The Strongest Gene - Chapter 452: Boom! Boom! Boom!

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Chapter 452: Boom! Boom! Boom!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng checked the time. "There\'s not much time left." He knew that if he could stay here for half a month or so, he would be able to deal with everything he wanted to. However, he did not have the luxury of time. For this "Othershore Mountain" incident, he was, after all, a mere passerby.

If he stayed here among these A-class warriors with his B-class strength, a moment carelessness was all it would take for him to lose his life. Therefore, he dared not actually go and hunt for those hillsea beasts. The only thing he could do was conduct trades here with the identity of an observer. However… he ultimately failed to obtain what he wanted most.

Chen Feng looked at the remaining 400 luck value he had. "Should I use luck value?" After hesitating, he shook his head. He did not have much luck value remaining, and the Star City battle would be starting soon. As such, he had to preserve sufficient luck value.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Well, seems like I have to give up on mutating it then. Spirit, let\'s just prepare for gene production," Chen Feng stated.

"All right."

Spirit finished up the preparations. Next, Chen Feng took out the blood essence, but just as he was about to start his production, suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in the distance. That person was carrying a hillsea beast and coming toward him.

"I want to trade this for a gene reagent."


At the same time, at a certain location in Othershore Mountain, Old Mei was accumulating strength without stop as well.

Interestingly, if this entire incident were considered a game, it could be said that while everyone else was painstakingly killing monsters for points, Old Mei was accumulating points using a cheat-like method, obtaining a huge number of points to exchange for hillsea gene reagents. He was simply akin to a bug in a game. Within a single day, he had already gathered a huge number of red spheres.

Old Mei was overwhelmed by emotions. "Now I can make my move." He believed that this time, nobody would be able to stop him. Next, Old Mei set off with surging confidence.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

This seemingly kindly elderly transformed into a bomb demon, spamming fatal elements, red spheres, and hillsea beasts without stop, seemingly creating a brand new world for himself.


The cold breeze swept past the chaotic battleground while the injured enemies all transformed into particles before dissipating.

Old Mei calculated his fusion degree silently. Sixty-two percent done! This Othershore Mountain was a rather huge place. As such, Old Mei\'s actions here went unnoticed by the others. Silently, he rested before setting off toward his next target. Those who were relatively weaker had long been eliminated by him. Now, those left here were mid-tier A class at the very least, each of them having a minimum amount of one red sphere per person. Therefore, Old Mei was extremely cautious whenever he decided to make a move. As an example of what he did:

Bang! Bang!

Two red spheres were tossed out simultaneously, shocking that person into a hasty retreat. It wasn\'t particularly hard to dodge the red spheres. However, as the explosion\'s radius was too huge, when two red spheres were used together, even if he could avoid dying, he would still suffer a serious injury. Naturally, he also failed to notice that his stone shield had been blasted apart…

Taking out his red sphere, he scanned around cautiously. "Who?"


With a howl, a hillsea beast appeared, attracting this person\'s attention, and right at this instant, a cold breeze drifted over from a different direction. Gently and comfortably, without realizing it, he was already transforming into countless particles.

"What is this—"

Before even finishing his words, he was already dead.

Old Mei was overjoyed. "Nice." Indeed, this red sphere was indeed astonishingly scary.

They were especially pronounced when used together with hillsea beasts and the fatal elements, this was simply an omnipotent combination. As he thought of this, his heart was filled with gratefulness toward that excellent producer. Moving forward, this Othershore Mountain would be his home ground.

Old Mei had recovered his confidence. "Let\'s go."

Bang! Bang!

Bombarding everything in his way, he opened a path forcefully. As for the final fusion of his ability, it increased without stop as well, going from 63%... to 74%... to 80%... and so on. The speed of the progress was so fast that it caused him endless joy. Interestingly, he even discovered that someone had actually successfully captured a young hillsea beast.

Old Mei was shocked. "Someone actually captured one for real?" As he observed them from distance, he noted that this was precisely a full squad with four A-class genetic warriors and two B-class genetic warriors. An unconscious young hillsea beast was being carried by them.

"Haha, we are most certainly the first group to do this."

"That red sphere is rather useful indeed."

"Don\'t be careless. Someone might be hiding in the dark, waiting to ambush us."

"What are we afraid of? Hehe. With the strength of our squad, anyone who comes will just be courting death."

They walked while talking.


Old Mei watched on coldly. This was a mission issued by him. Despite the generous rewards, the rewards were, after all, things he had gathered painstakingly. As such, he had never intended to give them out for real. He had only allowed these people to appear here so they could be cannon fodder.

Thinking of completing my mission? How naive.

Looking at the red sphere in his hand before looking at the number of enemies, Old Mei muttered, "You guys, then."

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The familiar sounds of explosions echoed.

"Enemy attack!"

Before that screeching shout could even finish, along with the hillsea beast\'s howl and the whistling cold breeze, the world seemed to recover its peace as countless shiny particles drifted around. Surprising Old Mei, amid the cold breeze, there was actually a survivor.

A brutal roar resounded. "Scram!" Next, the late-stage A-class warrior who was also the leader of the squad, the tall and sturdy guy, blasted the hillsea beast away with a single punch. His ice-cold gaze skipped past countless obstacles before landing on Old Mei.

His gaze was sharp as he said, "You are the one playing tricks."

Old Mei\'s heart shuddered. "I have actually been discovered." This genetic squad was actually so terrifying.


Light swirled around, and instantly, that burly person streaked toward Old Mei.

Old Mei inhaled deeply. I can\'t afford to hold back anymore. He knew that he would not be this person\'s match if he faced this person head-on. As such, there was only one single thing he could do.

Old Mei clenched his teeth. "You forced me."


Countless red spheres bloomed midair. The pupils of that burly guy charging toward Old Mei shrunk. Midair, an alarmed expression appeared on his face. "How did you get so many of them…"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a series of violent explosions, the world recovered its peace.

Old Mei\'s gaze landed on the falling corpse midair with a regretful expression. "What a good fusion material he would have been. It\'s a pity that he was killed by the explosion…"

Shortly after, his gaze landed on the unconscious young hillsea beast. This fellow had probably been injected with some strong sleeping drugs for it to remain unconscious even now.

Old Mei\'s eyes lit up. "A young hillsea beast, one that\'s alive…" This thing was truly useless to him. Even the rewards he had given the Genetic Union when issuing the mission would be returned to him if nobody else was allowed to complete the mission. If so, what was the point of having this beast?

But then, this beast was in huge demand by the others here, especially that gene producer!

Old Mei laughed. "He seems to be thinking of getting the 5-star secret arts?" He had witnessed with his own eyes the power of the red spheres. If he could trade this hillsea beast he had picked up for free for some red spheres, that would be acceptable. As for the rewards… a 5-star secret art wasn\'t much for him. Moreover, it wasn\'t even a sure fact that the producer could even leave this place alive in the end. After all… Old Mei\'s fusion degree had already reached 82%. A smile appeared on Old Mei\'s mouth.