The Strongest Gene - Chapter 421: Black Domain, Scared Now?

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Chapter 421: Black Domain, Scared Now?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Mysterious Organization.

When the attacks of the two peak A-class warriors descended, when they reached Chen Feng, when they were merely a tiny distance away from Chen Feng, suddenly, the earth trembled.


Everyone\'s expression changed slightly. The two peak A-class warriors clenched their teeth and ignored the earthquake, focusing on first killing Chen Feng. Right at this instant, two terrifying black lights gushed out from underground.

Pu! Pu!

The two figures were directly pierced through by the two black lights and were forcefully flung away. Just like this, two peak A-class warriors were killed.


The expressions of the Mysterious Organization members changed greatly. Dead? Just like that? Illustrious peak A-class warriors, who were almost the strongest existences as known by the public, were dead just like that? Shocked, they looked over and noted that on the ground before Chen Feng, two huge holes could be seen. A great amount of terrifying black light was gushing out from these two holes.



The black radiance gleamed endlessly and the earth trembled without stop. The black light that had erupted suddenly was gushing out like the water of a flowing river.


The black stream surged out without stop.


The expressions of the Mysterious Organization members changed greatly at this sight. They had yet to recover from their stupor from witnessing two peak A-class warriors getting insta-killed. As they saw this freakish development, the only thing they could do was step back with fear.

D*mn it! What terrifying thing had this Chen Feng summoned?

No matter how they looked at it, regardless of the natural phenomenon in the sky or that terrifying stream, neither seemed like something Chen Feng was capable of doing. What trump card did this guy possess, exactly? They had no idea. The only thing they could do was retreat without stop for fear that they would get corroded by the black stream. After witnessing with their own eyes how two peak A-class warriors had been insta-killed, they were no longer capable of keeping their calm. Unknown to them, though, Chen Feng was similarly dumbfounded as well.

The f*ck! What the hell is this?

Chen Feng had a "what the f*ck" feeling as well. He was aware that presently, despite the fact that there were no abilities similar to So Close, Yet Worlds Apart here, Luck Aura would still work by creating coincidences out of thin air. However, this sudden eruption had somewhat exceeded his expectations. Two peak A-class warriors getting insta-killed? As Chen Feng stared at the stream of black colored liquid, he felt fear in his heart.

"Careful!" Chen Feng started telling the barbarians to retreat speedily.


The barbarians were aware that this was a crisis. Hence, they followed Chen Feng as he retreated. Unfortunately, Chen Feng and the barbarians were, after all, still too near. As such, the black stream was going to reach his feet very soon.

Chen Feng\'s heart chilled. "Its over."

This freaking Luck Aura… Yes, you indeed insta-killed two peak A-class warriors. But then, it seems like both the barbarians and I are going to get insta-killed as well, right? F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!

Chen Feng did not even know how he should begin berating this sudden fate.

He fully activated his Luck Aura, hoping that it would work one more time and rescue him and the barbarians. Unfortunately, regardless of how he urged his Luck Aura, there was no consumption of luck value.

Chen Feng\'s heart chilled. It\'s over… Since no luck value was being consumed, did it not signify that this crisis couldn\'t be reversed? Where was the promised omnipotence?


The black liquid streamed past Chen Feng\'s feet. Next… they started streaming away from him.


Chen Feng stared at the stream flowing beneath him that was deep enough to reach his ankles with a dumbstruck expression. The barbarians were similarly dumbstruck as well. This seemingly terrifying stream had not dealt any damage to them? Why? Chen Feng had no idea. In any case, he had a fast reaction time. As he saw the faraway Mysterious Organization members that were retreating in fear, an idea surfaced in his brain.

"Go!" Chen Feng told the barbarians, urging them to take the initiative and charge forth. His overcast voice started echoing about: "Hehe. It\'s about time I let you guys witness what true power looks like." In order to add to the atmosphere, he had even used Myriad Illusions to use some minor abilities capable of magnifying his voice.

"Are you scared? Are you nervous? This is precisely my Black Domain!"

Chen Feng\'s domineering voice spread throughout the Mysterious Organization. "Now, run for your lives… hahahahahaha."



The black liquid streamed out without stop. As they heard this, the Mysterious Organization members were all alarmed. This thing here had truly been summoned by that Chen Feng? Black Domain? What the h*ll was that?

The only thing that gave them some sort of relief was the fact that they were rather far away from Chen Feng. Despite how scary that black stream was, its speed wasn\'t particularly fast. But then, that Chen Feng…

Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, the earth started trembling again. As they raised their heads, they saw Chen Feng sitting on top of the barbarians chasing after them. Those d*mnable big guys were actually not affected in the slightest when stepping through the black liquid and were taking wide strides to chase after them with a terrifying speed. D*mn it! This was indeed something Chen Feng had summoned! Only a power he himself had summoned would be under his control in this manner.

Without the slightest hesitation, Tang Lan issued the order to retreat. "Go!"

Shua! Shua!

All of them started fleeing frantically as Chen Feng\'s group pursued them amidst the black water, appearing exceptionally fierce. None of them had expected that the operation to encircle and annihilate Chen Feng would transform to their current scene in such an absurd manner. The members of this huge Mysterious Organization were actually being pursued by Chen Feng!

Run, run, run! This was the only thought in a lot of them. They somewhat rejoiced the fact that the black water was ineffective against buildings. Thereupon, a lot of people fled to highlands nearby, and some started flying. Despite all this, none of them had the courage to approach Chen Feng\'s group. What joke was that? Those giants were all A classes!

On top of that, Chen Feng himself was also incredibly terrifying. He only needed to nonchalantly drag one of them toward the black water and that person would die before even knowing what had happened. They had no plans to die just like this.

Chen Feng appeared regretful. "Hateful. I had originally planned to kill all of you right here…"


These words sent a chill up the spine of all the Mysterious Organization members as they started running even further away from Chen Feng.

Chen Feng\'s cold voice echoed about: "Hmph! A day will come when I kill all of you!" Calmly, he patted the barbarian below him. "Let\'s go."


The barbarian responded with a single howl. Next, the group of barbarians started running and left while moving through the black water. As for the Mysterious Organization members, they merely watched on from far away, not daring to even pursue. What joke was that? While trying to kill Chen Feng, two peak A-class warriors had been easily defeated, and another two peak A-class warriors had been insta-killed. With this, who had the courage to go after Chen Feng?

This guy was excessively terrifying. What could they use to chase after him? Who would even dare to chase after him? Finally, the figures of Chen Feng and the barbarians were no longer in sight. The direction Chen Feng\'s group had run in had none of the black water. However, as they saw the black water streaming around… they instead let out a breath of relief. Finally, he was gone! Yes, that terrifying demon Chen Feng had finally left.

Tang Lan sighed. "This is the strength of our most wanted person?" With the strength of Chen Feng, classes were now meaningless to him. Apart from their leader, who could defeat Chen Feng? At such a young age, Chen Feng had actually reached such a height? Sigh.

Everyone else sunk into silence as well. The grand and magnificent Mysterious Organization had actually suffered defeat two times in a row at Chen Feng\'s hands. Two times! This was not a game! Presently, even after Chen Feng\'s departure, they still needed to deal with that seemingly boundless black water. At the place where Chen Feng had originally stood, the place where the two peak A-class warriors had been insta-killed, black water could still be seen gushing out without stop, planting fear in all their hearts.