The Strongest Gene - Chapter 437: Preparation Time Will Be Somewhat Longer

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Chapter 437: Preparation Time Will Be Somewhat Longer

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"I heard that you, Patriarch, are a late-stage A-class warrior with a very powerful trump card?" Chen Feng asked curiously. This was information uncovered by Spirit when she had been preparing for battle.

The patriarch nodded. "Yes."

"Absolute Defense?" Chen Feng asked, smiling.

The patriarch wiped his cold sweat. "Yes."

Everyone else felt ice cold as well. Indeed, even the deepest secret of their Wild Saint family had already been discovered. This Chen Feng was an excellent producer on the surface, but deep inside, he was an absolute lunatic. If he hadn\'t been preparing to make a move against them, how would he have found out about all this? This guy… Suddenly, they felt like their patriarch\'s decision to surrender was incredibly wise. Absolute Defense was a powerful trump card of their patriarch. Different from those single abilities, this was a powerful 6-star secret art.


Name: Absolute Defense

Effect: Guaranteed defense against a single attack.

Cooldown period: One day


This was a secret art so powerful it was like a bug in a code. This was because the "single attack" mentioned here was any single attack in the truest sense. Even a full-strength attack from a peak A class could be blocked. Regardless of how strong or damaging the attack was, Absolute Defense was capable of guaranteeing its defense against a single attack. This was a godlike ability with a nearly heaven-defying defense.

Naturally, no ability in this world was perfect. For such a powerful ability, it had a rather fatal weakness as well. It was only able to defend against a single attack. If the enemy decided to launch two separate attacks with a gap in between them, Absolute Defense would only be able to block the first attack.

Therefore, when facing those trump cards or abilities capable of double releases, Absolute Defense wasn\'t particularly impressive. This was also the reason for the several serious injuries this patriarch had received in the past. Ultimately, this godlike skill had this flaw.

"What are you planning to do?" the patriarch probed cautiously.

Chen Feng pondered. "I have an ability I have just learned. I am planning to test the strength of this ability. Unfortunately, I am afraid that I will accidentally hurt someone as a result. Therefore, when I thought about it, you are the only one fitting to test my ability."

The patriarch was dumbfounded. "Ah? Using me as target practice?"

"You can say that." Chen Feng gave it some thought. "I only need to test how strong the attack is. I do not want to hurt anyone. Coincidentally, your Absolute Defense is capable of blocking any single attack unconditionally, right?"

The patriarch breathed out in relief. "Only this request? I agree to your request."

Chen Feng nodded. "Oh. This ability of mine does not have any other flaws. The only flaw is the preparation time being somewhat long. You need to be prepared for that. Naturally, this will also give you adequate time to prepare your Absolute Defense."

The patriarch nodded. "No problem." With that, this unique trade was complete. After receiving the God Punisher formula and having Spirit vet the formula, Chen Feng canceled his issued reward to the public. Moreover, he also announced that an agreement had been reached with the Wild Saint family and he had already obtained the formula. With this, the Wild Saint family and the formula became worthless. As such, nobody bothered making a move against them anymore.

Besides that, Chen Feng had also given a huge amount of money to the Wild Saint family. Naturally, as part of the terms of the trade, the patriarch would be required to receive a single attack from Chen Feng. This seemed to be a rather simple requirement. However, despite Chen Feng\'s notification in advance, the patriarch had never expected that this ability of Chen Feng\'s would require such a long activation time.

At the Wild Saint family, a group of people was watching on. In the middle of them all were Chen Feng and that patriarch. Both were facing each other and all around them were bored members of the Wild Saint family. Some of them were already seated on some stools while eating sunflower seeds.

"How long has it been?"

"Around one hour, I guess?"

"What damnable ability is this?"

"Is this some spell?"

"What spell requires an hour of chanting? With such a long activation time, let alone a mage, even a professional prostitute would already be mute from all the screaming, right?"

"Wow, how do you even know about this?"

"Oh, I saw it on some TV show before…"

"Wow, you sure have a lot of channels at your home."


The entire group watched on with bored expressions. As for the patriarch, he was nearly bored to death. He had been maintaining his ready-state to activate his Absolute Defense. However, it was truly unexpected that Chen Feng had taken one whole hour yet there was still nothing to show for it.

The patriarch sighed. "How much longer will this take?"

"No idea." Chen Feng felt helpless as well. The longer the preparation time, the stronger Nethergaze would be. Naturally, there should be a limit to this strength as well. This limit was what Chen Feng was trying to find. He was trying to unleash the strongest attack the present him was capable of unleashing.

In the future, when he used the God Punisher ability, the attack he unleashed this time would naturally be one of the abilities included in the release. With this, the strength of his God Punisher ability would be unimaginably powerful. This would be his actual trump card. Hence, it was extremely important for him to release this attack this one time.

He had to first figure out the limit of his Nethergaze, to see what the strongest attack he could launch was. Thereupon, another hour passed. Chen Feng was still facing the patriarch. Two hours later, they were still looking at each other tenderly.

As for the audience around them, they were already so bored they had started yawning and going to bed.

The patriarch sighed deeply. "Are you done?" He was now wondering if this Chen Feng was some idiot.

"Not yet."

Chen Feng was extremely helpless.

"Can you notify me when you\'re done?" The patriarch was already thinking of making himself busy with some other matters.

Chen Feng sighed. "The attack will be instantly launched the moment it\'s done. When that happens, if you are not here to receive the attack, I guess your entire Wild Saint family will be destroyed instead. Furthermore, without you in my field of vision, I won\'t be able to continue preparing this attack."

"If so, notify me when you are coming out."

"All right."

Patriarch: "…"

This dialog felt somewhat odd? Time continued passing calmly and slowly. After two more hours, the patriarch got his underlings to move a TV out here and started watching TV shows. After three hours, the patriarch got his underlings to move his bed out here and directly plopped down on the bed to sleep.

The next day, when the patriarch was so bored he nearly got his underlings to bring him some video games, finally, Chen Feng said, "I think it\'s almost done."

The patriarch\'s heart jolted. "Here it comes!" Finally, it was here! That superpowerful attack that Chen Feng had been preparing for one whole day.


His expression became solemn. Even though Chen Feng was only B class, his strength, on the other hand, was so powerful it had always remained a legend. This attack he had taken an entire day to prepare would most definitely not be a simple attack. Absolute Defense, activate ! Light started swirling around the Wild Saint patriarch.

Chen Feng could feel himself reaching the limit. "It\'s coming!" That formidable power had been gathering in his body for so long, and finally, he was no longer capable of controlling it. It was ready to be shot out.

Chen Feng\'s heart trembled. "Here it comes!"


Finally, the terrifying radiance shot out. Space trembled. At this moment, even the dusky sky became white. The entire Seawood City trembled and countless people focused their gaze toward the Wild Saint family\'s location. Such a terrifying power, which peak A class was making a move there? Or perhaps… someone surpassing A class? At this moment, the Wild Saint family became the focus of everyone.