The Strongest Gene - Chapter 444: It Turns Out This Guy Is Also a Boss-Tier Existence

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Chapter 444: It Turns Out This Guy Is Also a Boss-Tier Existence

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"This is…"

"This is the hillsea beast\'s trump card. I heard that this ability is capable of releasing all the abilities it has previously used."

"Screw you, I\'m already aware of that. My question is, doesn\'t this fellow only have those few abilities?"

"Yes, and those few abilities are precisely all the abilities it has previously used…"

Their expressions changed. "That counts?" For the first time, the hillsea beast had demonstrated a huge power, showcasing its trump card.


The first layer of the defensive barrier collapsed.


The second layer of the defensive barrier collapsed.

Out of the layers of defensive barriers erected by the squad, around four or five of them collapsed instantly, shocking them endlessly. Luckily, after that blue radiance broke through the fifth layer, it finally stopped. All the abilities the hillsea beast had used once before were done being unleashed.


The hillsea beast that had just erupted gasped for breath weakly.

The captain\'s eyes shone. "Good chance!" Indeed, there would be a great profit to reap after bracing themselves through this seeming impasse.

"It has just unleashed its trump card and is now very weak. Deal with it now, go!"

They were all overjoyed. Granted, they had just been ravaged by the trump card of this hillsea beast and were presently battered and exhausted. Their clothes were in disarray and numerous scars could be seen on their bodies. However, they had merely lost their defensive barrier. As for the hillsea beast, it was even weaker now compared to them. They all charged forth at once.

With despair, the hillsea beast looked at the humans charging at it. In between its gloomy breaths, traces of whining could be heard. Right at this instant, a gust of cold breeze brushed past…


The squad that was charging forth trembled. It seemed somewhat cold?

"Not good!"

Their expressions changed greatly as they finally recollected themselves. Unfortunately, it was already too late for them. This gust of cold air that was much stronger than normal swept past them at a greater speed and with a stronger ferocity. It came right after the hillsea beast\'s eruption, and with its arrival, the entire world seemed to instantly sink into silence.



The cold breeze swept past without stop, and the squad members all stood there, unmoving. On their faces were horrified expressions. They had never expected that they would be able to survive the plum blossom and the hillsea beast\'s eruption yet would end up killed by this cold breeze… After all, they only required a single boulder to block this breeze…

Where was the boulder? Oh, right, it had been destroyed by the hillsea beast earlier. Wasn\'t the timing of this breeze somewhat too much of a coincidence? How was it possible for this breeze to have so perfectly arrived following the eruption of the hillsea beast? It had arrived so fast that they hadn\'t even had the chance to erect a last-minute defense. With horror, they noted that they did not have the time to even look for a stone before the breeze arrived.


Radiance bloomed from their bodies. Numerous white particles started hovering out of their bodies. At this instant, their bodies transformed into nothingness. The scariest thing was the fact that even when dying, the only thing they could do was struggle in fear. They had no ability to resist. At this time, they could see that, distantly, a plum blossom drifted before stopping, a figure appearing there.

"There\'s actually someone else…"

"Hahaha, how ridiculous."

"We have actually been schemed against?"

Accompanied by sorrowful laughter, all their bodies dissipated in the air. That figure that had appeared with the plum blossom walked toward the hillsea beast one step at a time. As he looked at the grateful expression in the beast\'s eyes, he raised his hand before placing an imprint on the forehead of the beast. "From today onward, fight for me."


The plum blossom imprint blended into the forehead.

Old Mei laughed coldly. "Let\'s go." Next, the hillsea beast followed behind him in a docile manner, akin to a pet. On its forehead was the plum blossom imprint, which was flickering with a faint radiance.

"First step completed smoothly. Hehe. The one hiding and pulling the strings, how much longer can you stay hidden? This Othershore Mountain is my world."

Old Mei\'s figure vanished. Chen Feng and Spirit merely watched on silently, not recovering from their stupor for a long time. This was Old Mei\'s "plan B"? Not only borrowing the power of the hillsea beast to eliminate them, he had even obtained the hillsea beast for himself? How many preparations had this guy prepared? Old Mei was much stronger than Chen Feng had expected.

This Old Mei might appear somewhat young, but in truth, he was already 80 years old. With his age and talent, he should have entered A class long ago. Therefore, for him to have wasted so much time, he had to have been preparing all these trump cards and materials. If this was the most important step of his plan, he would most certainly give his all to ensure success.

Battle intent started rising in Chen Feng\'s heart. "This guy is indeed a \'major boss\'."

The stronger Old Mei appeared, the more resolute Chen Feng was about killing this guy. Otherwise, if Old Mei was allowed to break through, trouble would surely befall Chen Feng.

"Let me do some calculations," Chen Feng muttered to himself. Old Mei was a regular early-tier A class. However, his ability was extremely bizarre. For example, that seemingly omnipotent plum blossom imprint of his. Spirit adherence, illusory world, pet brand, fatal elements… Using the "plum blossom" as the core, Old Mei had created a complete cultivation system. Each and every single function he created was extremely powerful, powerful enough to be a trump card.

"If the plum blossom is his first ability, and the rest are his fusion abilities… Presently, he already has five abilities. As for the sixth ability, from what he is doing, he is most probably preparing his sixth ability currently."

Chen Feng was able to rearrange his thoughts smoothly soon after. He was still preparing his fifth ability, a B-class gene fusion reagent. As for Old Mei, he was preparing his sixth ability, an A-class gene fusion reagent. The so-called plan was most probably the fusion of this final ability. Presently, even if Old Mei was rather powerful, he was ultimately a person with a messy collection of abilities, thus lacking a core ability capable of truly protecting himself. Evidently, eliminating this weakness was also Old Mei\'s final goal with his sixth ability.

With Old Mei\'s sixth ability, he would combine it with his remaining five abilities and fuse them all together. This would be accomplished using the particles he had obtained after killing others with the fatal elements he released as the catalyst. The final product would be a 6-star secret art, Old Mei\'s true final ability. Therefore, he was presently using the particles from the corpses of everyone here to polish his 6-star secret art? If so, this was an ability that was still in the works? Soon, Chen Feng was able to link all the clues he had.

"Am I correct?"

The \'if { } else { }\' logic he had installed in his Luck Aura started operating, setting up countless options with different levels of truth. Next, using one luck value, he obtained his answer.

His guess was 95% correct.


Chen Feng inhaled deeply. This Old Mei was indeed more powerful than he had imagined. If so… his next steps should be rather simple. He only needed to think of a method of gaining benefits for himself by making use of this plan of Old Mei\'s. His initial target was rather simple: come here, kill an adult hillsea beast, and obtain the God Punisher gene. As for the rest, he did not dare to have much hope. Even if he was aware that the hillsea beast leader would most certainly grant him a much more powerful ability, Chen Feng did not have the courage to even think of touching such a "boss" level existence, as it would be a peak A-class beast at the very least.

Now, though… Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Distantly, Old Mei was already rather far away. Xiao Ying was following behind Old Mei in the dark while Chen Feng was following them while thinking deeply. Finally, the frown on his head slowly eased.

Perhaps… there are still some methods of dealing with this.