The Strongest Gene - Chapter 424: Outside of Expectations

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Chapter 424: Outside of Expectations

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Black diamond? Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

"I have been looking forward to meeting you," that figure stated lightly as the black diamond on his forehead shone. Only a black shadow was visible from his entire figure.

Chen Feng was astonished. "Oh? Do we know each other?"

"Naturally." The black figure\'s tone was filled with an odd sense warmth. "You have been running rampant in my territory for so long. What do you think? Do I know you?"

"Your territory…" Chen Feng repeated the words, and his eyes widened abruptly. "You\'re the Mysterious Organization\'s leader!" Chen Feng\'s heart chilled. It\'s all over!

Finally, this legendary "major boss" had revealed himself. Even more troublesome was the fact that when Chen Feng had been escaping earlier, his Luck Aura had already completed the upgrade. His current luck value had reverted to its normal state.

Chen Feng gave his luck value a glance and noted that, after upgrading, 1,000 luck value was left for him. Truly excellent. This luck value would be sufficient to help him survive when facing an ordinary person or even a peak A-class warrior, but unfortunately, those surpassing A-class were exceptions to this, let alone two of these old freaks. Chen Feng had zero confidence in succeeding. Even if all 1,000 luck value was exhausted, he would not be able to defeat these two. This time, things had become truly dangerous.

Lu Hun\'s gaze was bitingly cold. "Is the figurine still with you?"

"Figurine?" Chen Feng pondered for a bit before fishing out the young lady\'s figurine. "You\'re talking about this?"

This figurine had been built using a rather unusual unknown material that felt extremely cozy to the touch. Moreover, it was somewhat flexible as well. Since he was afraid that Lu Hun would snatch it from him, he tightened his grasp on it instinctively.

Lu Hun: "…"


Clenching both his fists tightly, Lu Hun let out a long breath.

"Hand over the figurine and I will keep your corpse in one piece," Lu Hun barked coldly.

For this? The surprised Chen Feng looked at the figurine in his hand. He had initially believed that Lu Hun would make a move to kill him directly. If Lu Hun\'s actual target was this figurine…

"Don\'t bother thinking of any tricks," Lu Hun stated coldly. "Since I am already here, I will most certainly not allow you to survive. I am only trying to avoid damaging the figurine in the battle. If you hand it over, I will keep your corpse in one piece. Otherwise… I will extinguish your very soul itself!"


Instantly, a terrifying aura surged. The imposing aura of a superexpert like Lu Hun bloomed, giving Chen Feng a choking feeling.

So this is the power of a true expert…

"What more trump cards do you have? Use them all," Lu Hun said with a lofty expression. Even against an opponent like Chen Feng, Lu Hun would not underestimate him. Truth be told, after the few confrontations they\'d had, he was already seeing Chen Feng as an opponent at the same level as him, to the point where he had requested the Mysterious Organization\'s leader accompany him here as backup. From this, it was clear how cautious he was when facing Chen Feng.

Evidently, he had suffered defeat way too many times at Chen Feng\'s hands. On top of that, the method used by Chen Feng to insta-kill the two peak A-class warriors earlier was weighing on his heart as well. No matter what, this was an opponent he could not afford to underestimate.

"…" Instinctively, Chen Feng glanced at the Mysterious Organization\'s leader.

"Don\'t look at me," the Mysterious Organization\'s leader stated lazily. "I am only here to prevent your escape. Mhm… Brother Lu said that you have a lot of trump cards. Therefore, he needs my assistance here."

"…" Chen Feng could only smile bitterly as a response. Was there a need for this? He was only a newly advanced small time B-class warrior. Against a small fellow like him, two experts surpassing A class had to be deployed? This was too excessive! Was it truly possible for him to contend against those surpassing A class? If Lu Hun had appeared earlier, when his luck value had still been unlimited, there might have been a chance.


