The Strongest Gene - Chapter 491: The Apocalypse of the Devil Race

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Chapter 491: The Apocalypse of the Devil Race

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Chen Feng pointed at that thing. "So, what to do with this?"

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Logically, as a part of the terrifying devil prince, this thing would definitely have a rather astonishing usage. Under normal conditions, this was something everyone would fight over. But... as it was that part of the body… Everyone sunk into silence.

Suddenly, the technician stated, "Let me take it away first?"


Uniformly, everyone looked at him with an odd gaze. This lad here was not straight after all…

"No, it\'s not what you all are thinking." The technician wiped away his sweat. "We can take this thing back to conduct more research on it. We might be able to obtain additional information on the royal clan of the devil race through this."


Everyone else contemplated this. It was indeed quite important to obtain more information. The only reason they could have reached this point today was thanks to the research conducted on the black rain and the idea thought up by Chen Feng. This would most certainly bring their research into the devil race a large step forward. This was especially the case due to the fact that, from the battle today, they had obtained a huge amount of raw materials for their research.

There were still numerous bizarre devil race members stalking around, as well as that enigmatic devil prince that had yet to make an appearance, a prince that had been reduced to a eunuch now.

"When your research is done, we will transmit the data to all our classrooms."

"The act of countering the devil race will most definitely become an extremely important course among humanity, moving forward," one of them stated.

As of now, this affair regarding this devil prince had reached a temporary end. After being in contemplation for a while, everyone was startled awake as the realization finally surfaced in their brain.

"So... we won?" someone stated suddenly.


Chen Feng patted his shoulder. "We have won. In this Star City battle, we are victorious."

Indeed, the devil race had been defeated. Their invasion and restoration plan had failed. All the reawakened devil race members at Star City had been killed. There was also a chance that the devil prince would never have a chance to appear again. The devil race had been defeated.

As for that slimy pink senior apprentice sister, she had been pierced through by Wang Yao\'s sword. As such, she was most probably dead. Despite the fact that Star City had still ended up destroyed, the ending was different from the "future" Chen Feng had once glimpsed. At the very least, there hadn\'t been many casualties among the gene producers and genetic warriors. This was the most important accomplishment.

Indeed, they had won!


They all cheered. Star City had been destroyed. Even the deputy president trio had had their clones destroyed. However, they had ultimately been victorious. All of them stared up at the sky.

At present moment, the sky above the entire world was still shrouded by a dense black. The only exception was this place, this piece of sky above Star City. When they looked up, a bright sunny sky welcomed them.

"Report this to the superiors."

"Decide on a date to rebuild Star City."

"This very place is the first land purified of the devil race. In the future, this will also be the place where humanity is the strongest."

At the same time, at a certain faraway location, a devil race leader that had reawakened not long ago was looking toward Star City in a daze. As it felt the aura of the royal clan, as it felt that royal aura that came to a halt while reawakening, suddenly, that devil race leader knelt down and started wailing.

"Your lowly servant awakened too late! The bloodline of the royal clan has actually ended at that place! Our countless years of hibernation were in exchange for such a conclusion?"

The cries of grief shook even the heavens. Countless mutated beasts nearly lost their mind in fear as they heard this mournful cry. The devil race leader was submerged in his sadness for a very long time. Casualties were something they could accept. War was something they could accept. The only thing they couldn\'t accept was the fact that the formidable devil prince, the most able devil, the most attractive devil, the devil with the strongest bloodline, had actually been transformed into a eunuch!

Why had this happened? This fateful day was also the day where the numerous devil race members worldwide felt their world collapsing upon them. The battle had ended. As the news about this battle spread outward, the entire world was in an uproar. Ancient race… devil race… For the very first time, the information about them was made public.

"So the black rain is because of the devil race?"

"How scary."

"There\'s also that ancient race…"

Everyone exclaimed endlessly. The two alien races that had appeared out of nowhere caused them all to feel panic. Despite the fact that humanity had long been looking for alien life-forms to the point that their search had even extended into outer space, they had never expected that the new life-forms would actually be found on this very planet. The strength of both races was sufficient to cause humanity to panic.

Humanity was especially alarmed when the participants of the Star City battle started spreading the news that even the weakest among the devil race was as strong as an A-class warrior, let alone the strength of the ancient race that had once scared the entire devil race into hibernation.

What of humanity, then? How many A-class warriors did humanity have? There were way too people who had trained their entire lives yet were still stuck below A class. As such, a lot of people started submitting applications for migration to a different planet. In this genetic era, the advancement of humanity\'s technology had long touched the domain of outer space as well. However, before this, space travel had merely been utilized as a form of vacation.

As for actual outer-space migration, that was something humanity had never attempted. It was said that due to the appearance of the ancient race and devil race, several wealthy families had already exhausted trillions just to contribute to the research of spaceships, trying to complete the research as soon as possible. In this genetic era, with a sufficient expenditure, such a feat could very well be accomplished.

Air… Survival… So long as one had money, all these were things that could be made available.

Chen Feng rubbed his head as he read the latest news report. "Looks like this planet will lose a bunch of rich people soon enough."

Hou Liang curled his lips. "That is inevitable. I have never expected them to actually contribute anything of substance anyway."

Those rich people were merely trying to reduce the risk this new development would pose on them. Something like this had already been attempted 10 years ago. Back then, a certain big shot had been worried that the unknown regions of this planet would pose danger to humanity. Bringing around 1,000 genetic warriors capable of forming a natural energy ecosystem with him, they built a huge spaceship. With the spaceship, they entered outer space and started roaming the space. That particular spaceship was akin to an independent city in itself.

Due to the existence of gene energy in that ship, any form of living facility could be constructed within that spaceship. Presently, on that particular ship, the population had reached 100,000. That spaceship was akin to the Garden of Eden, a dreamlike place.

What these rich people were attempting was similar to what that big shot had done back then. As far as Chen Feng was concerned, these people were a tad bit too spineless.

Chen Feng curled his lip. "You called me here just to listen to this gossip?" The decision of those rich people was ultimately something completely irrelevant to people like him.

Moreover, was it a sure fact that humanity would be safe just because they escaped to outer space? If one day the devil race reached a point where they could enter outer space as well, those humans would still fail to escape the devil race. The optimal method of dealing with a threat was to eliminate the threat.

"Of course not." Hou Liang closed the gossip news on his screen and stated faintly, "This time, I am looking for you in relation to the start of a new project. This is a unique project started by both the Gene Production Association and the Genetic Union. Due to your unique identity, they are hopeful that you can take part in this project."

Chen Feng was astonished. "Oh?" They had yet to deal with the follow-up of the Star City battle, and the new Star City had yet to be rebuilt, but they were already starting a new project?

"What project?" Chen Feng asked.

"A project that will enable humanity to contend against the devil race and ancient race." Hou Liang\'s eyes shone as he confidently stated, "If this project is completed, humanity will be strong enough to face the devil race and ancient race."