The Strongest Gene - Chapter 474: Let Me Deal with This

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Chapter 474: Let Me Deal with This

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

A huge explosion erupted. Everyone looked over in alarm, and their eyes widened abruptly at what they saw. There, as the huge devil race member was about to knock into its targeted genetic warrior, its advance had been blocked. In its way was a youth that was not particularly tall in height. His hand was outstretched, pressed against that devil race member\'s body.

Chi! Chi!

The flames surged violently yet failed to deal any sort of damage to that person. He looked young, yet on his head was no hair at all. Under the dazzling radiance of the flame that was shining on him, his bald head looked like a recently boiled soy-sauce egg. Presently, on this particular "soy-sauce egg" was a rather ferocious expression that was aimed that devil race member, "Back then, the ones who interrupted my \'battle\' was you devil race folks, right?"[1] 1

Ka! Ka!

He took two steps forward, pushing that devil race member backward.

"Xu Fei!"

"It\'s that kid?"

"Holy shit, I haven\'t seen him for a short while and he has suddenly become so strong?"

Everyone was shocked when they saw this. Different from Chen Feng, Xu Fei was indeed a full-fledged member of the Genetic Union. As such, even though Xu Fei hadn\'t been that active in his mission participation, they had still seen him hanging around every now and then. It was truly unexpected that this junior back then was now so very valiant.


With a punch, Xu Fei beat that fireball back.


The fireball was punched back, smashing a huge crater into the ground.

"Are you fine?" Xu Fei asked as he pulled up the genetic warrior that had almost been killed by the fireball earlier.

"I\'m fine," that person stated gratefully, "Thank you. Why are you here?"

This was a battle between A classes. Therefore, only A-class genetic warriors had been notified to come here. Even though Xu Fei had saved them, with his present strength, he was not supposed to be here. By right, he wasn\'t supposed to even know about this. In that case, why was he here?

Xu Fei smiled. "Someone informed me."

Everyone was astonished to hear this. "Who?"

Xu Fei grinned. "You all will find out in the future."

"But…" Someone was still trying to say something, but that huge devil race member was already back on its feet now. It was, after all, still an A class, and its physical body was extremely powerful. Therefore, it was natural that this devil race member had not been defeated by a single punch from Xu Fei.

Xu Fei laughed heartily. "Let me deal with this fellow here."


After letting off a howl, the huge devil race member charged at Xu Fei.


Xu Fei let off another punch toward that devil race member. The punch connected, creating a huge shockwave over 10 meters high, and the flame around that devil race member trembled. The devil race member had been stopped! With his mere B-class strength, Xu Fei had blocked that big guy that was comparable to an A-class warrior.

"He is actually this strong?"

"So he already possesses the combat power of an A class?"

"Transcending his level of B class to battle an A class…"

"He can stop that huge freak by himself."

"Times are indeed changing, eh?"

Everyone lamented endlessly. Presently, Xu Fei was already engaged in a battle with that huge devil race member. "Let me deal with this guy."

Xu Fei was rather confident in himself. Indeed, that gigantic devil race member was very powerful. However, despite how strong it was, there was a limit to it. How was it possible for something perfect to exist? This fellow was someone with an immunity to energy-based and physical abilities and who possessed a terrifying flame. But then, the stronger its defense was, the weaker its attack had to be. This fact was even more pronounced since this fellow was immune toward both energy and physical attacks. Therefore, the damage this devil race member could deal was certainly very low.

Naturally, being an expert among the devil race members, it still possessed a different ability that was very powerful: its flame capable of crushing anyone at its level. Its dual immunity coupled with its flame granted this devil race member an ability to do as it wished. Unfortunately, this was ineffective against Xu Fei. Flame? It was truly unfortunate that, when it came to Xu Fei, the only thing threatening about this devil race member was its physical strength. Coincidentally, Xu Fei wasn\'t a person known for his physical prowess either.

"Come!" Xu Fei howled.

Bang! Bang!

They both started engaging in melee battle. Stripped of its three main advantages, how strong could the physical body of this devil race member be? Truth be told, it was rather ordinary. At most, it was equivalent to a peak B class. Therefore, this fellow and Xu Fei were actually evenly matched. Naturally, due to the immunity of this fellow\'s, Xu Fei\'s attacks were not able to do much to it. However, what caused everyone to be speechless was the fact that, similarly, this fellow\'s attacks were unable to do anything to Xu Fei either.

Both of them fought each other, neither one of them capable of harming the other. As for the flame that was surging out unceasingly, it was like a decorative firework, incapable of doing anything of substance in this battle.

Bang! Bang!

Explosions echoed without stop. Everyone was dumbstruck as they witnessed this battle. One could not forget that earlier, it had taken seven of them to stop this damnable devil race member from wreaking havoc. The only thing they had been able to do was limit its advance—nothing else. Now though, Xu Fei alone was already sufficient for this task.


The battle continued. With Xu Fei dealing with this huge devil race member, the Genetic Union regained their superiority on the battlefield. Gradually, the devil race members were pushed back.

Pu! Pu!

Blood splattered around without stop. The number of the devil race members reduced without stop. Alas, right at this moment, a ray of light flickered out from underground. Next, a tiny and sparkling black and furry ball soared up toward the sky, revealing a pair of bean-like eyes that gazed upon the battlefield.

"What is that?"


Everyone heightened their vigilance.

"Deal with it."

"All right."


A cold radiance flashed past. The cold radiance slashed at the ball yet was unable to deal any damage to it.


"It looks like an illusion?"

Everyone was rather confused. Illusion? There actually existed illusionary devil race members?


Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

Countless black balls surged out from underground. It had been a while since the first batch of devil race members had reawakened. Finally, a new batch had appeared. But then, these newly appeared fellows…

"What on earth are this guys?"

Everyone frowned. If these had been regular devil race members, they would have had nothing to fear. But now…


Light swirled around.

The entire sky was filled with the black balls. There was only one meter of empty space between each ball. This scene appeared both rather bizarre and freakish at the same time. The genetic warriors erected their defensive barrier as they gazed at those balls carefully and prudently.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…


All the black balls exploded. Next, the initially furry balls transformed into something cactus-like with thorns all over their bodies.

"What are they doing?"

The onlookers were alarmed. None of them had any idea what in the world these things were, exactly. Regardless, these balls did not look like something simple.

"Spirit, can you deduce what they are?" Chen Feng asked solemnly.

"Yes." Spirit was aware that Chen Feng wanted an answer. "Using two luck value, the following result has been obtained: This is an extremely formidable life-form among the devil race known as \'charm devils.\' Their body makeup can be classified as a soul, capable of traversing the illusory and real world. Moreover, they are also capable of latching onto anything with life, charming their chosen target to obtain control over the body. Presently, they have just reawakened and are absorbing the energy required for their charm. The positions of their reawakening have all been calculated precisely, with a genetic warrior near each of them. The moment they are done absorbing the required energy, they will be able to latch onto their targets shortly after. The moment the latching succeeds, the genetic warriors of the Genetic Union will fall under the temporary control of these devil race members."

"So that\'s the case." Chen Feng studied their positions. "It would seem like the reawakening of the devil race members is actually being controlled by someone else."

Spirit nodded. "Indeed." Some things did not require luck values for them to accurately guess.



The black balls swelled without stop. The situation did not look too encouraging.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. These things…