The Strongest Gene - Chapter 418: Something Seems Off

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Chapter 418: Something Seems Off

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

So Close, Yet Worlds Apart was a mystical ability capable of shortening the distance between two points, helping the user to speedily travel, flee, or perhaps kill. Naturally, for this particular person who was the user of this ability, in his hands, this ability had undergone countless transformations, becoming a true core ability of his. An example would be the simple variation he had created: Opposing Direction.

By using this variation, he was able to make this ability work the other way around, increasing the distance between two points to the point where the distance became unlimited, stopping others from getting near him. This was similarly an extremely powerful ability. This was also what he had been relying on to contain those barbarians.

"Go back down."

In a well-practiced manner, he used the Opposing Direction ability. However, for a reason unknown to him, his ability failed. Perhaps it was because of the shockwave resulting from the barbarian\'s sudden breakthrough, or perhaps it was because this was a chaotic battlefield and the energy undulation in the air was too chaotic. Just like that, this ability that had never failed ever since he had become well practiced with it failed.


He wasn\'t really bothered with this failure. If it failed, he could just reactivate the ability again. These giants were already trapped within the pit. Even if he failed once, they would not be able to come out anyway. However, just as he raised his hand, he could see the giant that had been struggling in the depths of the pit instantly vanish.

Mhm? At this, he blanked. What happened? Why did that giant instantly vanish? Instantly? That shouldn\'t be possible…

As he felt the faint trace of energy lingering in the air, he frowned. Had the failed Opposing Direction earlier started working now? This Opposing Direction was an ability that used the ability So Close, Yet Worlds Apart as its base. To be precise, every other ability he had created using So Close, Yet Worlds Apart used this ability as the base to operate. Hence, if these abilities failed, it might fail in doing anything at all, or perhaps the base ability, So Close, Yet Worlds Apart, might be the one that appeared instead. However, such a situation was something he had never seen, even after reaching peak A class.

He frowned. "Is it because of the energy here being too chaotic?" In his memories, chaotic energy might result in abilities failing. He had indeed heard of this before. However, he had never expected it to happen here. When he recalled the multicolored blades released by Chen Feng earlier, he felt somewhat relieved as he deduced that the multicolored blades might be the cause of the chaotic energy.

Forget it. If one escaped, I can just catch him again. Even if So Close, Yet Worlds Apart has appeared accidentally, you won\'t escape far. You must still be around here. Mhm… let me see, where have you escaped to?

He raised his head. Instantly, his expression changed greatly at the sight that welcomed him. Presently, at the main battlefield, Du Lei was erupting with his full power to unleash the strongest attack he could. His iron-like fist was filled with an astonishing energy and was only 10 centimeters away from Chen Feng. The fist that was like a miniature sun would soon erupt and bloom brightly.

Right at this instant, right before Du Lei slammed his fist down toward Chen Feng, suddenly, a figure appeared in front of Chen Feng. With that huge body, that person actually squeezed himself into the final 10-centimeter gap between Chen Feng and the fist. Du Lei, whose body wasn\'t particularly huge, was forcefully pushed away. And now, that powerful fist of Du Lei\'s finally erupted.

Bang! Bang!

It exploded with a terrifying might. A terrifying force engulfed the entire core region of the Mysterious Organization.

Everyone\'s mind was stretched taut.

"What\'s going on?"

"Is Chen Feng dead?"

"No idea. Earlier, something seemed to have appeared…"

"That\'s not possible, right?"

"It has already reached this point. Are you saying he was still able to block it?"

"No idea."

Everyone was confused.


Du Lei was dumbstruck as well. With his very own eyes, he saw a huge thing forcefully squeeze into that final 10-centimeter gap between him and Chen Feng right before the attack that was condensed on his fist erupted. He did not even have the chance to get a clear look at what it was that had appeared there.

What was that? A defensive ability erected by Chen Feng at the last minute? He had no idea…However, he reckoned Chen Feng shouldn\'t have been able to block his attack, right? Du Lei was a person with an A-class physical body and A-class energy. When the strength of his physical body and energy were combined, even other ordinary peak A-class experts would die if they were to engage in melee combat with him. How could a mere Chen Feng defend against him? Even after using his defensive trump card, it shouldn\'t be…

The radiance ensued from the earlier explosion faded. By the time everyone got a clear look at what had happened there, they inhaled mouthfuls of cold air. The faraway Du Lei glanced at it as well and was immediately alarmed.

There, in front of Chen Feng, a huge body had appeared to block everything for him. Astonishingly, that was precisely one of the barbarians that had followed Chen Feng here. He had actually climbed out of the pit!

Instantly, Du Lei\'s expression became unsightly. "It\'s them!"

Indeed, the combination of his physical body and energy was undefeated. Even peak A-class warriors might die after receiving such an attack from him. Here, nobody capable of receiving a single punch from him was present. Unfortunately, the barbarians were an exception to this, these fellows brought here by Chen Feng!

First of all, these fellows were immune to energy. As such, Du Lei\'s energy enhancement had become ineffective. Second, the strength of their physical bodies surpassed even Du Lei\'s. With this, Du Lei\'s physical attack had been rendered ineffective as well. Since both aspects were now ineffective, how could Du Lei hope to have injured the barbarian?

True enough, with his own eyes, Du Lei watched on as that simple and honest-looking fellow stood up before rubbing his belly. He seemed to have only felt some itch there and was not bothered about Du Lei\'s attack at all.


In a nonchalant manner, the barbarian punched forth to destroy the terrifying energy. Du Lei\'s pupils constricted as he saw that punch enlarging in front of him as it neared his chest, where his heart was. Next, a gush of terrifying force exploded right where his heart was.

Not good! Du Lei\'s expression changed greatly. It\'s over!

The distance between him and this big guy was too small! The distance was so short that after punching the barbarian, the barbarian would be able to counter with his very own punch as well. Yes, his physical body was at A class. However, the strength of this barbarian\'s body was simply much higher than his! Furthermore, perhaps due to the recent breakthrough, the might this barbarian was erupting with had even surpassed the barbarian\'s ordinary strength.

"It\'s over." Du Lei felt his scalp go numb as he felt a choking feeling in his heart as he felt that terrifying gush of force coming at his heart. Too close! So close nobody could save him! At this time...

Tang Lan pointed midair. "Condense!" For the first time, the power of arcane studies bloomed. A transparent undulation appeared in front of the barbarian, causing the barbarian\'s fist to pause slightly and giving Du Lei the opportunity to retreat rapidly and escape this calamity. Despite his successful escape, he had still been shaken by the shockwave of that punch, to the point his whole body felt numb. Without actually touching his body, merely the shockwave through the air had been sufficient to nearly injure him. What terrifying strength!

Everyone else was stupefied as well. None of them had expected this big guy to appear during the crucial moment of the battle. Moreover, that single instantaneous counter attack had almost insta-killed Du Lei as well. This was too terrifying. If it hadn\'t been for Tang Lan…

At this thought, their hearts trembled. The timing of this big guy had simply been too precise. Wait, this shouldn\'t be right. Suddenly, they realized something. Why had this big guy appeared suddenly? Even if his speed was even faster than Du Lei\'s, it was not possible for him to be this fast. Right before Du Lei had insta-killed Chen Feng, he had blinked to Chen Feng\'s front? This was illogical! Instinctively, everyone turned their heads to look at the peak A-class warrior responsible for containing the giants.