The Strongest Gene - Chapter 454: Undefeated Old Mei!

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Chapter 454: Undefeated Old Mei!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


God Punisher: Select one of each different abilities the user has used previously and unleash them all. After each ability unleashed, the subsequent ability will be strengthened by 1%.

Consumption: All energy.

Cooldown period: One day.



One percent?!

Chen Feng\'s pupils shrunk. The mutation had succeeded. Regardless of what ability it was, the subsequent ability would be buffed and would be stronger than its initial state. This was even better than the regular God Punisher! With this alone, Chen Feng was already satisfied. As for this 1%... Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. This 1% might seem little, even neglectable. However, the phrase "the subsequent ability will be strengthened by 1%" was a rather terrifying concept. In other words, the strength of the buff would be related to the total amount of abilities unleashed.

The first ability unleashed would have its regular power. The second ability would be strengthened by 1%, the third ability by 2%, and so on. For a regular person, this ability wouldn\'t be that useful. Generally, genetic warriors only had a few main abilities. Even after those self-created abilities were taken into consideration, one might only have less than 20 abilities in total. Therefore, the final buff would be less than 20%. This wouldn\'t bring about too big an effect. But for Chen Feng…

Chen Feng suddenly asked, "How many different abilities I have presently?"

"Please wait a moment." After calculating, Spirit replied, "Presently, the history of your previously used abilities is 1,367 types of different abilities. However, you have a total of 16,000 different abilities in your grasp."

Sixteen thousand abilities! Chen Feng\'s heart jolted furiously. Even he himself was not aware that he had so many abilities available to him. Myriad Illusions! This had to be the amount granted to him by his Myriad Illusions! The only reason he had used so few of them previously was due to some of them having such low trigger rates, with some of them even requiring luck value for activation. That was the reason he had never used them yet, as there were a huge amount of abilities with trigger rate of 0.001%.

These abilities were those Chen Feng had never seen before. Naturally, if he truly wanted to use them, he would only require luck value to do it. What shocked Chen Feng was the fact that with this amount, if they were all unleashed with God Punisher… the mere thought of what would ensue planted fear in Chen Feng\'s heart. Could one even begin to imagine what 16,000 abilities signified?

"These are mostly 1-star low-level abilities," Spirit explained.

Chen Feng\'s gaze was burning. "I know." Such low-level abilities wouldn\'t cause any damage at all to his enemy. However, Chen Feng did not need them to be able to deal any damage anyway. The only thing he required was the overlapping 1% after unleashing these abilities. That alone would be sufficient. With 16,000 abilities, that would be equivalent to an amplification of 160 times. This also signified that the final ability unleashed by Chen Feng would be amplified 160 times! This would be a heaven-defying ability.

Even imagining that scene alone caused Chen Feng to be overwhelmed with emotions. The present him was a mere B-class warrior. A peak B-class warrior would be tenfold stronger than him, while a peak A-class warrior would be several hundredfold stronger than him. If he used this ability… he would be able to fight it out with even peak A-class warriors!

In other words, after fusing with this God Punisher, Chen Feng would possess a power equivalent to a single full-powered strike from a peak A-class warrior. Moreover, this was only the might of the final unleashed ability. All the abilities he had unleashed before that would be amplified as well. Moreover, this was merely the base amplification.

If his Nethergaze was chosen as the final ability to be unleashed, what would the result be? How strong was Nethergaze? What about the strength of the Nethergaze he used one whole day to activate back then at the Wild Saint family? How would this Nethergaze look like after undergoing an amplification of 160 times? Would it be able to insta-kill a peak A-class warrior? Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.

Naturally, the premise of all this was Chen Feng having used all 16,000 of his abilities at least once. For this, a huge amount of luck value would be required. However, it would be totally worth the consumption.


Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Presently, his heart was burning. He wished for nothing more than to fuse with this ability immediately. At this, he glanced at the initial hillsea beast blood essence he had kept as spare. He wondered if something even more powerful could be created from this. Once again, he started his gene production.

Mhm… select all passion-rousing abilities before unleashing all of them? What is this? Is this particular hillsea beast horny or something? This is obviously… Hmm. I could probably sell this to Xie Zhongtong later.

