The Strongest Gene - Chapter 469: Full Invasion!

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Chapter 469: Full Invasion!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Star City.

The rain was growing heavier and the sky becoming darker. The dark clouds rolled through the sky akin to a demon, planting fear in one\'s heart. The entirety of Star City was brightly lit, seemingly trying to disperse this darkness altogether. Alas, due to the unceasing descent of the black rain, the range at which the lamps could shine was seemingly decreasing.

From the defensive barrier surrounding Star City, noises could be heard without fail. Black raindrops were landing on the barrier without stop before slowly sliding downward, landing outside Star City. After undergoing a reinforcement by the Genetic Union and some revisions, this city was not the least bit affected by the black rain, causing the rain to act like some passersby, tumbling everywhere around the city itself. After all, this was a city floating above the sky.

Hua! Hua!

Suddenly, the rain became much heavier. In Star City, a lot of people stopped their footsteps and looked at the sky, seemingly somewhat anxious. Despite that, the thin defensive barrier was still as firm as ever. Next, rolling thunder cracked, and with that, a dazzling radiance appeared, granting a sudden brightness to the dark world. Lightning appeared up in the sky, interwoven together akin to a spider web.

Bang! Bang!

The lightning thundered.

"What\'s going on?"

"Lightning is appearing suddenly?"

"However, the rain is a black rain, and even the lightning doesn\'t seem like a normal lightning…"

Some of them were looking at the sky. Alas, this seemed to be a mere start of what was to come. Along with the lightning flashes and rumbling thunder, countless bizarre phenomena appeared, and a single ray of astonishing gold radiance surged out from space. So bright was this gold ray that all the lightning flashes were overlapped by it. The gold surged out unendingly, landing from the blue dome of heaven. Only when it neared them did the people there find with astonishment that this gold ray was in fact a weapon.

This was a pole shining brightly with a gold radiance. This pole was thick and sturdy. Akin to lightning, it smashed upon that thin defensive barrier surrounding Star City.

Ka! Ka!

Space started trembling.

That weapon had been moving so fast that along its path of descent that space itself was ruptured. Despite this, it still failed to directly penetrate the defensive barrier with a single strike.


After trembling slightly, that thin barrier was restored to its initial condition.

A certain someone at the corner of Star City sneered. "How funny." What joke was this? Did the attacker believe that the only function of the barrier was to defend against the black rain? The moment the information provided by Chen Feng had been verified, he had replaced the entire barrier. In fact, everything here had been changed. Presently, the Star City\'s defensive barrier was not some simple ion defensive barrier. Rather, it was a defensive barrier that this person had prepared with utmost care, a barrier capable of defending against an attack from even a peak A-class warrior. The name of this barrier was World Calamity, signifying its ability to defend against even a calamity capable of destroying the entire world.

The man\'s companion, however, seemed rather anxious. "Will this work?" After all, that golden weapon truly looked quite terrifying.

"Don\'t worry; this is my new invention. This is just the start. Soon, you will see the strongest point of this barrier."

At this moment, the sky lapsed into sudden silence. The erupting golden attack earlier had seemingly never appeared, akin to a mere fragment of one\'s imagination. Evidently, the attackers had never expected that their attack on Star City would actually be resisted. Logically, their speedy ambush was not something Star City could defend against in time. Was it because this place already had such a powerful defense?

Accompanied by a light bellow... "Disperse!"


A bizarre force undulated outward from the sky. The clouds enveloping the dark sky suddenly dispersed, revealing numerous figures with rather scary appearances. Their bodies had seemingly transformed into beasts with all sorts of formidable and mysterious tattoos, beasts that were emanating a formidable power that caused one\'s heart to flutter. High above in the sky, numerous devil race members appeared. They were comprised of all sorts of never-before-seen life-forms. They were precisely the devil race.

These devil race members had initially arrived fiercely together with the gold ray. However, due to Star City\'s defensive barrier remaining, they were seemingly at a loss as to what to do. Should they still continue charging down or not? Should they land or wait up here? This group of ferocious-looking devils could now only hover up there with rather awkward smiles while trying to not lose their imposing bearing.

The sky sunk into a momentary stillness. This sudden counter of Star City\'s had indeed shattered their plan. Initially, they were supposed to tear apart the defensive barrier of Star City and then invade it. Next, the black rain would be allowed to drop into this city, transforming the people here into offerings for the awakening of the devil race.

However, it would seem like the humans had indeed prepared themselves in advance? They had indeed underestimated these people them. However, the awakening of their lord…

After a long pause, a bizarre character started spreading up in the sky. This was precisely the character representing the word "kill" in the devil race\'s language.


The radiance intensified as the devil race members all started unleashing their strongest available attacks. Since the weapon had failed to rip apart this barrier, they would do it personally.

Bang! Bang!

Numerous ferocious-looking beasts descended. Their sharp claws and weapons were all aimed at the defensive barrier. However, at the moment their attacks connected, they found with astonishment that their attacks actually phased through the barrier before landing directly into Star City. That seemingly powerful defensive barrier was not defending at all!

Shua! Shua!

Next, a heavy downpour started descending from the sky. However, not a single drop of rain was able to land in the city. This bizarre defensive barrier actually possessed a filtering function to it. However…

"Idiotic humans!" stated a particular devil race member with an alligator head with a fierce expression. Did these humans truly believe that they would be fine only defending against the black rain? Hehe, if they were to kill all these humans instead, would there still be a point to the defensive barrier? After all, this was still a place controlled by mere gene producers… This thought had only surfaced in the devil race member\'s brain for a brief moment when suddenly...

Shua! Shua!

All the "producers" that were wandering around the city earlier took off their robes, revealing their true appearances. These people were actually experts from the Genetic Union.


The terrifying power of A-class warriors surged.

With the early warning from Chen Feng, those producers with no combat power had long ago been dispatched elsewhere on different missions. Those left behind here were true experts. They had prepared for this long ago.

One of them sneered. "We have been waiting for you guys."

"So you ugly fellows are the so-called devil race?"

"Hehe, how are you guys different from some livestock with intelligence?"

"Kill them. What\'s the point talking so much with these cannon fodder?"


Blood started splattering about as one devil race member after another dropped down. Despite the strength of the devil race, the genetic warriors left here were, after all, the strongest among the Genetic Union members. Each of them was so powerful that they caused one to feel flustered. The devil race members were simply helpless facing them.


The howls resounded without stop as the devil race members appeared without stop only to collapse one after another. Facing these powerful genetic warriors, the devil race members couldn\'t even resist the first round of attacks. The only thing they could do was swarm the perimeter with sheer numbers.

"So this is the devil race?"

"Hehe. Even if this is a mere vanguard of cannon fodder, they are still too weak, right?"

"Try to save your energy consumption. These cannon fodder are merely to exhaust us."

"Don\'t worry."

Everyone had cold and detached expressions. They had prepared sufficient energy just for this one battle. War of attrition? The newly awakened devil race would not be able to compete against them in this aspect. Alas, right at this moment, their expressions changed suddenly. That was because they found out that when the blood of the devil race members landed on the ground, it turned black.

"Could it be…"

"This is bad!"

"The black rain has been injected into the bodies of these devil race members!"

Instantly, their bodies chilled. None of them had expected that the devil race would employ such a method of sending the black rain into Star City. The first batch of the attackers were not merely cannon fodder; they were also suicide troops!