The Strongest Gene - Chapter 482: Unrivaled!

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Chapter 482: Unrivaled!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Of course, Chen Feng was aware that he wasn\'t capable of facing them just like that. If he went out to face them right now, he would most likely be encircled by the yellow spheres and killed before he could see anyone else. A point to note was the fact that Qi Liu was a fellow using numerous clones to protect itself. At any given moment, this Qi Liu could let one of its clones die on it behalf. If Chen Feng wanted to insta-kill it, it was quite likely that Qi Liu would actually escape alive. Therefore, Chen Feng couldn\'t directly do anything to Qi Liu. However, that did not mean that he couldn\'t assist others.

"Who shall I help, then?"

Chen Feng\'s studied the battlefield, looking at the yellow spheres that were all bouncing about. As he saw the numerous spheres, he became somewhat speechless, as it reminded him of a battle of emojis. Look, that sphere that had just smashed Xu Fei away, did that sphere not resemble a smiling emoji? And look at the other sphere that was beating Kong Bai up; did that sphere not resemble a disdain emoji? And the sphere battling the female genetic warrior, it looked like a love emoji.

In Chen Feng\'s eyes, all those yellow spheres were simply akin to living emojis. As for Qi Liu\'s main body…


Chen Feng was able to lock onto Qi Liu\'s main body shortly afterward. With luck value, these cloning abilities were incapable of hiding from Chen Feng. With only one luck value, Qi Liu\'s main body was discovered. Chen Feng noted that the perverted emoji was precisely the main body of Qi Liu.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng\'s face. Very good!

Presently, after failing to attack the white cat, Han Yula had returned and started helping others against Qi Liu. Alas, there were way too many Qi Lius around. Each time one of the Qi Lius encountered a problem, the other Qi Lius came to help. In any case, there were so many of them here anyway. One would be hard pressed to even differentiate them from each other. As such, locating the main body was simply impossible.

"This won\'t do…" Han Yula muttered with a cold expression.

So far, he had managed to deal serious injury to three Qi Lius. Alas, those Qi Lius had been rescued by other Qi Lius each time it had happened. As such, Han Yula simply had no way of looking for the main body. Suddenly, a voice drifted into his ears, "The 16th fellow on the left side, that\'s the main body."

"Who are you?" Han Yula asked coldly.

"The one helping you," that voice replied softly.

"Why should I trust you?" Han Yula replied. Indeed, he had a powerful sure-kill trump card. Unfortunately, that was an ability he could only use once. If he trusted this person and killed the wrong Qi Liu, they would truly be in trouble. He only had one shot to locate and kill Qi Liu\'s main body.

"Because this is also your only chance," that voice stated faintly. "Has Xu Fei given you any ideas on how to be together with Xie Zhongtong yet?"

Han Yula\'s killing intent surged. "How did you find out about that?" Clearly, this person had been observing them all this while. Was this also a remnant of the devil race?

"Let me provide you with an ideal solution, then." That voice continued, "Kill Qi Liu before swallowing its heart. With that, you will obtain its ability to create numerous clones. With this, you should be able to satisfy Lady Xie Zhongtong\'s desire, right?"


Han Yula was instantly enticed. This method… Was this a chance for him? He looked at the yellow spheres around him. Should he truly do this?

Back then, when he had first broken through into A class, he had discovered his wife\'s affair. Due to that, he had dug his own heart out, becoming a heartless person. And now, should he become a person with a heart once again for the sake of Xie Zhongtong? The heart of a devil race member on top of it?

"This is your only chance," that voice muttered faintly. "This is your only way to privatize that \'public car\'…"


The veins on Han Yula\'s forehead throbbed. "Who are you calling a \'public car\'?"

"If you still fail to get her for yourself, she will most probably end up known to everyone before long…" that voice stated toyingly. "The sixth person to your left. It is approaching you. This is your best chance." Slowly, the voice became deeper and deeper, "For yourself, for Xie Zhongtong, for the Genetic Union, and for humanity!"

