The Strongest Gene - Chapter 420: Omnipotence for Real?

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Chapter 420: Omnipotence for Real?

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Li Qing blanked. "How is this happening…"

"This trash." Du Lei did not even feel like talking to him anymore. Initially, he had been on the verge of killing Chen Feng. Thanks to this guy\'s stupid So Close, Yet Worlds Apart ability, he had almost gotten counterkilled instead. As he saw the numerous giants with superb melee ability being freed from the pit, he had a bad feeling. This battle was becoming more complicated now…

A malevolent expression surfaced on Li Qing\'s face. "I will trap them again." The face of an illustrious peak A class like him couldn\'t be lost here.

Tang Lan merely waved his hand, telling Li Qing, "Just stop. If you continue, you will only mess things up." Tang Lan calmly continued, "All your abilities have \'So Close, Yet Worlds Apart\' as the base. Abilities with opposing effects, improved effects, or mixtures of effects, as long as these abilities are not sufficiently perfect, there will be some flaw somewhere. All these are things the opponent can exploit. Perhaps you would never fail normally, but here, in this unique situation, facing this unique opponent, you will most certainly fail. Chen Feng has surpassed me when it comes to arcane studies… Would you believe me if I said that the next So Close, Yet Worlds Apart you release will shift Du Lei, me, or even others away?" Tang Lan glanced at him. "Just retreat."

Li Qing paled. He had never imagined that a day would come when he became baggage! He was a peak A class! An illustrious peak A class!

With low spirits, he retreated. The moment he raised his head again, the first thing he saw was a certain indignant person researching his "True Steel Armor" without stop. As they exchanged gazes, they started gleaming with tears. What the h*ll was up with the world?

Bang! Bang!

By now, all the barbarians had escaped their entrapment. With a wave of Chen Feng\'s hand, he used his unlimited energy and luck value to easily produce gigantic energy armor for each of the barbarians. With this, the might of each of the barbarians increased dramatically once again.

Du Lei: "…"

What useless Li Qing!



The barbarians that had been trapped for a long time started crazily making their move. Immediately, chaos erupted.

"Kill them."

Finally, the experts of the Mysterious Organization made their move. Apart from Li Qing and the other guy, all other peak A-class experts entered the fray. However, just as the battle erupted, the scene sank into chaos, all sorts of odd abilities shooting off. Before those abilities could even be released properly, they would all explode suddenly.

"Holy shit, what the hell are you doing?" furiously asked a guy whose chrysanthemum had almost been blasted apart by his friend.

The other guy was puzzled as well. "I… I was merely trying to boost your power." When had his power-boosting ability transformed into a chrysanthemum-blaster? Something similar was repeating everywhere. The whole battleground became chaotic. The formidable combat power of the Mysterious Organization members couldn\'t even accomplish much before they all sank into chaos. All sorts of screams and shouts could be heard everywhere, akin to a bustling wet market. Only the roaring voices of the barbarians remained distinct.

Bang! Bang!

The barbarians started beating everyone up!

Almost every time the Mysterious Organization members tried using their abilities, an accident would happen. One time after another, they kept getting injured by their own comrades. After several repeats, they did not even dare to do anything anymore.

Everyone was bewildered.

"What the hell is going on?"

"It\'s Chen Feng." Tang Lan\'s gaze skipped past all those terrifyingly powerful barbarians and landed on the Chen Feng behind them. With a serious gaze, he said, "This guy is the most terrifying one among them."

The others might not have been able to notice this, but he had witnessed with his own eyes how, every time Chen Feng waved his hand, chaos would erupt in the crowd. This guy was the most terrifying one here. But then, arcane studies could truly be used to such an extent? Even affecting the abilities of genetic warriors?

Nowadays, every single A-class warrior had a set of abilities unique to them. This set of abilities was created by using a single ability as the base to create a complete system. Even for Chen Feng himself, the base of his abilities was the Wind Blade ability! With Wind Blade and Myriad Illusions, Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades was birthed. With Wind Blade as the energy supply and Energy Equipment as the auxiliary ability, an even more powerful Energy Equipment could be created! How about other genetic warriors? They all operated in a similar fashion as well.

Generally, a single ability would be used as the base. After fusing with other abilities, one would combine the different abilities endlessly to create all sorts of secret arts! An example would be the earlier Opposing Direction. If one were to be honest, this Opposing Direction was simply the fusion of So Close, Yet Worlds Apart with a certain ability capable of reversing an ability. As for Chen Feng, he had used certain methods related to arcane studies to disrupt this combination, causing the pure So Close, Yet Worlds Apart to be the ability unleashed instead. Ultimately, the pit trap had been destroyed.

Could arcane studies really accomplish such a feat? Tang Lan truly had no idea. But then, he was clear that this was precisely what Chen Feng had achieved. If so…

"Everyone, listen. From now on, only use perfect abilities," Tang Lan commanded. "Any abilities that might fail, even if the probability is only 0.0001%, must not be used. If you don\'t have such an ability, then just use a basic ability instead of a fused ability. Do not give Chen Feng any chances to exploit!"

Finally, everyone understood the reason for the various mishaps earlier. "Yes."

Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful. "Have I been found out?" When he noticed that Luck Aura could be utilized in such manner earlier, he had concluded that he would be able to use his Luck Aura to cause all their abilities to fail to clear a bloody path out of this place. Unexpectedly, Tang Lan had figured him out in such a short period of time. But then, that was understandable. Tang Lan was a person aware of Chen Feng\'s manipulation of luck. The only thing Tang Lan had gotten wrong was the crediting all these feats to Arcane Studies.

Bang! Bang!

Once again, a huge battle erupted. All the Mysterious Organization members were using their basic abilities, attacking in the most traditional method by blasting their energy out. Under siege of this huge group of people, the barbarians once again sunk into a predicament. There was really no helping this, though, as the enemies were truly too numerous. Slowly, the Mysterious Organization regained the upper hand.

When Li Qing and the rest figured out the issue, they also participated in the battle. This time, they were only using basic abilities as well, as they no longer had the courage to use any fused abilities.

Bang! Bang!

The barbarians were once again forced into an impasse.


Chen Feng was feeling somewhat regretful. When the same move was repeatedly used, it would indeed be seen through. He had initially believed that this method could be used to directly kill a path out of this place.

Shua! Shua!

"Kill him!" Accompanied by a resounding shout, two peak A-class experts charged straight at Chen Feng. Evidently, after witnessing how terrifying the freakish methods of Chen Feng were, they were no longer willing to give him any chances to do anything. Instantly, their terrifying abilities enveloped Chen Feng. Thanks to the idiotic Li Qing from earlier serving as an example, these two had smartly decided to use their basic abilities, basic abilities that were without flaw. This time, they had to ensure Chen Feng\'s death!


As a response, Chen Feng merely chuckled. Since his earlier method was no longer working, there was no longer any need to employ that method. In any case, his earlier method of exploiting the Opposing Direction and So Close, Yet Worlds Apart was too reliant on coincidence. After all, if Li Qing hadn\'t been here, this method wouldn\'t have worked at all. As such, now, he was truly curious as to what would ensue when he used his Luck Aura without Li Qing\'s ability.


Lightly, he raised his hand.


Luck Aura bloomed. Suddenly, the sky darkened, almost as if it had been shrouded by a dense layer of ink. Next, a power that caused one\'s heart to palpitate started surging out. In an absurd manner, everyone felt like an aura of death had wrapped around their hearts.

And now, darkness descended upon them.