The Strongest Gene - Chapter 467: So We Have to Keep It Running?

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Chapter 467: So We Have to Keep It Running?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Othershore Mountain.

The mission issued previously by Old Mei had already been completed by Chen Feng, but due to the eruption in popularity of Chen Feng\'s feat with his God Punisher, this place was still filled to the brim. Everyone was targeting the hillsea beasts. This time, they were not only hunting young hillsea beasts—they were also hunting adult beasts. As long as they managed to obtain a single hillsea beast and produce it into a gene reagent, they would stand a chance at creating an ability set similar to Chen Feng\'s God Punisher.

Due to the huge amount of people flooding here, this place had lost its former reputation as a forbidden area shrouded by a sombre atmosphere. Regardless of which forbidden area it was, when there were thousands or tens of thousands of people stamping around it, that place would no longer be able to main its mysteriousness. And today, the effect brought forth by Chen Feng\'s God Punisher demonstrated itself clearly. Were A-class warriors exalted existences? Yes, they were. In any given ordinary city, there would at most be one or two A-class warriors. Each of them was an existence that could dominate an entire region.

But then, the number of human cities in this world was truly too great, so numerous that one could not even begin to imagine the number. Therefore, when the numerous powers across the globe finished their preparations and sent their people here to this Othershore Mountain, this place was filled with an ocean of people. Amazingly, all of them were entirely A-class warriors. When the A-class warriors that had been remaining here since Chen Feng\'s incident noticed this, they were indeed given quick a scare.

"Crazy. They have all gone crazy."

"Why are they here?"

"For the God Punisher–based ability set, I suppose."

"Man, I was still planning on capturing a couple hillsea beasts to earn some extra income for myself."

"You can forget about that. Would you believe me if I told you that even if you manage to capture one, you won\'t be able to leave alive with it?"

They sighed. "True." In the end, they decided to give up on this. Perhaps it was due to their bad luck, but they hadn\'t been able to locate any hillsea beasts since the past two days. Now that there was this huge amount of people crowding here, they no longer had any hope of succeeding. Therefore, they could only give up.

"Let\'s leave, then. This is no longer a place we can mess around at."

They were aware that with the arrival of these truly terrifying existences, the hillsea beasts of the Othershore Mountain would suffer for real. As far as they could remember, the last time something similar had happened was during the discovery of a species called mysterious crystal snow tortoise?

The only difference with this incident was that the last time it happened, it had been due to that tortoise being such a delicacy that all the gluttons had been induced. Because of that, the tortoise had gone extinct. This time, the same uproar was happening due to these people trying to obtain benefits for themselves.

"I\'m afraid that, in the future, we will no longer have any chances to see hillsea beasts…"

With a sigh, they left. Soon, a huge group of new arrivals stepped into Othershore Mountain. Countless rarely seen experts were wandering around Othershore Mountain seeking for traces of hillsea beasts. Alarming all of them, nothing could be found.

"Damn it! Why is there not a single one of them here?"

They were all shocked at this discovery. It was rumored that there were a huge amount of hillsea beasts here at this Othershore Mountain. If so, why were none of them to be seen now? Had all of them been killed by Chen Feng and the earlier group of people here? That shouldn\'t have been possible.

"Could it be that they hid themselves after sensing danger?" some of them guessed. Such powerful beasts were normally equipped with a sharp danger sense.

They decided to continue their search. "Search for them!" With so many A-class warriors gathered here, how was it possible for them to fail at finding these beasts? Alas, even after searching the entire mountain, not a glimpse of a hillsea beast could be seen. Some of the warriors were so angry that the entire Othershore Mountain was leveled. Even after that, nothing was found. These greatly coveted hillsea beasts had seemingly vanished from the face of the world.

"They have truly vanished?"

"Are you guys the ones playing tricks here? I heard that you two brothers have illusion abilities capable of altering the look of the land, ensuring that all one can see is illusions."

"Are you blind? If we were powerful enough to shroud several thousand A-class warriors in an illusion, you would be the first we kill, you ass!"

"Come at me, then!"

They started arguing. As for the rest, they gave those two a cold glance before looking around, pondering what exactly it was that had happened here. Inferring, analyzing, and all sorts of other methods were employed, yet nothing was found. Regardless of what they did, nothing could be found.

"Nothing can be seen clearly."

"Aren\'t you the self-proclaimed Half-Immortal Qiao, the seer? How could you fail to see anything at all?"

"It was blocked."


"Yes. It\'s not that I can\'t see anything. Rather, the only thing I can see is a blank space of nothingness."

"Isn\'t that the same as seeing nothing?" the others replied with disdain.

Half-Immortal Qiao raged. "No, it\'s not the same. When my ability works normally, I am able to see clearly. However, when it fails, I can\'t see anything at all. Now, though, I can actually see something, but that something I see is entirely unclear. Everything appeared like a blank void. Do you guys understand now?"

"Isn\'t that the same as seeing nothing?" they yet again replied with disdain.

Half Immortal Qiao: "…"

A different person with a similar divining ability replied, "Let me clear some doubts. In short, the things we normally see when divining can be classified as something shown to us in pixels. If our ability fails, it\'s similar to losing the signal. But now, the only thing we see is a mosaic…"

Everyone gained understanding. "I see." As for Half-Immortal Qiao, he became speechless. So one has to talk in such manner for these people to understand?

Everyone became doubtful. "How could this have happened?"

Suddenly, someone stated, "I have actually encountered something similar before. People are always saying that such a blockade is very mysterious and abstruse, capable of blocking everything, ensuring that we can see nothing at all. However, I believe instead that this is the most idiotic course of action. This is because, in this entire world, only one faction uses such a method. Without even divining anything, I know who it is that is behind all this."

That person ended with a sneer.

"Who?" the rest asked curiously.

"Mysterious Organization," that person spat.

Instantly, the rest gained understanding. "It\'s them?" So it was the Mysterious Organization? This was an organization initially only known to the Genetic Union. However, because of several major incidents involving them, their existence was no longer hidden. Now, everyone knew of them. Everyone was aware that there was such a hidden terrorist organization. As such, every evil deed in existence was now blamed on them. Evidently, what had happened here was blamed on them as well.

Previously, someone had tried using similar divining abilities for several major incidents, and similarly, the result was a blank piece of nothingness. After studying it, they noted that this was something only the Mysterious Organization did. Naturally, none of them was aware that, in fact, this blank piece of nothingness was actually an effect of spirit sea wood.

"This organization is courting death!"

"I heard that their headquarters were destroyed by Chen Feng. That is the only reason their existence was leaked. Now that everyone is already aware of them, I truly wonder how much longer they can keep hiding."


They were all feeling unhappy. Evidently, they were also not aware that the leak of the Mysterious Organization\'s existence wasn\'t due to the destruction, as they believed. Rather, it was because Chen Feng had plundered all of the Mysterious Organization\'s spirit sea wood. As such, the Mysterious Organization was no longer able to block their headquarters from divination, thus causing their location to be leaked.

"Hehe, I heard that they have secret bases at various major cities?"

"I think so."

"Let\'s mess them up."

"Do they truly think that they are the king of the underground, daring to even lay hands on the hillsea beasts?"

They were all furious. And thus, the furious experts returned from the Othershore Mountain and proceeded to destroy all the different branches of the Mysterious Organization. Once again, the Mysterious Organization was dealt a heavy blow. As Lu Hun and the rest received this update, they were all dumbfounded as well. Gone? The great Mysterious Organization was going to be wiped out?