The Strongest Gene - Chapter 465: Scammers. All Scammers!

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Chapter 465: Scammers. All Scammers!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Damn it! The furious Old Mei no longer cared if he could actually kidnap Xu Fei to threaten Chen Feng with. This was the third time he had suffered a beating today, and he was no longer capable of holding his anger in. His strongest flame was directly unleashed: Path of Flaming Plum!

Bang! Bang!

The flame bloomed, and a boundless red radiance erupted out. Horrifying him tremendously, that guy called Xu Fei merely charged through his flame, not the slightest bit affected by that scary flame of Old Mei\'s.

Bang! Bang!

Xu Fei rained his punches down as he furiously shouted, "Did your mother not teach you that it is very rude to interrupt someone in the midst of a \'battle\'?"


"You cursed old fart!"


"You perverted peeping tom!"


"Screw your mother!"

As the punches rained down, Old Mei was thoroughly stupefied. He tried to retreat, yet with great sorrow, he found that he was no longer capable of retreating. His body had been grabbed by Xu Fei, not allowing him a chance to escape at all. As such, he could only watch on helplessly as he was pressed down on the ground and beaten up by Xu Fei. When it came to physical strength, Xu Fei was simply in a different league than him.

Bang! Bang!

All that Xu Fei had wanted to unleash upon the chick earlier yet failed to, he was unleashing upon this Old Mei now. Finally, this consciousness of Old Mei was beaten to death.


His thread of consciousness collapsed, returning him to his main body. His brain was still buzzing unendingly.


He remained in daze there for 10 whole minutes. What in the world had he experienced? His brain was still buzzing unceasingly as he wondered. After a long time, he recovered from his stupor.

He had actually been beaten up by B-class trash? This wasn\'t the main issue here. The main issue here was that his plum blossom flame had been completely ineffective against that person. How was that possible? Qin Hai, Wang Yao, and Xu Fei…

For the first time, Old Mei started doubting his strength. He had once believed that once he completed this superlate-stage transformation of his, he would be unrivaled. Now, though, that did not seem to be the case. He could convince himself that it was natural for him to suffer defeat against Qin Hai and Wang Yao, whose great strength was definitely above his, but what was going on with that Xu Fei guy? Old Mei started doubting life itself. Perhaps… the plum blossom flame was in actuality something not that powerful after all?

Old Mei shook his head and steadied his thoughts. No! That\'s not possible! Hadn\'t he crushed so many A-class warriors back then at Othershore Mountain? Perhaps it was because those people there had been people without an ability that countered him? No, that couldn\'t be true! Old Mei\'s confidence started swaying. Despite being aware that this should not be possible, after his three defeats in a row, especially his defeat by that B-class Xu Fei, he truly doubted his life now.

Calm down! I must calm down!

Finally, Old Mei forcefully calmed himself down. As he looked at the list of names his plum blossom had generated earlier, he decided to stick to his plan. The only reason for this was because he wanted to prove his worth. This time, he selected a person who had been together with Chen Feng quite frequently recently. Both of them were rather close. More importantly, that person was a mere B-class warrior.

"There shouldn\'t be any problems this time, right?" Old Mei mumbled. This target was a mere B-class warrior. If there were truly so many B-class warriors out there possessing abilities countering him, Old Mei reckoned that the 10 years he had spent in preparation would be totally pointless. After all, he had remained patient all these years for this single goal. Therefore, that would definitely not be the case. This time, he would most certainly be successful.


He inhaled deeply.


Light swirled before his eyes.

Once again, the plum blossom flame bloomed, stripping a thread of his consciousness out from him. That thread of consciousness stepped through space, locking onto his new target before appearing there as a soul imprint. There, one person could be seen. In front of that person was a mirror. In a seductive manner, he flicked his hair before speaking to the mirror, "Dear demonic mirror, please tell me, who\'s the most handsome guy here?"

