The Strongest Gene - Chapter 464: Beating of His Life

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Chapter 464: Beating of His Life

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Old Mei heaved a sigh of relief. "Since there\'s no news about her, she should be a mere commoner."


Once again, he activated his plum blossom imprint.


The power of his soul bloomed as his thread of consciousness pierced through space before directly locking onto the position of that Wang Yao. His thread of consciousness drifted around and landed near her. Wang Yao…

Old Mei moved forth and finally got a clear look at the young lady in question. Surprising him, this young lady had the appearance of someone around 13 or 14 years old. Presently, she seemed to be sleeping peacefully. The sight of her sleeping was so beautiful it caused one\'s heart to flutter.

"Sleeping, huh…" Suddenly, a feeling of pity arose in Old Mei\'s heart. Has Chen Feng been hiding everything about himself from you because of this flaw in your body? You are obviously one year older than him and yet your physical appearance had remained young.

Wang Yao\'s delicate appearance seemed capable of triggering a feeling of protectiveness from anyone looking at her. Even Old Mei could not escape feeling so.

Old Mei lamented regretfully. Sigh… what a pity.

Old Mei\'s sigh seemed to alarm her as her eyes were opened shortly after. After opening her eyes, she gazed at Old Mei calmly. "Who are you?"

Old Mei sighed. "I\'m sorry." If possible, he was not willing to spoil this enchanting sight of a slumbering beauty. Alas, for the sake of his strength, he would not let his emotions rule his actions. Pity? It was something that should not exist. Stretching his hand out, a small clump of flame appeared before drifting forth slowly.


That flame drifted toward Wang Yao while she watched on silently, seemingly incapable of realizing that she was in any sort of danger. This further amplified Old Mei\'s feeling that his current actions were indeed rather cruel.

Old Mei sighed again at that thought. He watched on as his plum blossom landed on Wang Yao\'s body. Next, with a curious expression, the young lady grabbed at the flame.

Wang Yao stared at the flame in her hand in astonishment. "This flame looks so magical."

Instantly, Old Mei was dumbstruck. M-magical? Hold on, why hasn\'t the flame injured her? Even though he had only utilized the flame with the lowest intensity sufficient to trap her, she shouldn\'t be totally free from any damage after touching the flame. Moreover, since when had she obtained the ability to manipulate the plum blossom flame created by him?

Old Mei tried summoning the flame back to him. "Return!" he bellowed. Unfortunately, the ownership of that flame seemed to have changed the moment it had entered Wang Yao\'s hand as it no longer accepted Old Mei\'s command.

Instantly, Old Mei\'s scalp numbed. "Damn it!" He felt like something inconceivable had happened. Perhaps…


An intense plum blossom flame appeared on his hand. Without any hesitation, he unleashed the strongest plum blossom flame he had upon Wang Yao. Next, with wide eyes, he watched on as his strongest plum blossom flame that had been so domineering at Othershore Mountain became incapable of movement after landing on Wang Yao\'s palm.


This time, Old Mei was truly stupefied. Ineffective? Even the strongest flame was ineffective?

"Such a flame…" Wang Yao exclaimed in astonishment.


Accompanied by a shrill cry, that flame was instantly absorbed by Wang Yao. After that, Wang Yao slanted her head as she pondered shortly before softly rubbing her tiny hands together.


A small clump of flame appeared there. That newly appeared flame was actually exactly the same as Old Mei\'s plum blossom flame.


Instantly, an expression of extreme horror appeared in Old Mei\'s eyes. She had only plundered a single plum blossom flame from him and yet she was already capable of creating her own version of the plum blossom flame? This was something he had spent 10 years to create! What in the world was going on here? Who exactly was this young lady here? Old Mei was collapsing emotionally.

"Thank you." Wang Yao expressed her gratitude before looking at him curiously. "Do you have any other flames?"

A horrified expression appeared on Old Mei\'s face.

Here at this place, Old Mei had suffered the greatest humiliation he had ever felt and had also experienced the greatest horror he had ever felt. This young lady seemed to be a fiend that had crawled out of hell itself. He had an odd feeling that before her, all his abilities would be ineffective.

Old Mei waved his hands repeatedly. "No... no more."

