The Strongest Gene - Chapter 438: Othershore Mountain

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Chapter 438: Othershore Mountain

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At this moment, the patriarch opposite Chen Feng finally understood the reason this attack had required such a long activation time. That was because this power was simply too frightening. In a single instant, the mere aura of that attack alone was sufficient to cause him to nearly collapse. This power was too terrifying! He could clearly see that dazzling radiance enlarging in front of him and heading toward his face. If it wasn\'t for his activated Absolute Defense, he would most certainly have turned around and fled for his life.

Oh, with the speed of this attack, he wouldn\'t be able to flee anyway. It reached a point where, for the very first time in his life, he wondered if Absolute Defense could even block an attack at this level. He truly had no idea.


Finally, the power of Nethergaze collided with Absolute Defense. The terrifying force engulfed their surroundings, and the sky itself was nearly ripped apart then and there. Above them, the dark sky that had been raining black raindrops without stop, at this moment, transformed into a clear sky.

"So terrifying!"

The rest of the people there almost lost their voice from the fright. So… this was Chen Feng\'s strongest attack? Even though the activation required an entire day, what if Chen Feng decided to launch it at someone other than their patriarch? The mere thought caused them to shiver in fear. How could they hope to defend against this? How could they hope to strike back when facing this attack? Such an attack, such a might, if it was shot at them instead… Everyone present was alarmed. Chen Feng\'s strength was truly too powerful, so powerful it shocked them all.

Everyone started discussing in low voices.

"Is this Nethergaze?"

"Doesn\'t look like it. The limitations of Nethergaze are rather huge. Furthermore, it does not have such might either."

"If so, then what is this ability?"

"No idea."

"This Chen Feng is too perverse. His abilities seem endless. Perhaps this is another powerful trump card of his."

Naturally, they were not aware that Chen Feng\'s ability could only be used after setting a person as a target. Moreover, that person had to remain within his sight. Only when they did not notice him would this ability hope to successfully activate. This was an ability with extremely strict requirements.

Bang! Bang!

The sky-covering radiance faded gradually. Even if they had prepared for what was to come, by the time the attack was over, this entire courtyard and the buildings around it were already leveled. Only Chen Feng and the patriarch remained there.


The Wild Saint patriarch started spitting blood.

"So powerful!"

Only a mouthful of blood was spat, as this was the result of the aftershock of the attack earlier. He wasn\'t particularly badly injured. However, the clothes on his body were already looking extremely worn out. As everyone glanced at him, they were all shocked. Even their patriarch had been injured by this? Good gracious. His ability was Absolute Defense. Theoretically, this was an ability capable of blocking an attack no matter how strong it was. Now, though, he had actually been reduced to this sorry appearance by Chen Feng.

Ultimately, Chen Feng\'s attack was too powerful. So this is Chen Feng? The patriarch sighed. When he recalled how he had dared to plot against a person at this level, he found it ridiculous. The previous time he had encountered such a powerful attack, the opponent had been a peak A class, right? Back then… forget it. The patriarch shook his head.

Chen Feng glanced at him and calmly stated, "It\'s good that you are fine. Since the transaction is complete, it\'s time for me to return."

After saying this, he swaggered away, leaving behind a group of bewildered Wild Saint family members. Presently, the Genetic Union members had arrived hastily. After understanding what had happened, they were all dumbfounded as well. The attack earlier had actually been released by Chen Feng? This… Soon, the news spread, causing a huge uproar. Once again, Chen Feng became a trending topic.

Naturally, the news spreading outside wasn\'t exactly detailed. To protect the secrets of Absolute Defense and Chen Feng\'s Nethergaze, only a rough detail was leaked. After this rough detail was disseminated, it transformed into various different editions.

"Hey, have you heard?"


"I heard that Chen Feng learned an ability called 24K Pure Gold Titanium Alloy Canine Gaze. With a single gaze, he can release a peak A-class attack."

"Are you sure?"

"Definitely. I have the recordings to prove this! Look at the power unleashed back then…"

"Wow, so powerful?"

"Is this a fake video? My elder sister works at the Wild Saint family. It is said that the ability Chen Feng learned is actually an ability capable of granting pregnancy with a single glance…"

"As for that wife of the Wild Saint patriarch, it is precisely this Chen Feng who got her pregnant with a single glance. That is the reason for his conflict with the Wild Saint family."


"You are the one bullshitting. I have the proof of this, okay? Look, this is the tunnel dug by the patriarch\'s wife…"

"The f*ck, for real?"

"Not only that. It is said that, nowadays, everything the patriarch looks at appears green."

"It is rumored that the patriarch has a different name: Lin Ke…"

Various different rumors circulated online. In this dark era where the black rain dropped without stop and the sky was enveloped by darkness that even the Genetic Union couldn\'t find an explanation for, the masses were all incredibly alarmed. Everyone was urgently looking for some entertainment to relieve the pressure they were feeling. Therefore, when the rumors about Chen Feng spread, everyone happily gossiped about him.

Once again, the topic of Chen Feng trended worldwide. On the internet, in all media outlets, the rumors of Chen Feng were everywhere. Moreover, a lot of powers were alarmed by Chen Feng\'s feat as well.

A certain power started focusing on Chen Feng. "It is truly unexpected that Chen Feng is actually this powerful. Quick, get someone to rope him in."

Some organizations that thought of themselves as the saviors of mankind were also focusing on Chen Feng. "This child is not bad. Absorb him into our organization."

"After all, this world requires more heroes."

A certain power based at a certain canyon was attracted to him as well. "We need a powerful producer. We must find him."

Despite his young age, despite the fact that he was still categorized as the younger generation, Chen Feng had become a unique existence of this Genetic Era. Presently, while various powers were seeking out Chen Feng and trying to rope him in, Chen Feng had already silently departed from Seawood City long ago.

The remaining time he had was extremely precious. Since he had already wasted two days at the Wild Saint family, there wasn\'t much time remaining. Fortunately, two items of his plan were already completed.

"Nethergaze has already been prepared. The God Punisher formula is already here as well. My next target is hunting some hillsea beasts and then producing the gene reagent."

Chen Feng had a clear goal. Five days would be sufficient for him to accomplish all this. On the afternoon of the same day, Chen Feng arrived at the marked location. Before him was an immense mountain range. The information pertaining to hillsea beasts had already been prepared long ago by Spirit. This so-called "mountain range amid oceans and mountains" was called Othershore Mountain.

This was an extremely amazing-sounding name. Chen Feng frowned as he thought of this. The hillsea beasts were extremely powerful and had unique abilities. Therefore, the place they resided in would most certainly not be an ordinary mountain range. Chen Feng had long been prepared for this.

But then, the name Othershore gave him a bad premonition. In this world, not many places had "othershore" in their name. However, every place with this word as part of its name was a forbidden area.

"Is this a name given by you as well?" Chen Feng asked Spirit.

Spirit shook her head."No. Let me see… mhm. Back then, an expert from the Genetic Union passed through this place. After returning, he gave this name to this place. As for other details… I don\'t have them."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "Is that so?" This place had actually been granted this "othershore" name by an expert from back then?

In any case, let me witness this so-called Othershore Mountain.


Chen Feng stepped in.