The Strongest Gene - Chapter 442: Fatal Elements

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Chapter 442: Fatal Elements

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Chen Feng was sure that something must have happened here at this Othershore Mountain. As he studied the map, he noted that the entire Othershore Mountain was filled with people except for one particular spot, which was where he and Old Mei were at. This was a blank spot, where only a few people were scattered around. It was no wonder that he hadn\'t seen many people here throughout his journey.

Since this was also within the Othershore Mountain area, why was this place devoid of people? Coincidence? Or… Chen Feng gazed at the distant Old Mei. Suddenly, he felt like this might be related to Old Mei.

"Follow him," Chen Feng ordered Xiao Ying. Subsequently, throughout their journey, a horrifying scene unfolded before Chen Feng. Old Mei was seemingly rather clear with his goal, as Old Mei would move forth directly until he saw someone. When Chen Feng checked the map, he noted that in the direction Old Mei was heading, there seemed to be a red dot.

"He seems capable of locating the people here." Chen Feng paid full attention. Right at this moment, Old Mei spread his hands.


With a dazzling radiance, a plum blossom imprint bloomed midair. Next, a cold breeze swept out, and from that previously ordinary-looking cold breeze, an austere aura could now be felt.

Chen Feng was alarmed. "That is…" Suddenly, he had an extremely bad premonition. "Spirit," Chen Feng called out.

"I saw it." Spirit was evidently extremely shocked as well. "Initially, the cold breeze had none of those fatal elements in it. However, after passing through the plum blossom, those elements appeared."

Chen Feng was shocked. "Sure enough." Fatal elements! So these things were planted by this Old Mei! This damnable bastard!

Chen Feng had known that this guy wouldn\'t be here for anything good. In short, Old Mei had been using these fatal elements to absorb the life force of others? Chen Feng recalled the scene he had seen earlier. The fatal elements would first crush those people before transforming them into countless particles drifting in the air. Even if these particles landed on the ground, had they truly vanished? Had they truly became nutrients for the land here? Or perhaps… they instead ended up in the hands of a certain person, becoming part of that person\'s strength? The person in front of him?

Chen Feng\'s brain operated at a rapid speed as he analyzed the situation. Old Mei was an independent incident. The appearance of all these people here was another incident. The relationship between these two incidents… Chen Feng frowned as he pondered hard.



Fatal elements…



Chen Feng\'s heart jolted. Could it be…


He turned on his screen. There, the missions issued by Genetic Union and various other major powers were listed. When he saw the topmost mission listed, he suddenly understood. So this was the case! On the list was a rather simple mission.


Mission goal: Young hillsea beast.

Mission reward: Astonishing 5-star and 6-star secret art.

A single dead hillsea beast can be exchanged for a single 5-star secret art (limited to 10).

A single live hillsea beast can be exchanged for a single 6-star secret art (limited to 5).


A 5-star secret art was invaluable. As for a 6-star secret art, it was a priceless treasure.

For a lot of newly advanced A-class genetic warriors, the true gap between them and a true A-class expert was precisely due to the existence of 6-star secret arts. Only by possessing a suitable 6-star secret art could one increase one\'s combat power greatly. For this, an A-class warrior would have to continue seeking, continue accumulating, and exhaust a huge amount of time and energy, coupled with some luck to top it off, before they could successfully find one.

And in this mission alone, 10 such secret arts were being given. Was Othershore Mountain dangerous? Of course it was. However, in the face of such a huge reward, all these dangers were now worth facing. Regardless of whether it was a 5-star secret art or a 6-star secret art, such an astonishing reward was sufficient to cause many B-class and A-class warriors to lose their reason. Even if they couldn\'t use it for themselves, they could still sell it for an extremely high price.

Therefore, all these people had gone crazy. For this reward, they swarmed to this place crazily. Chen Feng was sure that not only neutral parties, even a lot of powers had been tempted as well. Such an astonishing reward was something a lot of families or powers couldn\'t even compete with. More importantly, rather than only giving out one set, a total of 15 sets of these rewards were being provided. With this, the scene before Chen Feng ensued.

A huge amount of people were here. B-class and A-class warriors worldwide were rushing here crazily. Those A-class warriors were all filled with confidence. As for those B-class warriors, despite their lack of confidence in a head-on battle, if they were lucky enough, they might still succeed. They were here to try their luck.

