The Strongest Gene - Chapter 425: You Guys Sure Have a Way to Have Fun

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Chapter 425: You Guys Sure Have a Way to Have Fun

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

He had to kill Chen Feng. This time, Lu Hun had prepared to kill Chen Feng even if it meant destroying his clone in the process. An intent had been planted within this clone the moment it had been created. He was aware of how perverse Chen Feng was. He was also aware that Chen Feng might still possess other trump cards. Therefore, he\'d made a lot of preparations and prepared a lot of methods this time. Surprisingly, when his attack was about to land, something still occurred. Moreover, what happened was something totally inconceivable.


A stuffy sound could be heard. Instantly, Lu Hun\'s body that had been charging toward Chen Feng went rigid. On his chest, blood blossomed.

Another mishap?

Instinctively, Lu Hun turned around. He was under the impression that some terrifying life-form had appeared from the darkness. However, surprising him, when he turned around, a familiar figure entered his sight.


The terrifying power started spreading through his entire body from his chest. At this moment, that clone of Lu Hun\'s started collapsing.

"You…" Lu Hun widened his eyes in an unbelieving manner and asked, "How is this possible…"


The clone exploded, dead.


Transforming into countless particles, Lu Hun\'s clone dissipated. At this moment, the rain was growing heavier. The pitch-black raindrops landed on the ground without stop. With such a scene as the backdrop, that pitch-black figure behind Lu Hun appeared even more bizarre. Surprisingly, that was actually the Mysterious Organization leader. The diamond on his forehead was shining even brighter now.

Chen Feng was totally stupefied. "The… f*ck?" What had he seen? The Mysterious Organization leader had just killed Lu Hun\'s clone? Mhm… blocking their connection before killing the clone?

If so, even Lu Hun\'s main body would not be aware of what had happened here. Could this be the works of his Luck Aura as well? Instinctively, Chen Feng checked his Luck Aura. Had Luck Aura gained a new function after upgrading? A function to cause his opponents to fight among themselves? However, when he checked, he noted that no such change existed in his upgraded Luck Aura. His luck value still remained the same as well.

Earlier, during his moment of crisis, Luck Aura had been activated. If it had worked, the luck value would most definitely have gone down, but none had been consumed. It was still the same 1,000 points. In that case… Chen Feng rubbed his skull and wondered if he had coincidentally stumbled upon the inner power struggle of the Mysterious Organization? This was too lucky!

Wait. He pondered deeply again and noted that this wasn\'t something worth rejoicing. After this Mysterious Organization leader killed his senior apprentice brother\'s clone, he would most certainly not leave an outsider like Chen Feng alive. At this thought, Chen Feng activated his Luck Aura. Since only this leader was left here, he might be able to escape. His gaze started racing around, looking for an opportunity to flee.


With a flicker, the Mysterious Organization leader instantly reached Chen Feng.

Not good!

Chen Feng\'s heart sank and a chill went down his spine. At this moment, though, a familiar yet ancient voice resounded. "What are you running for?"


Instantly, Chen Feng\'s body stiffened.

This voice…

He turned around abruptly. The darkness that was the body of the Mysterious Organization leader solidified and revealed his true appearance, an appearance that had not appeared for a very long time.

Instantly, Chen Feng\'s pupils dilated. "Qin Hai!!!" That\'s right, this was Qin Hai!

On that familiar face, some additional scars could be seen. This was the face of someone who had gone through the vicissitudes of life, and it appeared somewhat older than before. However, it was still a face Chen Feng was familiar with.

Chen Feng was overjoyed. "It\'s really you!" So many years had passed, yet Qin Hai was still alive!

A smile appeared on Qin Hai\'s face. "It\'s me. It\'s indeed me…"

Chen Feng gave Qin Hai a firm hug. "Hey." Both him and Kong Bai had still been feeling guilty about Qin Hai\'s sacrifice, after all. Finding out that Qin Hai was still alive was truly good news! Despite the huge amount of questions he had, he only needed to know that Qin Hai was still alive. That was sufficient.

