The Strongest Gene - Chapter 417: So Close, Yet Worlds Apart!

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Chapter 417: So Close, Yet Worlds Apart!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

How was one supposed to defeat a person with no weakness? By relying on pure unadulterated energy and an attack that was sufficiently strong. This was a feat a lot of people could accomplish. Unfortunately, this did not apply to Chen Feng, as he was too weak. Regardless of the amount of experts he had once slain, ultimately, he was still a C class, after all. Or, to be more precise, he was currently a pseudo B class.

Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng was still attacking without stop. All sorts of methods, tactics, and attempts at finding things to exploit were used by him. However, none of them worked. He could only stare with wide eyes as Du Lei approached him without stop. The distance between the both of them was reducing without stop. Thirty meters, twenty meters, fifteen meters… The distance between them was slowly reducing, slowly reaching a distant sufficient for Du Lei to kill Chen Feng with a single instantaneous eruption.

Everyone sunk into a solemn mood. "Soon." Was this freakish guy Chen Feng going to finally die? At this time, the barbarians started having an ominous feeling as well.



They howled without stop, and after struggling indignantly, finally, one of them was able to shake off the containment and climb out of the pit.

"Hmph. Go back down!"

The other peak A-class warrior pointed midair.


With that, the barbarian\'s climb suddenly transformed into an endless climb.

Since they were already aware that these barbarians were immune to energy, they would not make any direct moves against the barbarians. Instead, they had chosen to alter the environment and terrain to ensure that these barbarians would never be able to climb out, that they would struggle forever at the bottom of the pit, akin to someone trapped in the bottom of a well, forever unable to see the sky. The barbarians were helping each other climb without stop. However, that peak A-class warrior was stretching their climb endlessly… never stopping.


With a loud bang, the barbarian that had been about to climb out of the pit fell back down. Currently, the distance between Du Lei and Chen Feng had finally reached 10 meters. This was also the most optimal distance for Du Lei to insta-kill his enemy!

He reached Chen Feng!

Everyone\'s eyes shone. At this time, the Du Lei that had always been advancing steadily seemed to transform. His initial combat style of defending steadily instantaneously changed into a combat style of extreme offense, his oppressive aura surging.


A layer of energy wrapped around his body. With this, the melee combat ability of Du Lei, who already possessed the physical body of an A class, increased greatly.



Instantly, Du Lei erupted, akin to an arrow let loose from a bow. Finally, this expert that had been maintaining his vigilance for so long erupted with his strongest power. The terrifying might and aura he emanated awed everyone there, Chen Feng included!


The formidable oppressive aura slapped at Chen Feng\'s face.

It reached a point where Chen Feng could even feel a stifling feeling of death. He had tried numerous methods to kill Du Lei. Unexpectedly, all his methods had failed. This Du Lei was much more powerful than he had imagined. He was indeed worthy of being listed as one of the peak A-class experts of the Mysterious Organization. Chen Feng started lamenting endlessly.

Now, Du Lei was already near him. He could see Du Lei nearing him one step at a time. In a short instant, or perhaps in a single short second, he would most certainly die. He was truly helpless if he had to face an eruption of power from an opponent at this level. Erecting a defense with Myriad Illusions? It wouldn\'t work. Despite all this, though, Chen Feng had no fear. If this was the normal him, against an opponent at this level, he would have turned around and fled long ago. Now, though, was precisely the final moment of his Luck Aura\'s upgrade.



Chen Feng could feel an invincible power bubbling up within him. His Luck Aura was undergoing a transformation! In this final moment of its upgrade, the accumulated luck value had also reached a terrifying amount, an amount one could very well describe with the word "unlimited."

Luck value, huh…

Chen Feng remembered how, during the first time he touched a piece of Spirit Sea wood, that tiny branch, it had already been sufficient to let him see the future, to see through space and time and witness a lot of events! Now, with this huge trunk here, not only had his Luck Aura been upgraded, he had also accumulated a huge amount of luck value. What could he do with this? Suddenly, Chen Feng smiled. He recalled his initial speculation back then, his speculation that with sufficient luck value, he would be nearly omnipotent.

Anything that was impossible would become possible with his luck value! The arcane studies were only capable of increasing the probability of occurrences. As for his luck value, apart from doing this, it was also capable of changing everything!


Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


A gush of energy emanated out of his hand.

"Let me see, are my guesses correct? Let me see, when I have an unlimited amount of luck value, am I truly undefeatable? Let me see, will I really be omnipotent?"


Luck Aura was fully activated. Chen Feng stopped using his Myriad Illusions. He stopped looking for weaknesses. In place of all that, he employed his luck value in an absolutely unrestrained and hegemonic manner, urging inwardly: I want Du Lei to die!!!

He stopped trying to break through Du Lei\'s defense. He stopped trying to defeat Du Lei. The only thing he wanted was Du Lei\'s death, utilizing any possible methods, using any possible ways. Chen Feng stopped thinking and handed everything over to Luck Aura. This time, he wanted to use his luck to murder!


Abruptly, a huge amount of luck value was exhausted. In the accumulated luck value that was seemingly unending, an obvious undulation visible to the naked eye appeared. It was evident how terrifying the amount of luck value exhausted this time was.

Chen Feng\'s heart thumped. "Did it work?" Despite the fact that Du Lei\'s attack was already extremely near to him, despite the fact that Du Lei\'s attack might very well kill him in the next moment, Chen Feng still remained unmoving. He wanted to see, to see what exactly would happen when Luck Aura was pushed to its limit.


Du Lei\'s incoming attack was so fast that the whizzing sound of space being ripped could be heard as it traversed.

Everyone there could see with their own eyes how Du Lei had erupted with his strongest attack toward Chen Feng. As for the Chen Feng opposite him, he was standing still like a fool, not reacting in the slightest.

Someone found it odd. "Has he given up on resisting?"

"I suppose Du Lei is too fast for Chen Feng to even react?" someone guessed.

"Is that so?"

Everyone was unsure. Every single one of them focused their gazes at what was happening, witnessing Du Lei\'s charge that was akin to a ferocious tiger and watching on as Du Lei\'s terrifying attack erupted instantaneously toward Chen Feng.

Five meters!

Three meters!

One meter!

Finally, the terrifying attack descended. Such a distance would not be able to pose any challenge to Du Lei.


The terrifying attack that he had been condensing was finally unleashed at this instant. His iron-like fist, enveloped by a dim layer of radiance that was akin to an exploding sun, slammed down toward Chen Feng.

"It\'s over."

Everyone sighed. When one allowed an expert with the physical body of an A class to get within one meter of them, there was no longer any suspense as to the ensuing result.

"Too near."

A peak A-class expert sighed. At this distance, even they who were similarly listed as peak A-class experts of the Mysterious Organization could not escape death when facing Du Lei.

Right at this moment, among those barbarians within the huge pit that had been struggling without stop, one of them started yelling abruptly, and instantly, that particular barbarian erupted.


His figure started moving violently, trying to once again charge out of the pit. The physical body of this barbarian that had already been at A class was actually transforming once again. From early-tier A class, his body transformed into middle-tier A class and his strength became even more terrifying than before.

The peak A-class expert responsible for trapping the barbarians merely snorted. "Hmph!" These barbarians had already attempted this numerous times. Had they not given up yet?

He pointed midair. "So Close, Yet Worlds Apart!"