The Strongest Gene - Chapter 477: Finally, He Saw Other Colors

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Chapter 477: Finally, He Saw Other Colors

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


A sudden howl surged through the clouds. Seemingly noticing that things were getting worse for their side, a certain devil race member that had been staying hidden all this while finally made a move. However, after the single howl, the voice of that devil race member immediately changed.


The howl transformed into a mournful scream, instantly eliminating the imposingness that devil race member had established with its earlier howl.


What happened? Everyone focused on the sky.

Han Yula smiled. "My old friend, are you finally making your move?"

Indeed, the devil race had had trump cards hidden all this while. However, it was the same for the Genetic Union. This might not have been the case if they had not been aware of this battle in advance. However, with the intelligence Chen Feng had provided, how could they have not made any preparations?

"Ignore them," Han Yula stated with a sonorous voice. "Focus on our tasks."

"All right," the rest replied. Their mission was to eliminate these damnable devil race members.

Shua! Shua!

The rain was still falling upon them. As for the soil beneath their feet, it had long turned pitch black. Wave after wave of devil race members shot out of the ground before being killed by the genetic warriors. The devil race was seemingly incapable of presenting any threat to the genetic warriors.

Pu! Pu!

Blood splattered everywhere, and slowly, the ground was painted purple. This was a color resulting from the combination of black and red, and it was a color that caused fear to rise in one\'s heart. All of a sudden, the devil race stopped appearing from the ground. The battlefield stayed silent for quite a while, and it continued long enough for them to actually believe that the devil race had given up, but suddenly, the ground started shaking again.

Kong Bai sighed. "Why do they shake first before each of their appearances?"

"Foreplay, I suppose." Xu Fei curled his lips. "I suppose they think that by shaking, they can get through easier?"

Kong Bai chortled. "Hehe." He exchanged glances with Xu Fei, and instantly, they felt like they were the same type of person.


A faint radiance flickered into existence. Just as everyone was preparing for the next batch, the newly appeared radiance finished converging, forming a figure. As the rest saw this, they blanked. Unexpectedly, a young lady was the one that had appeared this time. She gazed at the genetic warriors around her before flashing a smile at them, a seductive and bewitching smile.


They all felt their consciousnesses shuddering before they entered a brand-new world. Here in this world, the sun shone brightly and a comfortable spring-like breeze was brushing past them. Seated in front of each of them was a person they each loved. At this moment, the battlefield, the war, everything had seemingly vanished.

What was I doing earlier? Oh… I was taking a rest. We obtained victory in the war and are now enjoying the fruits of our victory.

Such thoughts surfaced in their brains, and with the people they loved by their sides, everything seemed so fine, tempting all of them to be bewitched by everything they were experiencing presently.

"Slumber on, my dearest…"

The gentle voices of their loved ones were seemingly reverberating everywhere as one genetic warrior after another slumped down onto the ground. This newly appeared young lady was Mei Ling, the holy lady of the bewitching clan of the devil race. Different from other devil race members, she was a devil race member who had been able to regain all her memories and thoughts immediately upon her reawakening. As such, she was clear on what it was that she was best at.

Regardless of gender or age, so long as one possessed any sort of desire in one\'s heart, that person would not be able to avoid this attack of hers. This applied to even those who loved nobody but themselves. Despite this, one particular person suddenly opened his eyes at this moment, and without any mercy, a sharp blade was stabbed at Mei Ling\'s heart by that person. At this, she widened her eyes abruptly.

Mei Ling stared at the person in front of her. "You."

"Yes, me," Han Yula replied solemnly.

Mei Ling could not believe this. "How are you immune to my illusion?"

"Because I am a person without a heart," Han Yula replied.

Since he was a person with no heart, naturally, there was nothing that his heart desired. The only exception was that particular child… that child who, despite her willful actions, he could not avoid loving.

Mei Ling was able to guess something from his expression. "You are lying. You have someone you love. You are an ancient race member, and you are someone who can feel desire. You might not have a heart physically, but this does not apply to your consciousness. Slumber on…" Mei Ling started muttering gently. She was able to see that Han Yula was still someone who had a person he loved dearly. "Slumber…"

Her gentle voice was seemingly capable of bringing anyone to an extremely cozy land of dreams.



Han Yula pulled out the blade before stabbing it in again and then sliding it in and out two more times. At this, an expression of pain appeared on the young lady\'s face.