"Back then…"

Qin Hai was aware of what Chen Feng wanted to ask, and he started talking, "For some unknown reason, the Sage suddenly decided to accept me as his disciple. With that, I become a part of the ancient race."

He paused and glanced at Chen Feng. Based on his guess, this might be related to Chen Feng\'s Luck Aura.

Chen Feng smiled. "I am aware of that." This had already been told to him by Xiong Er. What he had been worried about was Qin Hai\'s whereabouts since the ancient race had disappeared. Now that he could see Qin Hai alive and well, he was already satisfied. The true question of his was: "How did Qin Hai stay alive until now?" Even Xiong Er, with his long lifespan, was not able to survive time and had been forced to depart from this world.

A helpless expression appeared on Qin Hai\'s face. "Oh… this. It might be related to this." As he said this, he pointed at the diamond on his head. "This thing was granted by the Sage. From it, I can feel the power of time. The effect of time is greatly weakened on my body with this thing here."

Chen Feng gasped in admiration. So magical? One had to know that the present Qin Hai merely looked somewhat older than the previous Qin Hai.

Chen Feng\'s instinctive reaction was to touch this thing. "Let me take a look."

"Don\'t." Qin Hai took a step back and stated in a somewhat awkward manner, "Erm, this thing is somewhat sensitive."

"Fine." Chen Feng clicked his tongue before saying, "I suppose, in the future, you can try some different positions with Lady Xiao Rou with this new sensitive spot on your body."

Qin Hai: "…" It has been so many years. Why is this guy still so annoying?

As for Xiao Rou… Qin Hai\'s eyes seemed to flicker at the thought of Xiao Rou.

Chen Feng was amazed. "What? You have yet to meet her?"

"I visited her once." Qin Hai continued in a somewhat embarrassed manner, "Back then, she was still a newborn baby. I held her in my arms and had my face sprayed with her pee."

"You two are truly a creative couple," Chen Feng lamented. "Who knows what you did to her back then."

Qin Hai: "…" He no longer felt like talking to this guy here.

"Let\'s go. We can continue catching up after returning. You can go visit Xiao Rou as well."

Chen Feng was thinking of bringing Qin Hai back. Unexpectedly, Qin Hai\'s body did not move.

Chen Feng was curious. "What\'s the matter?"

"I can\'t." Qin Hai shook his head, and he stared at the boundless dark sky. "Did you not feel it? Darkness… has descended upon us," he stated with a trace of vastness and aged wisdom in his voice. No matter what, the present him was ultimately a person surpassing A class, a person who had surpassed his limit and broken through his previous bottleneck all those years ago.

The magnetic voice of Qin Hai echoed, "As the darkness descends, this great land will sink into an everlasting chaos."

Chen Feng curled his lips. "So? Only those who have joined the diamond club can escape this calamity? I shall let you know that back then I was a VIP member as well!"[1] 1


Worry was plastered all over Qin Hai\'s face. He felt like beating this Chen Feng to death.

As he saw the grudging gaze of Qin Hai, Chen Feng admitted defeat. "Fine, fine. Continue your story."

"I don\'t have anything else to say," Qin Hai grumbled. The atmosphere that he had tried so hard to create had been wiped clean by Chen Feng just like that. What else could he say?

"In short, back then, the Sage predicted that a huge calamity was going to fall and the entire world would sink into chaos. However, he couldn\'t figure out the source of the calamity. As such, to avoid the calamity, he decided to start a war at an earlier date to destroy both the barbarians and the devil race. Unexpectedly, when they reached the devil race, he found that the devil race had already been destroyed."

Chen Feng was surprised. "Destroyed?"

"Yes, destroyed," Qin Hai stated with a solemn expression. "The Devil King killed off all his clansman, including himself!"