The Strongest Gene - Chapter 499: You Call This Not Causing Trouble?

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Chapter 499: You Call This Not Causing Trouble?

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Chen Feng remained in a daze for quite a while before he reacted to this so-called solution of Wang Yao\'s. This works? Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. This girl was truly… too understanding! He had the urge to give her a kiss then and there.

"Don\'t be too excessive," Chen Feng reminded her before he started gathering the dispersed energy crazily. Soon, the gathering of the energy of this beyond-A-class warrior had been completed.

Wang Yao glanced at him. "Do you need more?"

"Yes!" Chen Feng answered with his teeth clenched. Damn it, since he was finally getting the chance to gather energy, he might as well gather more. He was sure that something like this—regardless of how big or how small of an issue it would end up as—would be forbidden in the future. Since that was the case, they might as well gather as much as they could.

Thereupon, with excitement, Wang Yao challenged the entire Genetic Union.

Bang! Bang!

The entire Genetic Union shook from the battles. Almost all the researchers were startled from their research. There truly was no helping this, as the scene created by a battle between beyond A classes was truly too huge. Even when both parties had already made supreme effort to restrain themselves, the uncontrollable undulations of the battle were still sufficient to shock everyone else to the core, as they all thought that this was another devil invasion. As they panicked, they went out to check out the devil invaders only to see the sight of an astonishingly beautiful young lady.


"It\'s her?"

"Isn\'t this that young lady called Wang Yao?"

The awkward memory of when this young lady had first arrived and triggered all their alarm was still fresh in all their minds.

None of them had expected that this young lady Wang Yao would run around with her huge flaming sword and start challenging the beyond-A-class participants of each of the teams involved in this project. Indeed, when she approached, she would call it a challenge. Alas, before the opponent could even respond to the challenge, her sword was already swinging. Almost all the beyond-A-class warriors ended up challenged once by Wang Yao. Even that incredibly amazing big shot of a deputy president could not escape this fate and ended up having a huge flaming sword stabbed at his face.

"This is too excessive!"

"They are blatantly spoiling our research!"

"Ah ah ah ah ah!"

"Zamnable Zen Feng, zourting zeath!"

Among the sea of complaints, this familiar voice of someone who seemed to have lost some teeth could be heard as well.

Ultimately, the ruckus became larger and larger until the person in charge of both the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association was forced to personally make an appearance to end this. Naturally, Chen Feng couldn\'t avoid getting a scolding.

"Is this what you meant by not creating any trouble?" Hou Liang asked with an unsightly expression.

"That is a friendly exchange of martial arts," Chen Feng stated earnestly.

Hou Liang rolled his eyes endlessly. "It is blatantly obvious that your little wife is the one slamming her huge sword at people\'s face. Doing this to others could have been overlooked, but even the deputy president suffered the same fate!" This little couple was truly a perfect match.

Chen Feng laughed dryly. "Hehe. Accident. Purely an accident."

"Hmph." Hou Liang grumbled. "Never again. I\'m serious. This trouble has triggered a bunch of complaints. If this happens again, I truly can\'t protect you anymore."

Chen Feng smiled. "Understood. One time is already sufficient."

Since he was already done gathering energy, what was there to be afraid of? After bidding Hou Liang goodbye, Chen Feng started his research once again.

With Hou Liang as his backer, the way in which Chen Feng did things was much braver than before. Naturally, if Hou Liang found out this thought of Chen Feng\'s, he would most probably end up angered to death. In short, his purpose of existence was purely to clean up after Chen Feng? Mhm… At least Chen Feng had managed to gather data on the energy of over 10 beyond-A-class warriors.

The excited Chen Feng started his research, comparing the data of all the beyond A classes. From them, energy particles similar to Wang Yao could be seen. All of the particles were lively. Almost all of them! Qin Hai was the only exception.

Chen Feng gained understanding. "Is it because Qin Hai is now an ancient race?" Qin Hai was a rather unique existence. That mysterious diamond on his forehead was perhaps the thing causing his energy to be rather different than others. Among the energy of others, Chen Feng found a single similarity. Lively! All of them were lively!

Since they all shared the same characteristic, this was perhaps the key to this state called beyond! All those analogies such as gaseous substance and liquid form were mere nonsense. The true meaning of this beyond was the act of transforming one\'s energy particles into lively energy particles. As Chen Feng looked at those energy particles that were moving freely around, his heart was tempted.

"Let\'s give it a try."

He put his thoughts into action immediately.

Chen Feng urged his energy and tried to get one of the particles to move from its initial position, to transform it into a lively particle.

Chen Feng lamented. "Is this similar to forcing an honest girl into prostitution?" Alas, things did not work as simply as he had expected. The particle forced out by Chen Feng automatically tried to return to its prior position. Shortly after, this honest girl that had been forced into prostitution by Chen Feng had returned to the proper ways.

Mhm… this won\'t do. Chen Feng sunk into contemplation. Initially, all the energy particles were arranged neatly, each in their very own positions. One could say that the attractive and repelling force of these particles was what formed the actual structural makeup of one\'s energy.

Regardless of which particle it was that was moved, the other particles would be affected as well. If so, what if only the topmost particle was moved? Chen Feng pondered. Using a particle separating device, he separated the topmost two particles. At that very instant, a gold flash seemingly appeared.

"That is…"

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. If only a single particle was moved, nothing would appear, but if two particles were moved to assume a certain form, a glimmer of radiance would appear. Granted, this only lasted a split second before the particles returned to their previous appearance. That split second was shorter than even 0.00001 seconds. Fortunately, the recording device was able to record every single instant of that test accurately. During that split second, for the very first time, this calm energy had seemingly transcended a certain law.

That was precisely the power of beyond!

Chen Feng was overjoyed. "Indeed." His theory was verified! The key to beyond was indeed the lively energy particles. If so, the previous analogy of gaseous and liquid form was proven to be incorrect. If the key to beyond was to make one\'s energy particles lively, there would still be a huge gap between beyond A and beyond B.

Thanks to the gap between A and B class, this beyond state would merely cause the energy particles to be lively rather than change the quantity or quality of the energy particles. A would remain A, B would remain B. Similarly, beyond A would still be much powerful than beyond B. Indeed, hoping that all genetic warriors would jump straight from whatever class they were at straight to beyond A class was truly something hopeless.

But then, this hypothesis of Chen Feng\'s had instead proved that there was indeed the possibility for all classes to go beyond their class. This would work if a method capable of making energy particles lively could be found. Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions at this discovery.

If so, then how should he make these energy particles lively? After all, making one or two particles lively was an entirely different matter than making all energy particles lively. Moreover, what he had accomplished earlier was only making the particles lively for only a split second.

The duration was too short. What Chen Feng needed was to truly transform the energy particles into lively energy particles. If he wished to do so, he required a better test subject. Since he had already confirmed that all classes could enter this beyond state, he would not require A-class warriors for his subsequent test. But then, it would still be better to get someone stronger, as such a person would be able to better understand the concept of beyond. As such, B-class warriors would be most suited for this.

Due to the energy of each person being different, Chen Feng would still require a huge amount of B-class warriors as his test subjects. Even better would be to get B-class warriors with different energy characteristics. Mhm… such test subjects…

A smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s mouth as he thought of a certain someone suited for this role.