago, there had indeed been news stating that Chen Feng had been promoted to become part of the Gene Production Association\'s management. He had forgotten about it because normally, he wasn\'t much interested in gossip and normally only listened to such things briefly before forgetting about them.

After all, the news pertaining to Chen Feng had been too surprising. As such, he had believed that it was merely a rumor. Now, though, it seemed like that was the truth.

Chen Feng! A mere B-class warrior, a mere producer, had become part of the Gene Production Association\'s management!

"Should we sue him?" the assistant asked instinctively.

"…" The person in charge looked at the assistant like he was looking at an idiot. "Do you know what being part of the management signifies? It signifies that he has the authority to control all available gene reagents. Regardless of the type of gene reagents, he has the rights to control them. If we anger him, do you think we can continue on with other tests?" the person in charge stated coldly.

"Ah?" The assistant was alarmed. "So grave?"

The person in charge sighed. "What do you think? Just because he hasn\'t messed with other research does not mean that he can\'t do it. The previous Wang Yao incident made me think of him as a reckless person that could be dealt with easily any time I wanted. Now, though, if he truly wants to make a move, the losing party might very well be us."

"What should we do, then?"

"Rearrange all our data and send it to Chen Feng. Since we are already slower in this direction of research, we can\'t slow down. We must follow after Chen Feng\'s pace. This identity of his has instead caused my confidence in him to increase."