The Strongest Gene - Chapter 433: Wild Saint

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Chapter 433: Wild Saint

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Light swirled around. With the assistance of Spirit, Luck Aura was now more than a hundredfold more powerful than it had been. With 10 luck value, Chen Feng was able to obtain the information he wanted.


Name of organization: Wild Saint

Location: Seawood City

Characteristic: Family

Scale: The strongest family in Seawood City, this is a powerful family nearly capable of contending against the local Seawood City branch of the Genetic Union. They are a well-known local magnate. As they are extremely loved by the local population there, even the Genetic Union has never bothered with them, allowing them uninterrupted growth.

Strength analyze: Five A-class warriors, a number of B-class warriors



Certainly, all this information were things that had already gone through the reorganization of Spirit. Chen Feng felt like, after his Luck Aura\'s upgrade, he had obtained an administrative assistant. Using 10 luck value, Spirit was able to obtain the data and combat power of this power called "Wild Saint." Chen Feng was extremely satisfied with this result.

As for the strength of this power, with their five A-class warriors, regardless of where they went, they could be considered a top-notch power. Granted, this was still extremely weak compared to the entire Genetic Union. However, since they had no plans to war with the Genetic Union and were merely growing their family in peace, who would actually do anything to them? As long as they did not do something like the Qin family had and collude with the Mysterious Organization or do something like organize terrorist attacks, nobody could do anything to them.

"A family, huh?" Chen Feng pondered. The cohesion of a power that was made up of a single family was extremely high.

Basically, this was one of the powers where if you killed a minor character in their family, someone higher up the ranks from the family would appear. If you killed that one, someone even higher up the ranks would appear, and so on. If one wanted to take something from them, one had to exercise extreme caution.

Five A-class warriors…

Chen Feng started analyzing the available information. The strength of Wild Saint was much greater than he had imagined. With his present combat power, he could only combat a peak B-class warrior head on. He stood no chance against an A-class warrior, let alone five of them. Therefore, if he wanted to take something from them, he would require the help of the barbarians. But then, the size of the barbarians…

"Do I really need to launch a full-scale invasion against them?"

Chen Feng sighed. If he truly deployed the barbarians, the Genetic Union would most probably get involved as well. At that time, things would truly be troublesome. This might very well develop into a war of two species. The barbarian race was still too weak. As such, Chen Feng did not intend to expose them prematurely. That wouldn\'t work.

Frowning, Chen Feng pondered without stop. It would seem like he could only sneak in and steal from them then. With Luck Aura and his present strength, it wouldn\'t be too difficult for him to steal this formula secretly. As long as the luck value consumption did not exceed 1,000, he found it acceptable.

Fine, I will do it this way, then.

"Spirit, give me the success rate of this." Presently, Chen Feng was totally treating Spirit like a multipurpose secretary.

Spirit nodded. "All right." She merely paused slightly before opening her mouth meekly. "Before that, I have a question I don\'t know if I should ask you."

Chen Feng looked at her. "What is it?"

"Oh." A conflicted expression appeared on Spirit\'s face. "Why must you steal from them? Since this family has existed for so many years without being eliminated by the Genetic Union, they are clearly a power that abides by the law and has a proper level of strength. If so, wouldn\'t it be easier for you to obtain this seemingly worthless formula using other methods? For example… by trading with them?" Spirit proposed carefully.


Suddenly, the scene sunk into silence.

"…" Chen Feng\'s expression darkened. "I actually forgot that this option exists."

Trade! Instantly, Chen Feng felt somewhat helpless. He had to have been polluted by the Mysterious Organization for him to forget such a regular method of obtaining something he wanted. Who was Chen Feng? A gene producer! Moreover, he was an extremely amazing producer! He also possessed management-level authority in the Gene Production Association and had a good relationship with Hou Liang. To top all of that off, he had brought numerous great contributions to the Genetic Union as well. Wouldn\'t it be an extremely simple matter if he wanted to do something legitimately?

"Oh, this is merely my suggestion," Spirit stated hurriedly.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. "Don\'t worry. I have been neglectful. I have indeed been too anxious, huh?"

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Regardless of how much of a rush he was in, one or two days wouldn\'t make much difference anyway. If he was able to deal with this matter within a day or two by trading for this formula, it would be for the best. As for dirtying his own hands… he would figure it out when it actually came to that. Would Luck Aura help increase the odds of success for the trade?

Chen Feng praised Spirit. "Not bad."

Spirit\'s face was filled with joy at this. "Hehe."

"Now then, time to meet this Wild Saint family," Chen Feng stated calmly.


Chen Feng rushed over to the provided address. As for those barbarians, Chen Feng ordered them back to their tribe to develop their tribe as they see fit. If possible, they should nurture the next generation of barbarians as soon as possible. Naturally, the brainwashing course could never be excluded. He was hopeful that by the time their true enemy\'s army appeared, the barbarians would have progressed to an acceptable degree as well.

Shua! Shua!

It was still raining without stop, and the ground was becoming even darker.


Seawood City was a city floating above an ocean. The black rain did not seem to have that huge an effect on them, as the black raindrops would water down after dropping into the ocean. If this rain hoped to darken the entire ocean… it would probably require several thousands of years.

As for the interiors of the city, after receiving the announcement by the Genetic Union, all the denizens of this city had worked together to gather the rainwater and pour it all out into the sea. Perhaps this was a place where the devil spirits couldn\'t rise at all. It was rumored that these days, a lot of people had moved here to this city from other places. These people were all planning to settle down and develop a life here in this city. After being a low-profile city for so many years, finally, glory seemed to have arrived for Seawood City.

The fall of the black rain was common knowledge, since it was clear for all to see. Hence, almost all powers were trying their utmost to increase their combat power. As for those rogues that were not part of any powers, they had decided that this was the time for them to join one as well. Wild Saint, being the strongest family in Seawood City, most certainly wished to grasp this chance. As such, they had started a furious recruitment drive.

Beyond their expectations, a unique individual was attracted to them today. Excellent Producer Chen Feng! Due to Chen Feng\'s unique identity, his arrival alarmed even the top experts of Wild Saint. They all came out to receive Chen Feng personally. From this, it was apparent how unique Chen Feng\'s identity was.

Chen Feng\'s proposal for a trade was met warmly as well. After figuring out that this formula was worthless to their family, they agreed to Chen Feng\'s trade. This caused Chen Feng to lament the smooth progress of this trade. If he had known this would be so easy, what had been the point of even thinking of robbing them? Just look at how easy was it to do things this way instead.

After completing the procedures, the trade was about to be completed speedily. Unexpectedly, when the trade was about to be completed, it was abruptly disrupted. Their patriarch had appeared suddenly to reject this trade.

Chen Feng could not understand. "Why?" The price he was offering was nearly two times higher than the market price.

The patriarch was somewhat embarrassed. "I\'m sorry. My underlings have been somewhat impudent. I will give you an explanation. Before that, though, I need to know if you are here representing yourself or the organization. If you are representing the organization, I will require proof of that. If you are here on behalf of yourself, I hope to be able to refuse this trade. We don\'t need money. As the world is rapidly changing, the value of money is no longer as important. Even if the formula for God Punisher is worthless to us, we still hope to trade it for something more valuable. What can your esteemed self offer us in this trade?"