The Strongest Gene - Chapter 471: The End Is Also the Beginning

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Chapter 471: The End Is Also the Beginning

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Star City.

A dazzling radiance bloomed and a shocking explosion roared, alarming countless people. The heavy downpour descending from the sky repressed this sound somewhat, and the pitch black sky stopped the dazzling radiance from traveling too far. Despite this, nothing was able to erase the terrifying power that was being emanated.

The entire ground was tinted red with blood. The main army of the devil race was all killed before they were able to even go through the entrance. On the ground, countless mournful howls could be heard. Dismembered corpses of the devil race members were sprawled everywhere. Even the A-class warriors of Star City were shocked by this sight. Was this the power of their Genetic Union? It was truly terrifying.

One ought to know that all these freshly killed devil race members were at the power level of A-class warriors. And now, they had all been delivered a crushing defeat. Too powerful! This was the first thought that surfaced in everyone\'s mind. At times like this, the stronger the power demonstrated by the Genetic Union, the happier they were.

Suddenly, Han Yula walked forth expressionlessly and dipped his finger into the blood on the ground. After tasting the finger with his tongue, he asserted, "No black rain was inserted in the blood here."

Everyone else: "…" Do we need you to tell us that? It is obvious that the newly spilled blood is all red in color.

They were also rather shocked by the fact that the blood on the ground had obviously been tainted with all sorts of yellowish pollutants yet he had still dared to taste it with his tongue. Was this one of the reasons this heartless person was so feared?

"They can place a disguise on the black rain to make it look red if they wish to." Han Yula merely glanced at them coldly before continuing, "Even if there is a 100% chance that this blood is not mixed with the black rain, I will not take that gamble. Rather, I will taste it myself to verify it properly. Moreover…" Han Yula shut his eyes. From the blood, an unfamiliar power could be felt.

"Can this be counted as our victory?" someone asked in a low voice. After all, all the devil race invaders had been killed right outside their entrance.

These formidable fellows had all fallen in the face of Star City\'s high-tech weapons. After all, the devil races bodies were much larger than a normal human\'s and were easily aimed at by the human weapons. Every single shot fired by the cannons had been able to hit a devil race member. As they stared ahead, there were no signs of new invaders coming.

Shua! Shua!

The black rain was still descending unendingly.


Suddenly, an oppressive sound echoed. Distantly, from amid the darkness, with the help of the feeble lighting system of Star City, a huge figure could be seen appearing slowly from far away. Every single step that figure took resulted in a huge earthquake.

Bang! Bang!

That huge figure approached them one step at a time. Everyone\'s mood sunk. Earlier, they had been making use of the weakness of the devil race members\' having huge bodies to kill them. Now, though, wasn\'t this newly appeared devil race member too huge in size?


Accompanied by thundering footsteps, that figure approached them. Immediately after getting a clear look at it, they all inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. This was an extremely ugly devil race member. Its entire body was green with black spots all over. Its skin was wrinkled and thick, while its body was as tall as a building. If one had to use a word to describe this newly appeared fellow, then one could say that this was a huge and ugly frog.

Someone berated the huge frog. "So those tadpole beasts earlier were only here to look for this mom of theirs?"

Bang! Bang!

The huge devil race beast neared.

"Attack!" Han Yula commanded without any mercy.


The energy weapons started firing again.

Alarming them all, that devil race freak started swelling suddenly like a balloon as it absorbed all the energy attacks fired at it before spitting them out after taking aim in a certain direction.


A terrifying radiance was let loose. A ray of light was spat out, destroying a building with weapons on it. The rest of them were greatly alarmed as they saw this. This fellow here was capable of absorbing energy? Not only that, it was also capable of using it back against them? What a terrifying ability! How had they figured out how to deal with energy weapons? This was, after all, a modern weapon. Hold on... Yes, the ancient race!

Back then, despite the fact that the ancient race had not had energy weapons, they had been energy users, unlike the barbarians. These energy-handling methods were probably something the devil race had developed to be used against the ancient race back then. Now, though, these methods were being unleashed upon humanity. Perhaps, as far as these newly awakened devil race members were concerned, humanity was equivalent to the ancient race.

After all, if one did not look clearly, the human race truly resembled the ancient race. Perhaps this somewhat unfamiliar human race was simply a part of the ancient race—a result of the several thousands of years of evolutions of the ancient race—as far as the devil race was concerned.

"Absorbing energy, eh?" Han Yula\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "Adjust all weapons to the highest intensity. Continue attacking!" Han Yula ordered.


The faces of the rest greened as they heard this command. Highest intensity? For real? Even the current low intensity of their weapons was able to destroy a single armed building of theirs with one shot after being returned by the frog. If they were to fire their weapons at the highest intensity, they would most probably die before even realizing what had happened. After all, they had seen with their own eyes the power of this frog here.

"You all, attack together with me. Those who disobey shall be killed." Han Yula had no intention of providing them with any explanations. As the rest heard his words, their bodies chilled.

They exchanged glances before saying with clenched teeth, "All out, then!" Some of them were already able to guess what Han Yula was planning. Therefore, the only thing left to do was fight.


Once again, the energy weapons started firing toward that huge frog.

Bang! Bang!

The terrifying radiance bloomed as the boundless energy landed on the huge frog. All the attacks of their energy weapons and the attacks of all their A-class warriors were directed at the huge frog. Once again, the huge frog started swelling to the point its entire body became a huge sphere.

All their attacks had seemingly entered a bottomless abyss. They could only watch on as that huge frog continued enlarging before its huge mouth suddenly opened, aiming straight at them.

"This is bad. It\'s counterattacking."

Everyone was alarmed. Right at this moment, Han Yula made his move.


A resplendent silvery radiance flashed out. This silvery flash did not appear formidable, yet it was the final straw that overwhelmed the giant frog, as the limit of energy the giant frog could contain was now strained to its limit.


The huge frog was still trying to open its mouth, yet it failed to open its mouth properly. Since its body was too huge now and it was now entirely round, it was unable to even open its mouth properly. It had evidently reached its limit in the amount of energy it could absorb.


Yet even now, its body was still enlarging.


The Genetic Union members retreated hastily. Immediately afterward...


The earth trembled, followed by a huge explosion that rocked the entirety of Star City. At the entrance of Star City that had initially been littered with the corpses of devil race members, a huge crater appeared. That huge frog that had swallowed such a huge amount of energy had ultimately exploded. Even the dark sky seemed clearer due to the explosion.

In the sky, the dark cloud shrouding the sky had cleared for the first time, revealing the silhouettes of all the devil race members hiding behind it. One after another, devil race members that had never been seen before appeared.

"Good chance!" Han Yula pointed at the sky without hesitating. "Kill!"


First, the energy weapons started firing toward the devil race members. At the same time, all the Genetic Union members charged up. Now that the veil of mysteriousness shrouding the devil race had been lifted, the devil race had lost its biggest advantage. Even if they also possessed the combat power of A-class warriors, being newly awakened, they were still too weak compared to the A-class warriors of the Genetic Union that were all veteran combatants. In a short amount of time, all the devil race members were killed. In the entire expanse of dark sky, not a single devil race member remained.

Everyone looked up at the sky. "Is it over?"

Shua! Shua!

The rain was still descending without stop. Suddenly, the ground started trembling, and a power that caused one to feel flustered gushed out of the ground.