"In any case, that is not you," the demonic mirror replied coldly.

"F*ck!" Without any hesitation, that person threw the mirror down before stamping his foot on it. "Screw you. I\'m the only person here. If I\'m not the most handsome one, who else can it be?"

"Even if you break me, it won\'t hide your ugliness and the grief in your heart."

That person raged. "Screw you!"

Old Mei: "…"

Was this the person called Kong Bai? He had never expected that this would be the sight that welcomed him immediately upon his arrival. As for that Kong Bai, he did not seem to have noticed Old Mei. This caused Old Mei\'s heart, which had failed several times earlier, to feel somewhat comforted. Perhaps… this ambush would be successful.

Granted, it was rather shameless for an A class to ambush a B class, but then, Old Mei had failed three times consecutively so far. Now, he only wanted to regain his ego, and he no longer possessed any sense of shame. At this time, filled with resentment, Kong Bai picked up the demonic mirror. Suddenly, he thought of something and asked in a manner as if he had thought of something extremely smart. "Dear demonic mirror, who\'s the ugliest person here?"

Since he was all alone here and he was not the most handsome one, he shouldn\'t be the ugliest person here as well, right?

"Naturally, it\'s you," the demonic mirror answered instinctively, but it suddenly paused and corrected itself: "The old geezer as ugly as a chrysanthemum behind you."

Kong Bai was overjoyed. "Indeed, it\'s not me. Hahaha." However, just as he was done laughing out loud, he felt that something was off. Abruptly, he turned around and was given quite a scare, "What the f*ck. What is this thing here? A-class warrior?"

Kong Bai\'s instinctive reaction was to flee without hesitation.

"A normal B-class warrior indeed!" Old Mei wasn\'t particularly bothered with Kong Bai\'s reaction. Rather, he was pleasantly surprised that this new target here was actually fearful of him.

After four attempts, he had finally encountered a regular B-class warrior who knew to flee when seeing an A-class warrior. Old Mei was so touched that he felt himself tearing up at this. Hahahaha! Capture him! Capture him! After capturing him, all the secret arts will come back to me…

Old Mei was immensely touched. Alas, just as he was about to start his pursuit, that Kong Bai guy stopped before looking at Old Mei with a rather amazed expression. Next, he looked at the demonic mirror.

"Did you just say that he\'s uglier than me?"

"Yes," the demonic mirror answered.

"Hahahaha." At that, Kong Bai started laughing wildly before stopping and looking at Old Mei with a sinister gaze. "Hehe, dear you who is uglier than me… Hehe… Hehe… Finally, I have encountered someone uglier than me! Hehe… It\'s time for you to bear witness to the power of my demonic mirror! Hahaha!"

Accompanied by Kong Bai\'s wild laughter, the mirror shone brightly.

Next, at a certain location.


A mouthful of blood spurted out. Back in his main body, with grief, Old Mei noted that his thread of consciousness had once again been destroyed.


He was totally dumbfounded. The fourth soul imprint he had spent over a year to prepare had once again been cleanly destroyed. This time, the culprit was yet another B class? Why? Old Mei was bewildered.

From that day onward, those passing by this area found with surprise that there was an old geezer wandering around while unendingly mumbling to himself like a mental patient. The content of his mumbling was as follows:

"What is going on with this world…"

"What is going on with me…"

"I can\'t even defeat some B-class trash…"

"You are the ugly one! Your entire family is ugly!"

"With this trash plum blossom, you dared to call yourself a superlate-stage genetic warrior…"

"Scammers. You are all scammers…"

Curious, some of the passersby asked, "What\'s going on with him?"

"Looks like someone who went crazy after being provoked too excessively."

"Poor him."

"Let him be, don\'t approach him. It is said that flames will materialize randomly around this old geezer. Quite scary, in fact. I wonder which expert it was that provoked him into this state."

"True," the other person agreed. There, only a wandering old geezer that mumbled unendingly remained.