The Strongest Gene - Chapter 456: He’s a Lucky Star

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Chapter 456: He’s a Lucky Star

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

A different person pointed at a boulder nearby. "There." A board was hung on the boulder.

"In the process of recovering spiritual energy. Kindly do not disturb. Around 30 minutes will be required for this. After recovery, I will be able to continue producing gene reagents for everyone. Thanks."

That person: "…"

Recovery? As he thought of the nonstop gene production earlier, it was likely that this producer truly needed rest. As such, he decided to not disturb the producer\'s rest. However, more and more of them were looking at the depths of the Othershore Mountain in worry.

"Let\'s try and see if we can destroy that flame."

"Yeah, that old geezer is not here anyway. He\'s only using this flame to seal the exit. While he\'s not around, we might as well try and see if there\'s anything capable of destroying the flame," someone stated.

The eyes of the others lit up. "Good thinking."

Thereupon, various different abilities were unleashed. Ice, gale, lightning, soil, and so on. Various abilities and various methods were tried, yet none worked. With their own eyes, they witnessed the evaporation of the ice, the destruction of the soil, and so on. Anything they used, as long as that thing neared the flame, the thing would be destroyed. They had no method of dealing with this.

They started to despair. "How did things turn out this way?"

As they looked at the sky, they noted that the red light was seemingly nearing them. Furthermore, the number of people that had escaped toward here was increasing without stop, all of them gathering here at the foot of the mountain.



This place had seemingly transformed into a refugee camp.

"That old geezer is going to arrive soon."

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, am I truly going to die here?"

They were all horrified. "No, no way!" After all, they were all A-class warriors, existences capable of supporting Heaven and Earth. Now, though, with the appearance of this terrifying guy here, all their confidence had been erased. That faint flame was capable of igniting fear in the depths of their hearts. How scary a person was this Old Mei, exactly?

"How is it possible for such an ability to even exist?"


"There must be a weakness to this flame; we merely have yet to find it."

They started calming down. "Look, the energy consumption is low, and there is no cooldown. Furthermore, it has such a terrifying power and is seemingly omnipotent. How is it possible for such a flame to actually exist?"

They were all hoping that they could actually discover the weakness of this flame. However… was that truly possible?

Suddenly, one of them stated, "I have heard of this flame before."

With this, everyone\'s attention was roused.

"You have heard of it?"

"What\'s the weakness of this flame?" they asked hastily.

That person stated with a gloomy voice, "The only weakness of this flame is the extreme difficulty of actually forming the flame. To actually form it, six extremely rare and weak abilities must be cultivated to the extreme. Next, the user needs to employ some unique methods to refine and fuse with them and refine them to the pinnacle. Only then does it become possible for this flame to be formed."

As the others heard this, they lost all hope. This was the only weakness? But it was useless, since this flame had already been formed here!

"Don\'t worry. There\'s so many of us here, what are we afraid of?"

"Yeah! After all, we are still the top existences among genetic warriors, right?"

"Let\'s make a move together. I refuse to believe that he will be able to kill all of us. Which of us is without a trump card? Damn it, I refuse to believe this!"

A burly guy stated with a vicious expression, "After killing him, this flame will disappear."

"True, this might work!"

"Since we can\'t eliminate the flame, we shall eliminate the user!"

One of them sneered. "Well, well, my ability is the most apt when it comes to killing someone."

"Let\'s prepare ourselves, then."

They started silently making their final preparations. They were sure that there would most certainly be a final battle here. After their escape route had been sealed, their battle intent had instead been roused. After all, they were people who had witnessed numerous life and death situations. As such, what was there to be afraid of? The only thing they could do was fight it out.

Currently, people were still escaping to here from the inner region of the Othershore Mountain without stop. Some of them had escaped without any hesitation the moment they had caught a glimpse of Old Mei from far away. These people were all very intelligent. However, despite their escape, they were all stuck here at the foot of the mountain. With that, the number of people gathered here increased, each of them preparing themselves for the final battle.

"It\'s nearly time…"


"The preparations should be completed by now. He will be here soon as well."

All of them stared ahead. They were still not able to see Old Mei. However, those who escaped here reported Old Mei\'s position. Each time a new update was received, Old Mei was closer to them. From the latest update they had received, Old Mei was now around 3 kilometers away from them. Suddenly, the dark sky brightened. In the pitch black sky, an enchanting expanse of red appeared.

Their mood sank. "He\'s here."

The flame with the shape of a plum blossom soared up to the sky

From the canyon, a frail-looking figure appeared slowly, attracting the attention of countless people. Was this that murderous demon?

Shua! Shua!

All of them took out their weapons. Instantly, the terrifying power belonging to numerous A-class warriors bloomed. At the same instant, all the genetic warriors present unleashed their auras toward Old Mei. They were actually planning to use this combined oppressive aura of theirs to pressure Old Mei to death. The so-called oppressive pressure was something that emanated from the aura of an expert. Furthermore, to a certain degree, this pressure was capable of dealing a certain amount of damage as well.

Generally, the might of such pressure would be greatly discounted when used against an opponent of a similar level, to the extent it might as well be ineffective. However, if a huge amount of people joined hands to unleash this pressure… when all the A-class warriors here combined their pressure together…


The resulting pressure even surpassed the pressure of a peak A-class warrior!


The pressure surged forth crazily. Just as he arrived, Old Mei was faced with a combined attack from everyone present. So what if his flame was so powerful? This time, they were all targeting his body. As long as he himself was injured or dead, that flame would most certainly disappear. This was the common understanding they had reached. The tsunami-like pressure swarmed toward Old Mei. All their eyes were filled with anticipation. Suddenly, in front of Old Mei, a plum blossom bloomed. Silently, that plum blossom formed of flame bloomed with a faint radiance that appeared so very resplendent.


Abruptly, the tsunami of pressure halted. All the pressure vanished suddenly upon touching the plum blossom.

Their expressions changed greatly. "How is this possible?" They had been prepared for the worst. However, they had been expecting that Old Mei would sustain some light injuries even if he was able to survive their pressure. Beyond their expectations… that plum blossom had actually eliminated all their pressure. This scene was too astonishing. On their faces were unbelieving expressions.

A smile appeared on Old Mei\'s face. "What a warm welcome." With a flame hovering above his hand, he stated, "Is this how you guys welcome my arrival?"

Their hearts chilled. This Old Mei was much more terrifying than they had expected. It would seem like they would have to put their lives on the line and fight this out. They clenched their teeth at this thought. Here at the foot of this Othershore Mountain, several tens of experts were gathered facing the lonesome Old Mei. Surprisingly, they were instead the disadvantaged party, being forced back with every exchange to the point where they could no longer retreat.

Just as they were about to erupt with everything, suddenly, Old Mei\'s gaze skipped past them before landing on a certain corner. There, the "do not disturb" sign was already gone, and the boulder was being noiselessly moved away. That excellent producer seemed to have finished his spiritual energy recovery.

Old Mei wore a faint smile as he saw the producer. "How can I forget my lucky star?" After all, those red spheres had helped him so much. However, when he finally saw that excellent producer, faintly, he had a bad premonition. Such a feeling…


In both his eyes, the plum blossom flame flickered, emitting a radiance that caused everyone present endless fear. When he got a clear look at the producer with the aid of his plum blossoms, endless killing intent surged out of his eyes. It\'s actually him! He had never expected that the so-called excellent producer was actually that person!

A voice filled with killing intent resounded throughout the area, soaring toward the clouds. "Chen Feng!"