Green radiance started flickering. A weapon condensed in Lu Hun\'s hand. A gush of power surpassing A class flickered without stop. Chen Feng\'s nerves went taut. As he looked at the faraway Mysterious Organization leader that was maintaining constant vigilance and then looked at the too-small amount of luck value he had, his heart chilled. This time, things were truly becoming troublesome. With this little amount of luck value, he might still be able to escape from Lu Hun alone. But now…

Splat! Splat!

From the dusky sky, raindrops fell without stop. The black drops rained down, seemingly to cleanse everything. When the drops landed on their bodies, they ricocheted down to the ground. Here in this unknown region not far from the Mysterious Organization, an austere mood pervaded the air. Lu Hun\'s entire body was enveloped in a layer of green radiance, and his killing intent intensified unendingly. Suddenly, the Mysterious Organization leader stretched his hand out.

"Yi?" With a somewhat odd expression, he looked at the black water on his hand before staring at the sky. "Something seems wrong."

Lu Hun wasn\'t exactly surprised. "What\'s up?" The present him was no longer the same extremely egotistical person he\'d been when he had first met Chen Feng. The moment he had decided to make a move against Chen Feng, he had already been expecting Chen Feng to do something.

The Mysterious Organization leader frowned. "I keep feeling that something is off." Suddenly, a black radiance seemed to flash through the sky.

With the black sky as the backdrop, that bizarre dark figure was not visible to the eyes. However, the shaking in the air was something everyone could clearly feel.


Space trembled. Abruptly, the expressions of Lu Hun and the Mysterious Organization leader changed. Their connections… had been severed! Their connections with their main bodies had actually been severed! Presently, far away, at a certain location high above the sky, Lu Hun and the Mysterious Organization leader had unsightly expressions on their faces. A short moment ago, they had lost their connections with their clones. Moreover, the hovering screen used to monitor the scene had vanished as well. They could no longer see anything.

Lu Hun shut both his eyes. "Chen Feng…" A fire was raging in his heart. Every single time he confronted this Chen Feng, some mishap happened! From the first encounter where his wife had absurdly fallen in love with Chen Feng to the subsequent encounters where Chen Feng had escaped him in an absurd manner to transforming into Wang Feng after his "death," and so on. During all of these incidents, all sorts of random coincidences had happened. This time was no exception despite the fact that he had recruited the help of his junior apprentice brother.

The Mysterious Organization leader pondered before saying, "There\'s no need to worry. Even if our connections with our clones has been severed, our clones will still remain at peak A class with a power that slightly surpasses a regular peak A-class warrior. Chen Feng is not a match for the both of our clones. As long as the clones succeed in killing Chen Feng, everything will be settled." The Mysterious Organization leader was confident.

"Perhaps." Lu Hun had nothing much to say to that. Due to the many failures in the past, he no longer had any confidence when facing Chen Feng, despite the fact that this Chen Feng was merely a fellow much weaker than him. At this time, in that unknown region where the clones\' connections had been suddenly severed...

Shock appeared in Lu Hun\'s eyes. "You are actually capable of this?" Their clones had been created with unique methods, granting them a connection to the thoughts of the main bodies. This was something that couldn\'t be blocked. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng was actually capable of totally blocking the connection.

Ah? Chen Feng was dumbfounded. Even he was not aware of what was happening. Was this the aftereffect of his Luck Aura? But then, he had yet to activate his Luck Aura. Could this truly be a coincidence?

"Forget it. Just kill him directly," the Mysterious Organization leader stated decisively.

Lu Hun nodded. "Mhm." They could not afford to be disconnected from their main bodies for long.


A bright radiance started shining. The killing attack in Lu Hun\'s hand bloomed. Regardless of the tricks employed, they only needed to focus on killing Chen Feng.


Two extremely terrifying radiances bloomed. The frightening attack in Lu Hun\'s hand streaked toward Chen Feng. However, right as that attack reached Chen Feng, right before Chen Feng could be killed...


A stuffy sound echoed. Next, his body stiffened.