After finishing his preparations, Chen Feng started his fusion. He had been in B-class for quite a while. Finally, he could truly fuse with his new genetic ability.


Light swirled around, and a terrifying radiance bloomed.

"Time to start my breakthrough!"


At the same time, at a certain location in Othershore Mountain, Old Mei was also full of joy as he stared at his fusion degree that had reached 98%. After killing another enemy, finally, he reached 100%.

"Finally, I succeeded! Hahaha!"

Old Mei was overjoyed. After 10 whole years of preparation, he had finally succeeded.

"Genetic Union… Gene Production Association… Chen Feng… Cui Hua…" Old Mei started mumbling out one name after another that had caused him endless hate. "Soon, I will be back!"


Two clumps of flame ignited in Old Mei\'s eyes. The shape of the two clumps greatly resembled plum blossoms. This was the 6-star secret art Old Mei had taken 10 years to prepare by accumulating a huge supply of energy before successfully fusing with that energy: Plum Blossom\'s Divine Eye, an extremely terrifying flame.

The requirements for obtaining this ability were extremely harsh. Six extremely rare genes were required for this, six extremely rare genes that Old Mei had exhausted all means available to him to obtain. Even the final fusion required a huge amount of life force to successfully refine this ability. Only after all this was that divine flame able to bloom.


Old Mei raised his hand. A plum-blossom-shaped flame hovered above his fingertips. No cooldown, no fixed shape, even the energy exhaustion was extremely low. This was an ability Old Mei could use as he wished, an ability he could release as he wished. Right at this instant, several people appeared distantly. That was an entire genetic squad. Three mid-tier A-class warriors and a late-stage A-class warrior. Due to their high amount, when Old Mei had seen them previously, he had decided to avoid them noiselessly.

When they saw Old Mei, they mere snorted as a response. "Scram!"

They were able to discern that Old Mei was a mere early-tier A-class warrior. However, they had no intention of killing him, since A-class warriors generally possessed their own trump cards. As their true goal was young hillsea beasts, they were not interested in having any sort of conflict with him. However, Old Mei merely smiled at them.

He raised his hand. "Hehe."


The delicate-looking flame drifted toward the four of them.

They raged. "You are courting death!" This guy was a mere early-tier A-class, yet he dared to provoke them? Any single one of them would be sufficient to beat this guy up.

"Kill him!" one of them stated impatiently.


Light swirled around. As that person moved, a huge sword ray slashed at the drifting flame. However, when the sword ray touched the flame, a terrifying gust of energy reverberated out of the point of collision.


The sword ray shattered.

Their expressions changed greatly. "What?"


The speed of the flame abruptly increased.


Instantly, the sword user was penetrated. On his body, a huge hole appeared. Around the hole was a halo of flame spreading without stop. The flame spread and the others watched this terrifying sight as a single instant was required for that person to be completely burnt clean. One could not neglect the fact that this 6-star secret art of Old Mei\'s was an ability that had been formed after fusing with the fatal elements.

"How is that possible?"

The rest of them were horrified, and they started fleeing. Alas, it was already too late.

Xiu! Xiu!

Multiple clumps of flame streaked out followed by numerous howls filled with grief. Only after a long time did the clumps of flame vanish. Old Mei looked over calmly. Where the squad had once stood, nothing was left, as everything had already been burnt clean. Not a single trace of them remained, not even dust.

Old Mei played with the flame in his hand with a faint smile on his face. "I have been waiting for this moment for way too long." From today onward, he would become one of the strongest. As for those surpassing A class…


When he reached peak A class, he would most certainly be able to kill even those surpassing A class. He believed that this wouldn\'t be too far away in the future. As for now… His gaze became cold. Everyone here, those who were still thinking of completing his mission, he would not allow a single one of them to survive. After all, those secret arts he had issued as rewards were also things he had prepared for himself.


His figure vanished amid the darkness. For the first time, he traveled amid this land in an absolutely unrestrained manner, without relying on any hillsea beasts or fatal elements. As for the aura surrounding his body, it was now even more terrifying. This place had now transformed into his home ground.