"Oh, if so, let me give you this as a present, then. It is proper, after all, to reciprocate when one receives a gift." Wang Yao waved her hand nonchalantly. The flame streaked toward Old Mei with a speed so fast he couldn\'t even react to it.


His thread of consciousness collapsed.


A mouthful of blood was spurted out as Old Mei returned to reality. Once again, his plum blossom imprint had been destroyed.

Old Mei was alarmed. "How could this happen…" It was truly outside of his expectations that those close to Chen Feng were all so terrifying. Even if he ignored his attempt at kidnapping Qin Hai earlier, this Wang Yao girl was truly too horrifying as well…

Damn it!

Old Mei wiped away the blood on his body. In such a short period of time, he had lost two of his soul imprints.

Old Mei was furious. "Damn it! Damn it all!" No matter what, he could not understand how Qin Hai and Wang Yao were so powerful, to the extent that his existence was something they could look down on. Peak A class? They were most certainly more powerful than that. As he thought of those two, for the first time in his life, he felt true fear.

Old Mei took in a deep breath before looking at the two spoiled imprints of his. "What should I do?" Now that he had suffered such disastrous loss, if he couldn\'t find something to compensate for this, he would have suffered too great of a loss for nothing.

Old Mei decided to select a different target. "Let\'s switch to a different target, then." After a short consideration, he decided to look for someone who was rather close to Chen Feng and had been with Chen Feng for quite a while. Moreover, the new target needed to be someone comparatively weak.


He was able to select a new target that fulfilled his requirements shortly after. After checking his target out online, he confirmed that this new target was most certainly an ordinary person. Back then, he had been the captain of some trashy genetic squad of mere E-class warriors. Subsequently, that person had slowly improved until he had reached C class. Even if he was a genius, presently, he shouldn\'t be any stronger than a B-class warrior.

Mhm… this seems to be a feasible target.


Light swirled around as, once again, Old Mei sent his thread of consciousness out and locked onto the target.

There, within a dimly lit room, a baldy could be seen "wrestling" with a chick. The "battle" seemed to be rather intense as sweat splashed around while the ground beneath them trembled without stop.


As Old Mei looked at the baldy, he sneered as he concluded that this was indeed a mere regular person. A person with the emotions of a regular person, a person with the strength of a regular person. He could see that this baldy was merely a B-class warrior. Instantly, with disdain, he waved his hand. A weak flame drifted out toward the baldy. While all this happened, the baldy did not even notice the arrival of the flame. Finally, when the plum blossom flame landed on the baldy\'s body, he screamed mournfully.

Old Mei sneered. "A weakling indeed."

Somewhat surprisingly, though, the "mournful scream" of that baldy\'s sounded somewhat off.

"F*ck! Who in the world poked my chrysanthemum during the most crucial moment? Ah shit, I\'m \'coming\'!"

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah—"

The "mournful scream" of the baldy intensified.

"How boring." The chick seemed to have obtained victory in their "battle," yet she seemed rather disappointed. Evidently, she was disappointed by the fact that she had failed to find someone capable of being her match. Disappointed, she shook her head as she turned around and left.

"Hey, hey, hey, that\'s not what happened." The baldy explained himself hastily. "I am very \'strong.\' It\'s true! Hey…" Alas, the chick had already left him. Only now did the baldy turn around furiously, scanning around with his eyes before his gaze landed on Old Mei. "Turns out there\'s some weird thing here? Is this some soul or a thread of consciousness? Whatever. Who gives a sh*t what you are anyway."

The raging Xu Fei charged at Old Mei.

"Not dead? His defense is rather high, huh?"

Old Mei was not bothered with Xu Fei\'s anger. Once again, he summoned a new plum blossom flame, one that was more powerful than the earlier flame.


The flame bloomed as it swept toward Xu Fei. Alarming him, from within that seemingly boundless clump of flame, Xu Fei charged out. Before Old Mei\'s unbelieving gaze, Xu Fei\'s fist landed on him furiously.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Old Mei was punched down by Xu Fei\'s fist.


Once again, Old Mei was stupefied to find that someone was beating him up once again. And this time, it was a B-class warrior that was delivering the beating upon him?