The Strongest Gene - Chapter 427: Catastrophe

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Chapter 427: Catastrophe

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Light started flickering in Qin Hai\'s eyes. "Leave them to me. Their appearance is just nice for me to complete part of my plan. You leave first. Oh, right, since the devil spirit project is already active. They will most certainly look for the experts of the devil race back then to prioritize in the awakening. If my guesses are correct, their first target will be located at Star City."

Star City?

Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck. This… did not seem right? Star City was floating high up the sky, right? How would there be anyone in hibernation at a place like that?

"Indeed, Star City is a city that was built after the events of the devil race." Qin Hai shook his head and continued, "However, in ancient times, the piece of land Star City was built upon was a huge chunk of stone with a unique power. The devil race members found this stone rather magnificent, and as such, a lot of them decided to choose that place as their place of hibernation."

Hibernation… Star City…

Suddenly, Chen Feng\'s mind jolted furiously. Once again, the scene that had appeared when he first touched the Spirit Sea wood replayed in his brain. The fall of Star City amidst darkness and the arrival of calamity, akin to the end of the world! This was the Star City battle Chen Feng had been waiting for all this while! He had initially believed that this was a plan of the Mysterious Organization\'s and had always been preparing against them. Now that he looked at it, the dark sky, the apparitions floating everywhere, and the apocalyptic scene were in fact referring to the awakening of the devil spirits.

Chen Feng\'s heart jolted furiously. "So this is what I saw back then."

"You must be careful," Qin Hai advised. Currently, the blockade severing the connection was about to disappear.

"Understood." Chen Feng gave Qin Hai a deep glance before leaving quietly with the barbarians that were waiting for him not far away. Next, the devil spirits around them started approaching Qin Hai slowly.


Suddenly, the earth started collapsing. Qin Hai\'s clone exploded and erupted with a terrifying power, reducing all the devil spirits into nothingness. The sky seemed to be even darker now. Presently, high above the boundless sky, Lu Hun and Qin Hai were still observing the blockade placed around their clones. They continued so until, suddenly, the blockade cracked apart, once again allowing the scene there to appear before them.

Only a mess could be seen where their clones were at. Lu Hun\'s clone had already dissipated. The same applied to Qin Hai\'s clone. On the ground, traces of the clone\'s self-explosion could be seen. Apart from that, that pitch-black soil could be seen as well…

Lu Hun\'s eyes gleamed coldly. "Devil spirits!" He had never expected that the devil spirits would actually appear in this crucial moment when they were killing Chen Feng. What a coincidence!

Qin Hai agreed without a change in his expression. "Their mere appearance is already sufficient to blockade our sensory abilities. These are most definitely unordinary devil spirits."

Lu Hun narrowed his gaze. "True. Seems like Senior Apprentice Sister will have to take a trip now. From the looks of things, this should be the awakening of some expert captain-level existences of the devil race."

Based on the arrangement of their devil spirit project, the awakening of the devil spirits was closely related to the black dust. Therefore, the black dust was descending in the form of black rain to blend with the earth, altering the purity of the soil. As the concentration and purity of the black dust increased, the experts of the devil race would appear.

The black rain was still falling down unhurriedly. Theoretically, those experts should only appear in a later phase of their plan. Only when the concentration of the black dust reached its peak would the nobles of the devils appear. Back then, this plan had been put in place by the devils as a means to protect their nobles.

Unfortunately, since their plan had been seen through by the ancient race, the devil race had transformed into cannon fodder to be exploited. By the time their nobles started awakening, the war between humanity and the devil spirits would already have ended long ago, and the ancient race would have finished conquering the entire world. The main task of their senior apprentice sister was to avoid the occurrence of any unexpected incidents, to stop any experts of the devil race from appearing prematurely, especially their nobles.

Presently, the entire world was sinking into panic. At a lot of places, especially those places easier to flood, these bizarre yet mysterious apparitions had appeared. Due to this, the Genetic Union was already working at full capacity to maintain the peace.

"So this is the function of this rain?"

"It summons apparitions?"

"No matter what they are, do not permit any of the raindrops to appear in any cities anymore."


"Activate our defensive network. Start building defenses immediately at all cities. Since these things are descending in the form of rain, I suppose we only need to shelter the cities from the sky and it will be fine?"

"But if we do that, we won\'t be able to see the sky…"

"Why in the world do you even want to see the sky? Presently, there\'s nothing but darkness up there. What can you see?"

"All right."

The Genetic Union was able to react speedily to this. All their genetic warriors with unique abilities, especially those with earth-element abilities or construction-related abilities, were issued rich rewards and were sent to the groups responsible for constructing defensive constructs. In a single day, before sufficient rainwater could even accumulate at a majority of their territories, the defensive constructs were completely constructed.

Now, the black rain was no longer able to enter all cities and branches of the Genetic Union. All the rainwater was thrown away into the wilderness. Some of the Genetic Union branches were even refining the black rainwater into dust and gathering it up for research. This was the power of the Genetic Union. With a single announcement, they were able to rapidly stabilize this situation that was akin to an apocalypse. Naturally, those remote regions or places that were easier to flood were unable to be saved in time.

"A sum of 368 locations have fallen."

Reports were churned out unendingly. These places were mostly those with a comparatively lower terrain height.

"Arrange the information properly before sending someone over. We must figure out what exactly this rain is."


At this time, Chen Feng contacted Hou Liang and submitted a report regarding the devil spirits.

Hou Liang was extremely anxious. "You are not coming back?" Despite the existence of the genetic Union, the devil spirits that were seemingly everywhere and the unending rain from the sky had ensured that not a single place was safe, especially the wilderness. Out there in the wild, the devil spirits might appear anywhere. It was with great difficulty that Chen Feng had escaped the Mysterious Organization. The proper path of action for him would be to return to them.

Chen Feng shook his head. "I will be fine. I am not the one you should be worried about now. Rather, it\'s Star City. Based on the information I received, their next target will be Star City."

"Understood. If so, you must be careful by yourself." Hou Liang ended the call. Ancient race… devil spirit… the contents of Chen Feng\'s report were truly excessively astonishing. He had to submit this report to the Genetic Union as well. This was no longer something the Gene Production Association could deal with alone.

Chen Feng patted the barbarian below him. "All done." With the appearance of the devil spirits, the structure of this world was already changing. He had to be sufficiently prepared for what was to come. With his present strength, in the ensuing chaos, he wouldn\'t even qualify to be a cannon fodder.

"I am still too weak after all…" Chen Feng muttered. Back then, when he had seen the scene, there had been too many deaths, and Star City itself had been destroyed. Since the ancient race was already prepared, they would most definitely not hold back. Chen Feng inhaled deeply. "I will not give you guys any chances."

Star City was his very first home. He would not allow the ancient race to destroy it. The premature appearance of the black rain had caused the date of the Star City battle to shift to an earlier date as well. Based on the information Qin Hai had given him, they only had one week\'s time. Chen Feng\'s initial plan to reach A class before the war was no longer achievable. Before this war began, the only thing he could do was fuse with a new B-class ability, a superpowerful ability sufficient to dramatically increase his strength.