The Strongest Gene - Chapter 488: Calm Down! Lord, You Must Calm Down!

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Chapter 488: Calm Down! Lord, You Must Calm Down!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Star City.

With the departure of that female ancient race member, this place regained its peace. The remaining devil race members weren\'t able to pose much threat and were all killed off. When the Genetic Union warriors were done with the battle, they turned around, and their hearts felt heavy as they took in the view before them.

The devil race had indeed been repelled. However, Star City was completely messed up as well. This headquarters of the Gene Production Association had now been reduced to mere ruins. Even with this price, would this be the end of the devil race\'s attack? After all, this was only the first battle with the devil race. What about the second battle?

It was said that the royal devil race members were hibernating here. As such, the devil race would most certainly not give up easily. When the next attack came, could Star City still hold on? What should Star City do then? The strength demonstrated by the devil race had indeed surpassed their every imagination.

Apart from that, there was also the ancient race, which was even more mysterious than the devil race. These two races that had appeared suddenly had planted fear in the hearts of the humans. The strength of these alien races was far beyond their imagination. They had themselves witnessed how even the weakest cannon fodder of the devil race was an A class. What about their other members, then? This world would likely cease being peaceful from now on.

After a long time, finally, the Genetic Union started wrapping up their affairs there.

"What to do about Star City?"

This single question was the one asked most. It was rather impossible for them to actually give this city up. With the devil race aiming for this place, if they gave it up, wouldn\'t that be equivalent to giving the devil race a boost in their strength for free? That was something unthinkable.

Defending the city? That did not seem doable either. After all, this was still the territory of the Gene Production Association. They were members of the Genetic Union and would not be able to stay here to defend forever, yet the combat power of gene producers was rather low, and it did not seem likely that they would be able to defend this city without the Genetic Union\'s help.

If the devil race invaded again when the Genetic Union members weren\'t around, what could they do? As they looked at the messed-up Star City, they felt that this issue of what to do with Star City was a rather thorny issue. As they contemplated, suddenly, they all looked at Chen Feng. He was an excellent producer of the Gene Production Association. Moreover, he had also been the biggest helper in this battle of theirs. Therefore, his words would perhaps hold some weight when deciding the fate of Star City?

They looked at Chen Feng solemnly. "What do you think we should do?"

"This place?" Chen Feng glanced around. "Just smash this place ourselves."


They were all dumbstruck. Sm-smash?

Chen Feng shrugged. "Yes. This city has already been destroyed anyway. Just look at the craters everywhere. Rather than repairing all of these, we might as well rebuild a new city altogether. Besides, one particular prince of the moondevil clan is hibernating here. This is now too dangerous a place to be the Gene Production Association\'s headquarters. If so, we might as well smash this entire city apart, then."


Their eyes widened as they exchanged glances. Surprisingly, they found this suggestion agreeable. If so, their next job was to completely destroy this city?

Presently, at a certain faraway location, some devil race members were gazing in the direction of Star City.

"We failed."

None of them had expected that their enemies would actually be prepared to face them. After using everything they could, they had still failed. There was also the damnable ancient race…

"Don\'t worry. There\'s always next time."

"Yes. Next time, we will most certainly reawaken the prince."

"We will," they stated solemnly. The esteemed devil prince was slumbering there. A day would come where they stepped into Star City to awake their prince. When that happened, their esteemed prince would most certainly lead them…


A sudden loud explosion startled all of them. As they looked in the direction of Star City, their eyes all widened. What in the world was that? The Star City where their prince was slumbering had been totally destroyed? All the devil race members were dumbstruck as they saw this. This sudden development had shocked them tremendously.

This… what the hell? The humans had destroyed their own city? What about lord prince, then…

One of them charged at Star City furiously. "Prince!"

"Calm down! Calm down!" Another devil race member grabbed hold of him and stated, "There is still hope for us."

The first devil was puzzled. "Hope? What other hope do we still have?"

"Only the shell of lord prince is slumbering there at Star City. Even if the entire city is destroyed, as long as the dust there remains, as long as those particles are still there, a day will come where we reawaken our prince. Look, after the destruction of the city, all the dust has landed on the soil beneath the city. When humans no longer have their defensive systems, when the black rain lands, we will be able to awake the prince easily," that devil stated in a gratified manner. As the rest of the devil race members heard this, they exchanged glances in ecstasy as they understood what that person meant.

Haha! If so… Hold on! Suddenly, one of them looked toward Star City. "What is that?"

The other devils raised their head and looked over. Instantly, they all blanked. "Huh?"

What they saw was the sight of the entire Star City disintegrating into countless specks of dust. Those specks of dust were supposed to all land on the earth, yet right at this moment, a sudden gale swept past, and just like that, all that dust drifted in various directions.


All the devil race members were stupefied. What was going on? At the same time, where Star City once stood, in midair, Chen Feng was leading everyone as they all used immense fans to blow the dust in various directions.



The wind blew wildly. Those huge fans were capable of generating rather powerful winds, especially when used by the barbarians. Just like that, the dust was blown away in various directions.

Everyone blanked as they asked, "This… this works? "

"Of course!" Chen Feng was confident. After all, in his previous world, there was a precedent. A patent had been filed for some huge fans that would be equipped by 15 million people to solve the terrible smog problem in their capital. When that had happened, it had created quite an uproar on the internet.[1] 1 This did not seem like a reliable plan, yet surprisingly, the patent had been approved! As such, it had caused a huge uproar back then. Chen Feng reckoned that once this method became normalized, in the future, the sight where cities blew their polluted air toward each other would appear. Naturally, those cities could choose to work together to blow the polluted air out of their country directly. This was something proven to work! As such, when used in a small city like Star City, it would most certainly work.

Although Chen Feng couldn\'t get 15 million people to do it, the genetic warriors and barbarians were much powerful than the humans of his previous world. Besides, Star City wasn\'t that huge a city anyway. It would be quite easy to fan the dust away.


With a casual wave by one of the barbarians, half the dust enveloping Star City was blown away.

"Come, here."

"Correct, put more strength into it. Don\'t stop."

"Put more strength! More! Yes, that\'s right! Faster! Excellent."

"No, don\'t all blow in the same direction. You guys, face that direction. Yes, yes. Correct."

Thereupon, the dust that was the reincarnation of the previous Star City drifted worldwide. At a certain location, the devil race members that had still had some hope earlier were all dumbfounded.


G-gone? Even the dust was gone? When the devil race boss saw the sight of those burly barbarians waving the huge fans crazily, the boss\'s worldview collapsed entirely. What kind of people were they, exactly?

"I will fight them with my life!" one of the devil race members howled.

Two different devil race members stopped him immediately. "Lord, calm down. There\'s still hope. There\'s still hope."

The other devil race member despaired. "There is?"

"Yes! Lord, the dust and soil are mere physical objects. Just like us, lord prince transformed his entire body into energy form to temporarily latch upon that dust. Let alone blowing the dust away, even if the dust is destroyed, the energy of lord prince will still remain. As such, this is not something we need to worry about. From our observations of the humans these two days, we have concluded that they do not have any energy capable of erasing our energy. Therefore, we have no need to worry," the devil race member stated confidently.

"Is this true?"

Only now did the other devil race members regain some hope.