The Strongest Gene - Chapter 478: Awaken

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Chapter 478: Awaken

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

It would seem like everyone was now capable of reawakening from her illusion. Han Yula, Kong Bai, even that technician. Their awakening caused Mei Ling\'s ability to look like a joke. This ability that had once dominated the world during the era of the ancient race was no longer of any use in this new era. The dreams Mei Ling induced in one\'s brain were too beautiful, so beautiful that they became unreal.

Granted, the ability\'s immersion was still able to cause a lot of people to believe in the dream. However, for those who had never believed that such a thing could actually happen to them, this ability was ineffective. An example was Han Yula, he who could not believe that Xie Zhongtong would actually be willing to live with him alone. A second example was Kong Bai, who could not believe that someone would actually confess her love toward him. And a third example was the technician, who refused to believe that a nerd programmer like him could actually obtain a girlfriend.


Mei Ling was somewhat dumbstruck. It was truly beyond her expectations that, after so many years of hibernation, she would no longer be able to keep up with the new era, akin to someone who was still using outdated memes on the internet after everyone had moved on to new memes.

Were these people truly the ancient race? Their thought process was truly too complicated. One ought to know that during their era back then, any sort of romance had absolutely been an affair between only two people. Moreover, nobody so ugly that they could never find love like Kong Bai had existed back then, and a technician back then had been a person worthy of respect rather than someone incapable of obtaining a girlfriend.

Mei Ling blanked. What era had she awakened in? She had a feeling that the devil race had chosen the wrong era to reawaken.


The newly reawakened Han Yula stabbed at Mei Ling once again. He truly couldn\'t tolerate this person who dared to toy with his love toward Xie Zhongtong. Accompanied by her confusion, Mei Ling\'s life perished. Even in death, she was still unable to understand the kind of era the devil race had reappeared in.


Her corpse collapsed onto the ground. Han Yula pulled his hand back coldly. The rain poured down, highlighting his cold and imposing appearance. At this time, those of the Genetic Union all regained their consciousness as well, each of them with an ashamed expression on their face. Their lives had nearly been harvested by the enemy earlier. They had truly been too careless.

"Be on high alert," Han Yula stated coldly.

They were extremely ashamed. "Yes."

Shua! Shua!

The rain was still as heavy as ever. The reawakening of the devil race members might have seemed endless, but after the appearance of that Mei Ling earlier, they knew that the number of devil race members still contained in the soil beneath them was now rather low in amount. The normal soldiers of the devil race here were probably all dead already. Those who would appear next would be those at the level of Mei Ling. Perhaps the next batch of reawakened would be the final goal of the devil race this time.

Everyone maintained their vigilance. As for Han Yula, his expression became colder. At this time, the shameless Xu Fei walked over and cautiously asked, "Erm, the Xie Zhongtong you mentioned earlier…"

"You have seen her before?" Han Yula asked as his eyes gleamed with killing intent.


The weapon in his hand was aimed straight at Xu Fei.

Xu Fei waved his hands hastily. "No! I have only heard of her from Chen Feng."

Han Yula\'s gaze sunk. "Oh? She has mentioned Chen Feng before as well."

Xu Fei laughed. "Mhm, they are friends. At that time, Chen Feng even told me that he would introduce me to Xie Zhongtong."


Xu Fei was flung into a particular building, collapsing the entire building. Han Yula glared at him coldly. "You dare think of taking advantage of her?"

"No, definitely not!" Xu Fei scrambled up and waved his hands nonstop. "Bro, I\'m only trying to get close to you. Let me tell you, you might see me as a young person, but in fact, I am an expert playboy. As my family is rather well off, back then, the number of girls I saw probably numbered 800, if not 1,000. Perhaps I might be of help to you in this."


Han Yula continued gazing at Xu Fei coldly. However, the pressure he was subjecting Xu Fei to was now gone. Xu Fei wiped his sweat before asking, "How did the two of you meet?"

Xu Fei was in fact trying his utmost to get close to this expert of the Genetic Union by making use of this free time while no new devil race members were appearing. After all, this guy was the boss of the boss of the boss of the boss of his boss.

Han Yula was a person who preferred to keep his sentences short. "A while ago, when I was hunting for Mysterious Organization members, I discovered her being… Next, I killed all those fellows from the Mysterious Organization. Unexpectedly, she… Only toward the end did I find out the truth."

Despite the short sentences, Xu Fei was able to guess clearly what happened. "I see." Due to Chen Feng, the Mysterious Organization was in deep trouble, to the point that their own members were abandoning them. Next, Xie Zhongtong had probably escaped as well, resulting in what had happened next. Perhaps after "doing" it with her, this Lord Han wanted to take responsibility for what he had done. Unfortunately, she wasn\'t the least bothered with him and continued on with her "happy days." Thereupon, this Lord Han had been stuck deeper and deeper in this pit of love and hatred. He couldn\'t bear doing anything toward the woman he loved and had ultimately remained stuck in this huge dilemma.

Xu Fei was very sure that if this story of Han Yula\'s was written as a novel, it would most definitely sell well. A two-person love story featuring Han Yula, the domineering and cold male lead, and the innocent and vivacious Xie Zhongtong, who had a rather unique worldview, as the female lead. What a perfect plot.

Xu Fei\'s confidence surged. "Don\'t worry. I will help you reeducate her and adjust her worldview."

Han Yula looked at Xu Fei doubtfully. "For real?"

"Of course," Xu Fei bragged without any inhibition. "After all this is over, I will deal with her for you."

"All right." When Han Yula looked at Xu Fei once again, his gaze was much friendlier. If it was truly possible to readjust Xie Zhongtong\'s worldview, Han Yula might truly be able to stay together with her. Hopefully everything would proceed smoothly. Naturally, at present, they had to focus on surviving this war instead. [1] 1


Rain poured down, yet nothing happened. This continued for two whole minutes. Suddenly, numerous miniature life-forms started appearing. From the dark clouds, they appeared and streaked toward the ground, knocking into the ground.

Everyone braced themselves. "Careful!"

Pu! Pu!

The Genetic Union warriors slashed down, killing those life-forms. Surprising them, from the start till the end, these life-forms ignored the entirety of the Genetic Union\'s attacks. Just like that, they had appeared suddenly only to be killed suddenly. Their corpses sprawled everywhere, leaving behind numerous puddles of purple blood.


The purple blood blended with the soil.

Ka! Ka!

Instantly, the ground cracked. That huge palm that had been as still as a statue for so long trembled suddenly before breaking free of its frozen state and once again started moving.

Bang! Bang!

With a terrifying sound, a dense purple flame erupted out of the huge palm, swallowing everything it touched.

Shua! Shua!

The black rain continued pouring down.

When the bizarre raindrops landed on the flame, it burned even more intensely. Amid the endless darkness, the huge flaming palm seemingly tinted the entire sky red.

All their hearts trembled. "It\'s coming out…"


The ground burst upward, and underneath the palm, the silhouette of the devil race member enlarged. By the time its entire body appeared, everyone there inhaled a mouthful of cold air at the sight. This devil race member was as large as a building.


With a howl, its entire body ignited.


Above its hand, a clump of flame appeared before taking the shape of a huge flaming sword. The flaming sword flickered with a dazzling radiance, causing the hearts of all onlookers to fluster.

"What monster is this?"

Everyone there was shocked. Was this the final boss the devil race was trying to reawaken? This guy here…