The Strongest Gene - Chapter 449: The Pitiful Old Mei

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Chapter 449: The Pitiful Old Mei

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng glanced at them. "Even that young hillsea beast is only something I want to bring back for research. Therefore, there is no need to see me as a competitor. I will still be here silently earning the fees for my production. If there are any needs, you are all welcome."

The rest exchanged glances before dispersing. Now, they no longer dared to look down on this gene producer. They decided to stick with their initial plan of completing this mission. Some started bringing hillsea beasts to Chen Feng in succession as well. Everything progressed smoothly. While Chen Feng was helping them in their gene production, his main focus had already shifted onto the young hillsea beast.

"Does the blood essence fulfill the requirement for mutation?"

Spirit\'s reply caused Chen Feng to feel overjoyed. "Yes."

"Very good." Chen Feng was agitated. He could finally get started with the production of God Punisher. Finally, he could complete the main reason he had come here to this Othershore Mountain.

"Spirit, luck value\'s assistance."


"Despite God Punisher\'s various flaws, it is still rather suitable for me. I really want to know what the mutated ability of God Punisher will look like… Will it be stronger?"

Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.


Light swirled around and the production began. Currently, on the other side of Othershore Mountain, Old Mei\'s plan was progressing smoothly as well.

"Mhm… 60% fusion degree."

Old Mei was very pleased. When he looked at these so-called genetic warriors, a majority of them even stronger than him, rushing toward his trap and throwing away their own lives, he had an extremely splendid feeling.

Old Mei was filled with anticipation. "Soon enough, I will succeed."

As long as his fusion reached 100% smoothly, allowing his powerful ability to showcase its true might, nobody here at this Othershore Mountain could hope to be a match for him. Mission? Reward? Hehe. All the people here were mere cannon fodder. This was the confidence Old Mei had in himself.

Then… time to move on toward the next target?

Old Mei\'s gaze was focused on his next target. That was a rather ordinary early-tier A-class genetic warrior. That warrior was able to pose a small amount of threat toward him. However, that warrior was still not too difficult to deal with. Earlier, Old Mei had even killed off a late-stage A-class warrior.


Old Mei approached that person noiselessly. The fatal elements were blocked, yet Old Mei did not think that this mattered, since he still had other methods. Old Mei ordered the hillsea beast to charge at the genetic warrior. With this powerful pet, he had no fear.


The hillsea beast charged forth and started battling the genetic warrior. Old Mei approached silently before releasing the fatal elements from his hand. Beyond his expectations, just as his fatal elements were released, as they were still drifting through the air, the opponent seemed to sense the incoming crisis. Abruptly, the opponent tossed an odd-looking red sphere toward the hillsea beast.


With a resounding explosion, the terrifying might erupted immediately. By the time Old Mei had reacted to this, the only thing he could see was the previously incomparably majestic hillsea beast dying. That\'s right, this beast had been bombarded to death just like that.

"Hmph!" With a snort, that person raised his stone shield and faced a certain direction.


The cold breeze brushed past him, yet he was safe and sound. His ice-cold gaze landed on a certain spot, landing on Old Mei\'s body.

The intelligent him did not use the red sphere to attack Old Mei as he was clear that the red sphere might be avoided when used on a human target. However, there wouldn\'t be any problems when used against the hillsea beasts.

He stared at Old Mei in disdain. "You\'re thinking of taking advantage of me?"


Old Mei fixed his gaze on that dead hillsea beast before glancing at that person, clenching his teeth, and rapidly retreating.

That person merely shook his head as a response. "Hmph!" He had no intention of pursuing Old Mei. Such people that were good at ambushing were normally quite fast as well. It would be a waste of time to pursue such a person. Squatting down, he looked at the dead hillsea beast.

"Mhm, I\'m in luck. Even if this beast was bombarded to death, its body was still intact. This won\'t be considered a waste."

As he finished his words, he carried the hillsea beast and started returning. Since the red sphere had already been used, he could use this beast to get the producer to make a new one for him. At most, only some time would be wasted. It seemed like, from now on, he would have to be vigilant against the fellow earlier.

As for Old Mei, who had just escaped, his expression was somewhat unsightly. He had already been trying his best to avoid those powerful-looking guys. Unexpectedly, he had still encountered someone difficult to deal with. This was especially true for that person\'s trump card, the red sphere.

Old Mei inhaled deeply. "Hu—" Just like that, the hillsea beast that had accompanied him in so many battles was gone.

Old Mei sighed. "Well, seems like I can only capture a new beast, then." He had no intention of facing those genetic warriors. Thereupon, he used his plum blossom imprint to lure another hillsea beast to him before placing the imprint on the beast\'s forehead. With this, he successfully captured another hillsea beast. Time to continue the operation! The earlier failure had not reduced Old Mei\'s confidence at all.

Next, the Old Mei who had reorganized himself started making his move once again. Even if the success rate of using his fatal elements was rather low, he wasn\'t really bothered. Instead, he used his hillsea beast to attack in a well-practiced manner. However…


When another red sphere exploded, Old Mei was dumbfounded. A-a-another one? This was too excessive! The earlier fellow\'s trump card was this thing? Fine. But then, why did this new target he had found have the same trump card as well? Both of them obviously had different genetic abilities.


Another hillsea beast was killed as Old Mei escaped in a sorry manner, almost dying then and there.

Old Mei\'s expression was unsightly. "What in the world is going on?" He had not expected that when he reached this point in his plan, things would suddenly become so difficult. Was it because all the weaker ones had been killed off by him earlier, leaving behind all the comparatively stronger ones? Or was there another reasons for this?

Old Mei had no idea and could only capture a new hillsea beast before starting his hunt once again. After wasting two whole hours, he managed to find a suitable hillsea beast. Next, he selected an extremely weak-looking person. And next…


Another red sphere exploded. The hillsea beast that he had painstakingly captured after wasting two hours was killed off the moment it appeared.

"Who dares to ambush me?" that person roared. Old Mei was so shocked he decided to flee immediately. However, just as that person finished roaring, a second red sphere was tossed out.


An explosion that caused one to feel like the entire world was trembling ensued. After a long time, a bloodstained Old Mei could be seen escaping with a sorry appearance. Why was this happening? Old Mei was puzzled. That red sphere…

He could forget the fact that two people had such thing, but for even the third people he had found to have it? Moreover, that person had tossed out two of them in a row? This was truly too excessive. One ought not to bully others like this, right?

"What exactly was that thing?" Old Mei kept having a feeling like he had missed something. Here at this Othershore Mountain, something he didn\'t know of had to have happened. Henceforth, Old Mei stopped his plan. Carefully, he moved amid the darkness and started observing the genetic warriors here. With shock, he discovered that a lot of people seem to have those red spheres. Almost everyone here!


What was going on? What exactly was that red sphere? Old Mei was dumbstruck. This red sphere here was not some candy being given out for free at some kindergarten. Why had they become so common that even some B-class warriors had them? When Old Mei witnessed with his own eyes how even a B-class warrior could toss one of these red spheres out, ensuing in a resounding "bang," Old Mei was left with a "what the f*ck" expression.