The Strongest Gene - Chapter 472: Sealing Devil Race… Who Are You Trying to Cheat?

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Chapter 472: Sealing Devil Race… Who Are You Trying to Cheat?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

An odd liquid rumbled out. Despite their efforts, the soil of Star City had ultimately failed to avoid being dyed black. Apart from the portion of the city that was still being defended by the Genetic Union members, the rest of the soil in Star City had already been tinted black. The black liquid with a layer of dim radiance around it streamed out, flooding the black soil speedily.


The ground started trembling slightly.

"This seems somewhat different than what happened previously."

The rest were anxious. They had once seen the reawakening of these so-called devil race members. In truth, said awakening was rather simple. The devil race members would simply crawl up from underneath the ground. But now, the black liquid and the dim radiance that had abruptly appeared seemed rather different from what had been seen before.



The earth trembled, and that power that caused one to feel flustered increased in intensity.


Suddenly, the sound of something bursting apart echoed. Next, a huge palm stretched out from amid the liquid.


As the huge hand landed on the ground, the earth trembled.

They were all alarmed. "What freak is that?"

"What terrifying size."

"It\'s actually bigger than the previous frog?"

Han Yula and the rest braced themselves. "Be careful."

Facing such a terrifying life-form, none of them dared to look down on it. As for Chen Feng, who was watching from far away, he had a rather odd feeling.

In actuality, he was not a pure genetic warrior. Rather, he was a comparatively powerful gene producer. As such, he knew much more about gene production than everyone here. That was also the reason why he kept having an odd feeling when he saw that huge hand.

Mhm… what is it that looks so off?

As Chen Feng pondered, he remembered this scene. A possibility surfaced in his mind. At that, he checked with Spirit. After using one luck value, his guess was verified. Indeed, he was pursuing the correct line of thought. After confirming that, he continued his analysis in the same direction and was able to obtain the answer he wanted soon enough.

So this is the case. Chen Feng\'s eyes lit up. "Spirit, deduce the formula for me. I want to show them clearly what a gene producer can do."

"All right." Spirit was still as reliable as ever.

Presently, Han Yula had finally ordered them to destroy that huge palm that had appeared. Since this fellow had yet to fully appear, they should take this chance to destroy it first. Alas, they were rather helpless. Even after trying numerous methods, they failed to deal any damage to that huge palm. This incoming devil race member seemed much more powerful than all of them, Han Yula included.

"This is bad."

They started worrying. Right at this moment, a genetic warrior ran over before stopping beside Han Yula and whispering something to him.

"Are you sure?" Han Yula asked with his brows furrowed. Ultimately, he nodded his head, signifying his agreement. Shortly after, several genetic warriors appeared carrying numerous buckets of some bizarre liquid before directly pouring the liquid onto the rumbling black liquid. At this, an astonishing sight appeared.


Almost instantly, the black liquid with a layer of dim radiance around it was immediately frozen.

As this happened, that huge palm seemed to have noticed that something wasn\'t right. The palm shook rapidly as it struggled. Alas, the struggle was for naught. The spot where the palm had stretched out of had completely dried up, fixing the entire palm right where it appeared. The only way the owner of the palm could continue moving would be to chop its own palm off.

"It\'s been sealed!" they exclaimed in astonishment. What advanced technology was that?

Han Yula looked at the genetic warriors and asked, "Is this something the gene producer produced? The excellent producer you mentioned?"

The genetic warrior nodded. "Indeed. However, I was only shown an excellent producer badge. The actual excellent producer is nowhere to be seen. The one who handed it to me is a youngster called Chen Feng."

"Chen Feng…"

As the rest heard this, they understood immediately.

"If it\'s him, then there\'s nothing weird about it." Han Yula patted the genetic warrior\'s shoulder. "You have been in seclusion for way too long. The youngster you mentioned is precisely the excellent producer. If it\'s him…"

One could not forget that it was rumored that Chen Feng had just eliminated some peak A-class warriors recently. Moreover, being one of the peak A-class warriors of Genetic Union, Han Yula had the privilege of knowing more information than others and was aware that the reason they had been able to prepare for all this in advance was due to the intelligence provided by Chen Feng. This perverse and logic-defying producer was walking an extremely unique path.