Han Yula grasped his weapon tightly and looked at a certain yellow sphere that was hidden between numerous yellow spheres. The sixth person to the left?


Instantly, a terrifying aura erupted.

"Star! Destroyer!"

The weapon in Han Yula\'s hand transformed into a ray of starlight before slashing toward that yellow sphere that had a bizarre expression on it.


The starlight shone dazzlingly. With a single slash, that huge yellow sphere was cut down.

Han Yula\'s sudden eruption shocked numerous people. Before they could even react to it, as the starlight shone dazzlingly, all the yellow spheres on the battlefield vanished. On the ground, only a single yellow sphere remained.

It looked at Han Yula, unbelieving. "You…"

"Not good." The distant white cat had an ominous feeling and tried to move over to assist Qi Liu. Unfortunately, it was stopped by the deputy president.


Han Yula stepped forth. His hand stretched out and grabbed at Qi Liu\'s heart. The heart was still pulsing. Resolutely, Han Yula pulled the heart out. Accompanied by a mournful scream, he pressed the heart into his chest. Slowly, the heart blended into Han Yula\'s body.

An astonishing yellow radiance started shining out of Han Yula\'s body. "Ah—"

"He\'s now yellow…" everyone exclaimed.

Xu Fei frowned. "He was originally blue, right?" Initially, with Han Yula\'s ice cold disposition, his aura had been sky blue, fitting his character. Now, though, as yellow and blue mixed together, the final result transformed his aura green.[1] 1


All over Han Yula\'s body, a dazzling radiance flickered. By his side, the Qi Liu that had still been so mighty earlier started dying. Along with the departure of its heart, slowly, its entire body lost its vitality as the yellow sphere started drying up.

"Qi Liu!!!" the white cat screeched mournfully.


The white cat raged and charged toward Han Yula, trying to take the heart away from him. Alas, by the time the white cat arrived, it was already too late.


The radiance surrounded Han Yula shattered, signifying the completion of his fusion. The white cat first looked expressionlessly at the dead corpse of Qi Liu before looking at Han Yula coldly. Ultimately, it turned around and looked at all the Genetic Union members.

"You all… deserve death!" the white cat stated with a sinister tone.

"Well done," the deputy president praised before looking at the white cat and stating, "Although I have no idea how you obtained immunity to my attacks, you are ultimately a mere peak A class."

White cat\'s eyes became red in color. "Is that so?" As for the snow-white fur around its body, it turned black before transforming again into a black-red color. Slowly, a pair of black-red wings stretched out of its back.


As it howled, a clump of flame ignited around it. At that moment, its power increased dramatically, becoming ten times stronger than it had previously been.


A black flame burned around its body. A single spark of this clump of flame was capable of scorching a huge piece of land. This terrifying flame was evidently strong enough to kill any peak A-class warriors in existence. In fact, this was not a cat. Rather, this was a tiger, part of the flying tiger clan of the devil race, the rulers of darkness.

Clang! Clang!

One step at a time, it walked forth. Black flame sparkled around as it stepped forth. Even a tiny spark from this flame was sufficient to deal calamity-like damage. This was an extremely destructive flame. As the rest saw this, their hearts shuddered.

"The hell, this fellow…"

"It\'s also immune to all attacks. We are completely helpless here. How are we supposed to beat this thing?"

"How about spirit attacks?"

"I tried. They\'re ineffective."

"How is this possible? It\'s obviously only A class. How can it be immune to spirit attacks?"

"I have no idea."

They all despaired. This was also the main source of their grief. They were all similarly peak A-class existences, yet why was this thing here so powerful that even their deputy president was helpless? Being immune to all attacks, wasn\'t this thing here undefeatable, then?

Its red pair of eyes ignited. "You all… deserve to die!" However, just as it was about to pounce forth, a youth appeared before it suddenly. Having its route blocked, the flaming tiger raised its head.

"Do you truly believe that your ability is undefeated?" that person asked with a smile.

"Mhm?" The tiger\'s eyes gleamed with killing intent.