The Strongest Gene - Chapter 430: Game Cash Shop, Are You Afraid?

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Chapter 430: Game Cash Shop, Are You Afraid?

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With a swirl of light, Spirit transformed again. Amazingly, this time, it assumed the appearance of a young girl. The young girl was the same height as Wang Yao, and her appearance was astonishingly beautiful. This was indeed a person Chen Feng had never seen before. But then, this girl here seemed to be flat chested for real.

Spirit began to give an introduction. "This is—"

"Shut up. I am not interested in knowing," Chen Feng snapped. He was certain that if this fellow here were to utter something along the lines of "Based on the expectations in your brain of how a loli should look, I created one," he would most certainly beat this fellow to death.

"Oh." Spirit cleverly shut its mouth. Right at this moment, the flickering on the screens ended. Self-study was complete.

Spirit smiled. "At present, I have self-studied a huge amount of data. It seems like those abilities I recommended earlier are indeed unsuitable. Don\'t worry, I will select a better ability for you shortly. Naturally, time will be required," Spirit concluded seriously.

"Take your time." Chen Feng was not in a rush anyway. He was more afraid of this fellow selecting another xxx enlargement ability or something like that.

Spirit started filtering the abilities seriously. "Mhm."

Shua! Shua!

Data started flashing past the screens.

Evidently, these were abilities that seemed good, yet due to them not being suitable for Chen Feng or humans, the abilities were ultimately vetoed by Spirit itself. Chen Feng took a glance at what one of the abilities was. A vague description could be seen: xx ability, xx amount of luck value will be consumed, and so on.

Chen Feng kept having an odd feeling. "I keep feeling something is wrong." He started pondering.

Spirit felt curious. "What\'s up?" What was wrong?

"Look, initially, when I reached this world, I received Luck Aura. Such an amazing cheat. Naturally, people like Kong Bai and Qin Hai have their own variants as well. In short, everyone is accorded the template of a main character, and the most excellent of them all will be the true main character of this era. However, with your appearance, I have a feeling like I\'m playing a game or something. Luck value is the equivalence of credits. As long as I have sufficient credits, I will be able to change everything! Coupled with Qin Hai and his fellow apprentice brothers and sisters that are all QQ diamond members… am I perhaps playing some cheap online game?"

Chen Feng felt powerless to even berate everything he had encountered.

"???" Spirit failed to understand Chen Feng\'s speech, which reeked of slang from Chen Feng\'s previous world.

"Luck value is unequaled, right?" Chen Feng shrugged. "Can I use luck value to trade for some powerful weapons?"

"Yes." Spirit nodded and continued, "The power of luck is extremely powerful. It is possible to cause a situation where, when some experts are fighting, they will accidentally lose their weapons and the weapons will accidentally land right here for some random reason."

Chen Feng: "…" I can actually get their weapons to end up here? Isn\'t this similar to how pay-to-win players having weapons delivered straight to their inventory after reloading their credits?

"Would it be possible to get a fire qilin for myself?"[1] 1 As he asked, Chen Feng rolled his eyes without end. This should be impossible for luck value, right?

"Fire qilin?" Spirit pondered seriously before answering, "At certain unique locations among the unknown regions, the offsprings of such life forms might truly exist. There is also the possibility of the base species being extinct, though, but then, with their offspring, it might be possible to use luck value to urge them to mate and trigger a genetic mutation with a low probability of occurrence, reverting their gene to their roots! With that, ancient life-forms such as qilin might come into being. With some unique conditions added on top of that, fire qilin could very well be created through mutation. Of course, all this will require luck value. As long as you have a sufficient amount of luck values, it is truly possible to obtain a fire qilin."

Chen Feng: "…" Isn\'t this exactly the same as those pay-to-win games?

Chen Feng sighed. "In short, you are the equivalent of a pay-to-win cash shop?"

"Cash shop?" Spirit pondered before shaking its head, "The cash shop you mentioned only has some cheap and low-level functions. Luck value is different. For example, you can use it to end your current fate as a single guy," Spirit answered truthfully.

Chen Feng became somewhat dumbfounded. "???"

Spirit seemed incredibly upset at being compared to something like a cash shop. "Based on verifiable data, being single for a long time will affect one\'s state of mind. If you wish to, I am able to end your fate as a single guy. This is something those cash shops can\'t accomplish.

"A beautiful young lady that accidentally stumbles into one of those unknown region shrouded in a primal and chaotic aura… Or perhaps a woman in despair who is coincidentally one of your die-hard fans from your competition back then… Or perhaps a beautiful young married woman who has always been hugging your picture to sleep in loneliness since her husband is always out working…Anything you prefer, I can arrange for it right this moment," Spirit concluded solemnly.

Chen Feng wiped his sweat. "What in the world… hold on!" What is this? Do you need to be so serious?

He was starting to regret authorizing the self-study function. The speed in which this fellow studied was simply too fast. Perhaps, in a few more minutes, Spirit would even be capable of providing the number of encounters, one-night stands, prices, and so on. Too scary.

Seemingly considering Chen Feng\'s predicament, Spirit added, "Of course, if you want Wang Yao, with sufficient luck value, it is also doable."

Chen Feng stopped Spirit hastily. "There\'s no need." Now he was certain that this fellow here was not some AI. Rather, this was indeed a tool spirit, since this fellow here indeed possessed emotions and was presently sharing all this to get back at Chen Feng for comparing this spirit with a cash shop.

"It\'s my bad. Will this apology do?" Chen Feng shrugged. "I shouldn\'t have presumed to compare you with some a cash shop. Now, please do continue selecting a suitable ability for me, all right?"

Happily, Spirit showed a "victory sign" with its fingers. "Hehe." Evidently, under the guidance of Chen Feng and its self-study, this initially ignorant Spirit was slowly transforming into a true spirit and consciousness. Whether this was a good or bad thing remained to be seen. It was rather clear that the intelligent Spirit was different than before. Despite the little temper it had, it was much more astonishing than before as well. The most evident change was optimization. Based on what Spirit had said, Chen Feng\'s previous usage of luck value had been incredibly wasteful.

After Spirit\'s optimization, every single luck value was 500% more efficient than before. A similar amount of luck value could be utilized to the extreme in her hands.[2] 2 Such efficiency was something nobody could hope to surpass.

Chen Feng could only gasp in admiration at this. "How powerful." From his impression, something so optimized it was almost cheat-like was something akin to the internal storage of a certain cell phone brand from his previous life.

Shua! Shua!

Light swirled around unendingly. While conversing with Chen Feng, Spirit gathered data without stop. Looking at the unending flickering on the screens, Chen Feng was aware that an incredibly huge amount of Luck Aura\'s recommendations had already been vetoed by Spirit. Despite all this, only two luck value had been consumed so far. Compared to his previous usage of luck value, the current optimized Luck Aura could only be described with the word "shocking."

Even without any increase in the luck value regeneration, such a degree of optimization ensured that Chen Feng\'s usage of luck value would be much better than it had been in the past. Right at this moment...


With a flash, Spirit paused. This time, this newly selected ability wasn\'t immediately vetoed. Instead, she directly displayed it on the screen. "Master, I believe this ability might suit you."

Instantly, Chen Feng\'s eyes shone.