Chen Feng…

Han Yula gazed toward a certain corner of Star City. Previously, he had felt like someone was watching them. Now that he thought about it, that person was probably Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang!

The ground trembled, alarming everyone present. However, after shaking several times, the huge palm still failed to free itself. Instead, due to the intense struggle, some traces of blood were now appearing at its wrist.

They were shocked as they saw this.

"What a powerful seal."

"How did this seal come about?" they asked the genetic warrior that had come on behalf of Chen Feng earlier.

"Oh." That person scratched his head and said, "Chen Feng told me that some spatial collapse…dimension… tear… or something is the reason this dim radiance has appeared. As a counter, he used some solidifying agent or something like that."

The rest glared at him. "What are you even talking about? You can even forget about something so important?"

That person smiled forcefully. "It\'s not that. He was using terms only producers normally use. Those long and hard-to-remember terms, and the codename was wanz110[1] 1 or something... How am I supposed to remember all that? But then, I have the general gist of how it worked. Chen Feng indeed gave me a rough explanation."

Their eyes lit up. "Oh, let us know, then."

"Mhm… it\'s actually quite simple." That person started imitating the tone of voice used by Chen Feng. "The devil race members might only be able to appear through the polluted soil. The stronger and bigger the devil race member is, the larger the amount of black soil that is required for the awakening. An ordinary devil race member can appear instantly and easily, yet this does not apply to this huge devil race member. Therefore, the amount of polluted soil here is too little for that fellow to actually appear. The \'portal\' will be too tight, so to say. Hence… mhm…" As that person reached here, he appeared somewhat awkward. After bracing himself, he continued, "If it\'s too tight, well, use some lubricant and the devil race member will be able to squeeze through." [2] 2


Instantly, everyone sunk into silence. They looked at that huge hand before looking at the endless black rain. During this perilous moment of Star City\'s, they wished to maintain a solemn expression at all times, but these words caused their lips to twitch without stop.

Even if you are trying to use some layman\'s terms, this isn\'t proper, right? This is too excessive! What do you mean by using some lubricant?

"As for the odd liquid that\'s rumbling out…"

They had "what the f*ck" expressions on their faces.

"I know the answer for that!" That person patted his thigh and stated with a solemn expression, "That is actually called Radiance of Demonic Spirit, something capable of radiating a huge amount of power to ease the awakening of the devil race members. This is a holy item of the devil race."

"This is the initial term that Chen Feng used when he was explaining to you, right?" Han Yula asked coldly.

That person appeared rather awkward. "Yeah."

Han Yula continued, asking, "What about the layman\'s terms he used to describe that liquid, then?"

"…" That person paused before saying, "He called it lubricant."

Their lips twitched as they heard this. Indeed .

"How about the liquid that we added toward the end?"

"Oh, Chen Feng said that the liquid is something he produced. It has no other function except freezing the lubricant—oh, no, I mean freezing the Radiance of Demonic Spirit, turning it into something like superglue. Oh yeah, the initial term used by Chen Feng was \'stabilizing the seal of the devil race members\'."


Instantly, everyone lapsed into silence as they became speechless. Superglue? Mhm… stabilizing the seal of the devil race? Sure. As they looked at the palm that was still struggling there, they started pitying it. They were not aware of what the owner of that palm was feeling presently. However, when they thought of the analogy used by Chen Feng… If the lubricant one was using were to suddenly turn into superglue, that would truly be tragic. [3] 3

How pitiful. Everyone looked at the struggling palm. Sorry, because of Chen Feng, it had completely dried up here. No matter what, no Radiance of Demonic Spirit would appear here. After a long time, that huge palm gave up struggling.

Hu. Hu.

Black radiance started shining out of some different locations.


The ground trembled as numerous devil race members appeared instantly. They had finally given up on trying to first waken their stronger members. Rather, they were sticking with a simpler method.

Bang! Bang!

Numerous devil race members appeared without stop.