The Strongest Gene - Chapter 480: Weaker Than Imagined

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Chapter 480: Weaker Than Imagined

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Star City.

The sudden eruption of gold reverberated through the darkness. Enveloped by gold, the Star City that had been shrouded by darkness underwent rebirth. All the devil race corpses and bloodstains were cleared under the gold radiance. After a long time, when the gold finally dissipated, Star City regained its previous appearance.

The devil race was no more.

The black rain was no more.

Even the soil that had been dyed black had recovered its original color.

We did it?

Everyone remained in a long stupor. A second earlier, Star City had still been shrouded by darkness, the devil beasts wreaking havoc and dealing damage in an absolutely unrestrained manner akin to fiends. The next second, Star City had regained its previous appearance. The sun that had been missing for a long time was shining upon them once again. In the sky, a rainbow had even appeared.

"We won?"

"We resisted the invasion?"

They looked at each other blankly. The silhouettes of the three old men up in the sky swept their gazes past the people there before nodding in a satisfied manner.

A gentle voice could be heard saying, "You guys have been working hard."

Hearing that, all their hearts shuddered. They might not have been able to recognize the appearance of that old man, but that voice… was precisely the voice they would hear frequently in some of the classes they had been attending. The owner of this voice, the person akin to a living textbook, was precisely the deputy president of the Genetic Union.

"It was only through the perseverance of all of you that we managed to last till the end. Without that, if we had moved prematurely, all this would have been naught." The deputy president sighed. None of them had dared to underestimate the devil race invasion. Capable of shrouding the entire world in darkness, the prowess of the devil race was apparent. The news regarding the upcoming full-scale invasion by the devil race had indeed alarmed the entire Genetic Union. As such, they had prepared in advance for this, resulting in everything that had happened today.

They had been unaware of the total number of waves the devil race would be sending. As such, the strongest trump cards they had prepared had to wait till the end before making their move. If they had moved earlier and ended up being targeted by the devil race, it was quite probable that they would have been unable to save everyone during the final moment.

Chen Feng…

Suddenly, they recalled that child. It was precisely that child called Chen Feng that had been hiding undercover at the Mysterious Organization, obtaining information regarding this secret that would otherwise have remained undiscovered. It was precisely due to him that this invasion of the devil race\'s had failed. That child had contributed greatly in this defense against the devil race.

"Thank you all. Every single second you guys held on was in itself a contribution to the entire world," the deputy president stated as he regarded the genetic warriors covered in wounds. Since there were some genetic warriors with formidable healing abilities, there were no actual casualties. However, nearly all of them were injured. This had truly been a rather difficult battle.

They all beamed. "It\'s nothing."


The sun shone upon them. In the sky, the darkness that had enveloped the world for quite a while was now receding starting from the region near Star City.


Presently, the sunshine here at Star City was akin to the only sunshine in existence in this world. So very dazzling.

They were finally able to feel relieved.

"It\'s finally over."

They patted the shoulders of Xu Fei and Kong Bai. "It has been hard on you guys." The sudden appearance of these two was the reason they had been able to last this long.


They exchanged glances and smiled, yet doubt could be seen in their eyes. From how this was progressing, things seemed somewhat different than Chen Feng\'s prediction. From what Chen Feng had predicted, the devil race members that would be invading would be extremely terrifying, so terrifying that even peak A-class warriors would be helpless. There would be numerous casualties, and the entirety of Star City would be destroyed. Now, though…

Xu Fei was doubtful. "Is it because of the involvement of the Genetic Union?"

Kong Bai shook his head. "Perhaps."

Since Kong Bai was a person with the power of transmigration, he was aware of the changes a sequence of events could have on the course of history. Had this ended so easily due to the excessive strength of the Genetic Union? The Genetic Warriors at Star City were immersed in the joy of their victory.

At a certain location, Chen Feng glanced around. When the gold radiance had spread through Star City earlier, that vast power had been so strong that it had caused his heart to flutter. That was most certainly the power of someone surpassing A class, a superexpert in the truest sense. This proved that the boss of Genetic Union was most certainly someone surpassing A class.

After the gold radiance had swept past them, the entirety of Star City, black soil included, had been thoroughly cleansed. That caused the devil race to have no way of further concealing themselves. By right, they should have all died as well. However…

Chen Feng glanced at his Luck Aura\'s warning signal, which was still flickering red.

"Spirit, does the devil race still exist?" Chen Feng asked in a low voice.

"Yes," Spirit confirmed.

"Are they remnants that survived this battle?" Chen Feng guessed.

Spirit shook her head. "No. With luck value, I obtained an estimate of the strength of the devil race. The danger level of the devil race members that invaded this time was extremely high. Regardless of it being before the devil race\'s awakening here in this city or after their destruction at the hands of the Genetic Union, their danger level has remained the same."

Chen Feng\'s heart jolted violently. What? Remained the same? What did that signify? This signified that even the death of the devil race members today, including the 10 terrifying peak A-class devil race members earlier, had no effect whatsoever on the total strength of the devil race. In other words, what they had seen today had all merely been cannon fodder. Suddenly, Chen Feng\'s body chilled. "Peak A-class cannon fodder?" The devil race invasion was much more powerful than his initial estimation.

"What should we do, then?" Spirit asked. "Shall we use luck value to force them out of hiding?"

Chen Feng shook his head. "No."

The devil race was too terrifyingly strong. If he got himself involved now, the consumption of his luck value would be too high. The little amount of luck value he had in him had to be saved for something more important. As for those from the Genetic Union…

Chen Feng gazed at them. If they were unable to even detect the devil race members, it was pointless to even try saving Star City. Everyone should just return from where they had come from. At this time, amid the victorious cheers...

"Do not relax." Han Yula\'s cold gaze swept past them. "Maintain your vigilance as necessary. The rest of you, start cleaning up the battlefield."

The deputy president smiled. "Don\'t worry. The darkness has already been expelled. The devil race can no longer show themselves here…" Before he could even finish his words, his gaze that was focused on space paused suddenly. After the momentary pause, a dazzling gold radiance shone out of his eyes.


A golden ray surged out, revealing two dark silhouettes.

The deputy president sneered. "Hmph. Surprisingly, there are still two remnants here."

A melodious voice resounded. "We have been discovered, eh?" The hovering figure was a white feline-like life-form. Despite the fact that it was standing on two feet, despite the fact that it was wearing clothes, one could still clearly see that this was a cat, a shiny white cat as beautiful as a precious stone.

"Clown." The deputy president seemed resentful of its sudden appearance. Just as he had bragged that the darkness had already been expelled, these two devil race folks had appeared? As he thought of this, he pointed down with a single finger. "Die!"

This single faint word was seemingly filled with a might capable of shattering space.


Instantly, a terrifying power descended upon the forehead of that devil race member. Alas, something astonishing happened next.


An ancient imprint flickered into existence on that devil race member\'s forehead, blocking the deputy president\'s attack.

"Aiya." The white cat licked its sharp claws playfully. "You are even weaker than I imagined."

Behind the white cat was a different devil race member that had remained silent. This was a species never seen before. Its body shimmered before abruptly multiplying itself numerous times. Instantly, tens of thousands of devil race members that looked exactly the same as it appeared. Each of them was at the power level of an A class.