Not to mention those possessing unique abilities. Such people were filled with confidence as well. Granted, to protect the privacy of the mission issuer, no information was available, and not even the Genetic Union was aware of who the issuer was. However, Chen Feng was able to find out who the issuer was. Using luck value, Spirit inferred that Old Mei was the issuer. It was indeed this guy! With this, everything Chen Feng had not been able to understand was now clear.

In order to cultivate some powerful late-stage ability, this Old Mei was using these fatal elements to start a harvest at Othershore Mountain. However, since the amount of people here had truly been too low, he had released a mission to attract countless people here. From the start, Old Mei had never intended to let them even complete the mission.

"The rewards for the mission must first be handed over to the Genetic Union. If so, this Old Mei\'s preparations over the years should include the formulas for these secret arts in addition to from the materials he required for his own cultivation. This guy has been robbing and hopping around various large cities and working with the various powers of the different cities all to prepare these resources."

Chen Feng rubbed his head. He had already arranged all the obtained data. He somewhat admired the capabilities of this Old Mei. Without any family or power backing him, Old Mei had been able to reach this height all by himself. He was indeed a vicious enough individual. If Old Mei\'s plan proceeded smoothly, he would most certainly succeed in his present fusion. Mhm… when everyone here was dead and had transformed into particles for him to absorb, he would complete his cultivation. Next, his strength would increase greatly and he would become a powerful existence equaling a peak A-class warrior.

Unfortunately for him, all his plans had now been seen through by Chen Feng. At this time, Old Mei set off once again, heading toward a certain individual. All the fatal elements here were released by his plum blossom. As these elements were hidden within the wind, they existed in the form of tiny particles. As such, the others were still capable of blocking it. However, when Old Mei controlled the particles personally and released them toward an individual at a terrifying speed…

The mere thought of this was sufficient to plant fear in Chen Feng\'s heart. Even if the probability of them bursting apart after being touched by a single fatal element was only 1%, with so many of the fatal elements used in the ambush, the enemies wouldn\'t even realize how they had died. Those who had died earlier probably hadn\'t even realized anything before dying. The so-called legendary dangers of this Othershore Mountain simply did not exist. Rather, this was a plot.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "I need to think of a way to remind them all."

Since Old Mei could draw this plan, he had to have prepared in advance. Chen Feng was not confident that he could eliminate Old Mei alone. Only by causing chaos here would he have a chance at killing Old Mei.

"Let me think. Mhm… how to logically remind them all about this?"

Chen Feng pondered for a bit before using Myriad Illusions to carve out two rows of words on the huge boulder in front of him. With a single wave, this huge boulder was flung toward the top of Othershore Mountain.


At almost the same time, nearly all the genetic warriors here sensed something.

Everyone looked at the summit of Othershore Mountain.


"There\'s actually someone going there."

"Are they going up there to scout?"

Everyone sneered. The summit was naturally the highest place here and thus the location with the best line of sight here. However, that was also a place that everyone here could see as well. As long as one stood there, that person would be noticed by everyone else. To reveal oneself at a place like that was no different than committing suicide.

However, when everyone\'s gaze landed there, they all blanked. That boulder seemed huge, but in fact, only a portion of the boulder still remained intact, as someone had forcefully reduced the diameter of the boulder to a thickness of a mere 10 centimeters.

"What\'s that?"

"It looks like a shield?"

"A shield created by a boulder?"

"Hold on, that thing is actually capable of blocking that mysterious cold breeze?"

Everyone was horrified at this reveal.

Some of them might not have been able to see the fatal elements with their naked eyes, but they were aware that this thing was disseminated by the wind. If that stone shield was capable of blocking even the wind, then that would mean…

Instantly, all their eyes shone brightly. They were all intelligent people. Utilizing the natural environment here to defend against the danger was merely the spark of an idea given to them by Chen Feng. With this alone, it would be sufficient for them to do the rest themselves.

"It\'s indeed feasible."


Everyone was overjoyed.

"Hey, there seem to be some words on that shield?"


Instinctively, they looked at the "boulder" at the summit. Looking at the side that looked like a shield, two rows of powerful-looking words could be seen.

Someone read the words out loud. "When you are looking at Othershore Mountain, Othershore Mountain is looking at you as well." Instantly, that person\'s mood sank.

Indeed… Othershore Mountain was indeed an unordinary place. Apart from these words, there seemed to still be some tiny words continuing the earlier sentence there. Everyone looked over instinctively, and they were instantly dumbfounded at what written there was: "Looking at you until the Othershore Mountain saw you rubbing yourself while facing the mountain before awkwardly looking away."


"What in the world?"

"Rub my ass!"

"Damn it, who wrote this!"