"You…" She glared at Han Yula hatefully. "How is it possible for this to be ineffective against you?"

Han Yula was still as cold as usual. "That\'s because this is not what she is like. Regardless of how much she loved me and how much I loved her, I am aware that she is not able to restrain her natural instincts. Therefore, in the dream, I loved her, yet I am also aware that the her in the dream is not the real her."


A self-mocking expression appeared on Mei Ling\'s face. "How unique is that lady, exactly? Even after using my ability to construct her based on your spiritual energy, you still have not been fooled…"

"She is unique and unmatched." As he said these words, both joy and pain flickered in Han Yula\'s eyes. He would forever unable to forget that fateful day. That was the day where his emotions, his desire toward love, and everything he had known had been destroyed. Was it truly a good thing for him to have met that lady? He had no answer to this question. He had once tasted joy, yet he had once suffered as well. He was a person whose world consisted of only black and white. However, that lady\'s appearance had allowed him to bear witness to other, different colors.

"What was her name?" Mei Ling asked.

"Xie Zhongtong," Han Yula stated faintly.

Mei Ling nodded her head. "Good name. This lady must be a very unique person."


Han Yula furrowed his brows, seemingly happy and in pain at the same time. "She is very unique and a very sincere person. Alas, her worldview is somewhat different than mine…"

Mei Ling\'s voice became exceptionally gentle as she asked, "Oh? How so?"

Han Yula frowned, "The number of people she loves is rather large…"

Mei Ling gently replied, "Is that so? Then, do you feel that she is wrong?"

"I don\'t know." Han Yula blanked as he talked on. "I once believed that she had betrayed me. However, from the emotions expressed through her eyes, I found out that for her, this is something extremely normal. At that moment, I became lost."

Mei Ling\'s voice was incredibly bewitching as she spoke. "You will find it in you to forgive her. She will also forgive you. You both truly love each other. Just look at how she accepted you despite your lack of a heart. If so, why can\'t you accept the fact that she is generous in sharing her love with others, not just you?"

"You\'re right." After this series of questions, Han Yula had seemingly lost his sense of awareness.

"If so… go and enjoy it, then. Enjoy the world that belongs to the both of you… Ah, no. To be more accurate, enjoy the world that belongs to all of you." Mei Ling finished her words softly. Alas, right at this moment, a feeling of pain stabbed at her head as a youth slammed a club down on her head.


She was momentarily dazed by this blow to her head.

She turned around and saw that it was precisely that person called Kong Bai that had hit her head with a club. "It\'s you." She had clearly given him the illusion of a perfect life based on his memories. If so, how had he left the illusion?

Kong Bai sneered. "You wish to scam me with a mere illusion?"

Mei Ling focused her gaze on Kong Bai. "How did you find out that it was fake?"

Kong Bai sneered. "I have been single all these years. No female has ever told me that she loves me, not a single one. And suddenly, that perfect goddess in the dream actually confessed her love toward me? How ridiculous. Even if I think with my feet, I can figure out that there is a trick somewhere."

Mei Ling: "…"

She felt like this species before her was somewhat different from the ancient race she had once met. Perhaps, this was a newly appeared species that had mutated from the ancient race?

Her eyes gleamed coldly. "If so, I shall kill you." The only thing that mattered was getting the strongest Han Yula under control. This Kong Bai before her seemed rather weak. As long as he was killed…

Just as she was contemplating what to do, suddenly, the energy weapons on the buildings nearby suddenly activated. At the lowest intensity possible, the weapons started blasting the bodies of all the genetic warriors present. Instantly, they were all roused from their dreams.

??? Damn it! Mei Ling\'s expression changed abruptly. Someone else had remained awake as well? No, that wasn\'t possible. All the warriors here…

She glanced around and, with astonishment, found that the person who had awakened everyone with the energy weapons was actually not a genetic warrior. Rather, it was a technician responsible for maintaining the weapons. A technician in their 40s.

Mei Ling was alarmed. "How is it possible you to leave the illusion as well?" She could overlook the fact that these genetic warriors could escape the illusion, but now, it seemed like even a normal technician could see through her illusion? Had she been in hibernation for too long, so long that she did not notice that the people of this new era were no longer controllable using illusions?

With sorrow, that person replied, "Why, you ask? Well, how is it possible for a nerd programmer like me to actually have a girlfriend?"