The Strongest Gene - Chapter 431: God Punisher!

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Chapter 431: God Punisher!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


Name: God Punisher.

Feature: An independent ability incapable of fusing with other abilities.

Source: Hillsea beast.

Summary: At some barren mountain range near mountains and sea, a peculiar mutated beast might appear. The entire body of this beast is blue. They are formidable and capable of unleashing the power of oceans and mountains. Apart from this, their scariest aspect is their sure-kill ability: God Punisher. It is rumored that a certain devil god tried to slaughter the ancestors of these beasts in the past and ended up killed instead. From this, the power of this beast is apparent.


As Chen Feng reached this point, he paused. "Who is the one who gave the name God Punisher?"

Spirit stuck her tongue out. "Me. Don\'t you think that this name sounds incredibly tyrannical?"

Chen Feng: "…" He was still somewhat anxious. "When I use luck value for information I require, only the keywords are displayed. You are indeed capable of great optimization. However, by showing so many words in such an unrestrained manner, will you not consume too much luck value?"

Spirit shook her head. "Of course not. Since I am a tool spirit, when receiving the data generated by luck value, only a single thought is sufficient. Therefore, I am able to instantly obtain the full details of an ability. One point of luck value is sufficient for this. As for the descriptions, those are things I manually typed out for you with great difficulty, okay?"

Typed out with difficulty… Typed out…

Chen Feng was left speechless.

Fine. For him to stumble upon a tool spirit with such individuality, he had no choice but to accept his fate. Next, he continued reading on. The subsequent content was what truly shocked Chen Feng, as this ability was truly tyrannical.


God Punisher: Unleash all the different abilities used by the user before... once.

Consumption: All energy.

Cooldown period: One day.



Chen Feng was alarmed as he finished reading the description.

After all the details, the introduction of the actual ability was instead the shortest of them all. However, it was precisely how short this introduction was that caused it to give off a hegemonic feeling. All abilities? With no limitations?

"That\'s right. No limitations," Spirit stated confidently. "If you want to take a look at how it works, I can consume some luck value to analyze it for you."

"Do it!" Chen Feng stated without the slightest hesitation. His anticipation of this ability was too great. Therefore, he had to figure out the true effect of using this ability. If this ability was truly so amazing, why did nobody use it?

Shua! Shua!

Countless data started flashing past the screens. Shortly after, Spirit obtained the real reason.

"First, this is an extremely rare ability. An ordinary person is simply not qualified to even know about it. Only the core members of the major clans of the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union are entitled to know about this ability.

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm." This was a restriction of information. This alone was sufficient to block those ordinary clans and powers from getting access to this ability.

"Second, even though the hillsea beasts have declined compared to their ancestors, they are still extremely powerful. They are A-class beasts, and B-class warriors are simply incapable of fusing with this ability. Only the young hillsea beasts are at B class. A B class will only have a chance of success if they choose to fuse with the young. Therefore, their blood essence is extremely hard to obtain."

Chen Feng nodded. "Mhm." This was a restriction of one\'s strength. With this, even if some people managed to find out about this ability, they would not be willing to fight a hillsea beast just to get the blood essence for their children. Moreover, their willingness to charge into the lair of these hillsea beasts was also a point to consider. From this, it was apparent that those truly capable of obtaining this genetic ability would be limited to the heirs of major organizations or powers.

"Third is the issue with this God Punisher ability itself." Spirit paused before continuing, "After every use, the user will have no energy left in their body. With that, the user will become akin to a lamb waiting for slaughter."

Chen Feng wasn\'t particularly surprised by this. "Well, this ability is supposed to be some sort of final trump card anyway." By the time the user was forced to activate this ability, it would already be the moment of life and death. The moment this ability was activated, if the enemy remained, the user himself would be the one who perished. This was something he found acceptable. Moreover, this shouldn\'t be the reason this ability remained unused even now. If this was all there was to this ability, the users of certain abilities capable of assembling various other abilities would most certainly be able to use this God Punisher ability to great effect. If so, why did this ability remain unused?

"Well, the fourth point is the actual reason. As God Punisher is an independent ability, it can\'t be fused with other abilities. Therefore, the moment one learns this ability, one will have to give up a single slot of their abilities. In other words, when others are using 6-star secret arts, your strongest secret art will be a 5-star secret art. You will forever be weaker than others. You will forever be incapable of challenging an enemy at the same level as you. Moreover, despite God Punisher\'s ability to repeat all used abilities once, it might still fail to kill an enemy at the same level, since the user will be comparatively weaker. As long as the enemy remains alive, even if they have been seriously injured, they will still be able to easily kill the user after the activation of this ability. This ability seems powerful… However, it is in fact an extremely weak ability," Spirit concluded.

Therefore, for someone as important as the heir of a major organization, how could such an ability that would render them forever weaker than someone of the same level be appropriate? For them to only be able to strike once? The harsh limitation had caused this seemingly amazing ability to become some rare ability nobody cared about. This was the disadvantage of independent genetic abilities. Its inability to fuse with other abilities—its inability to become a secret art! Ultimately, such an ability was not something anyone would be fond of.

In fact, almost all independent abilities faced such a problem. Since they were incapable of being fused into secret arts, they remained unwelcome. Regardless of how powerful these independent abilities were, could they be stronger than a 6-star secret art? The answer was a resounding "no." Therefore, for core members and heirs of major organizations, powerful 6-star secrets arts were what they sought.

"What if I use Myriad Illusions together with God Punisher?" Chen Feng asked.

This could potentially be an extremely good combination. Even if others did not have Luck Aura like Chen Feng, since Myriad Illusions had so many different abilities contained within, if one used it frequently enough, they would be able to build a history of a huge amount of abilities used before, right? At least, a history of 1,000 different abilities? At that time, the user could use God Punisher to unleash all 1,000 minor abilities. Wouldn\'t that be sufficient to eliminate the enemy?

"Oh." Spirit gave it some thought before saying, "Indeed, Myriad Illusions could be used with this ability in such a manner. However, you must remember that among the huge amount of abilities contained within Myriad Illusions, one-tenth of them are healing-related abilities."

At that, Chen Feng blanked. True, he had neglected this point. Myriad Illusions was indeed an extremely magical ability.

Unfortunately, this was an extremely unstable ability as well. To top it off, there were those healing abilities contained within. When one unleashed four different minor abilities of Myriad Illusions against one\'s enemy, a healing ability might be randomly unleashed as well. Therefore, when one used God Punisher to unleash 1,000 of Myriad Illusions\'s minor abilities, the result might be: damage, damage, heal, damage, damage, heal, and so on.

What was the point then? Only if one could instantly kill one\'s enemy would this be useful.

Chen Feng shook his head. "That doesn\'t seem right. If one has other abilities that can be used together or if one chooses to not use any healing-related abilities at all, coupled with several other abilities similar to Myriad Illusions…"

Spirit smiled. "You are overestimating the power of Myriad Illusions. All the abilities that can arise from abilities like Myriad Illusions are minor abilities. A perfect example is Myriad Illusions. All the abilities it can unleash are those basic minor abilities. This ability is essentially a useless ability. Don\'t forget that the only reason this ability works for you is because of you using it in conjunction with your unlimited Wind Blades and your luck value. Otherwise, this ability would be totally useless. On top of that, your version of Myriad Illusions is also a mutated version improved by you personally. This is simply an unusable ability for anyone else apart from you."