The Strongest Gene - Chapter 412: Fatal Flaw

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Chapter 412: Fatal Flaw

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

A terrifying power descended. Instantly, the entire building was reduced to ruin. A black-colored power had seemingly engulfed the entire world. The entire building was being corroded by the black radiance at a speed visible to the naked eye. Gradually, the building was reduced into nothingness. The power of that black radiance was so terrifying it caused one\'s heart to palpitate. This was the power of the Death\'s Eye, a power of death that could match a peak A class.

More importantly—and also the most terrifying aspect of this weapon—was the fact that it had a range of 100 meters and a firing arc of 180 degrees. This signified that anything within 100 meters of this weapon had no hope of escaping the fate of being slaughtered, regardless of who it was or what building it was. Even the earth was corroded, leveling the ground.

"Had it ended?" someone muttered from amidst the darkness.

Right at this instant...

A furious howl resounded. "Howl—"

Next, a tall and sturdy giant walked out blocking in front of Chen Feng. With his own body, he obstructed a huge amount of the black beam, his gaze resolute. This was one of the members of Chen Feng\'s group.

The Mysterious Organization members were astonished. "Taking on the attack on behalf of Chen Feng?"

Tang Lan merely shook his head. "Hehe. He won\'t be able to block it…"

This was the Death\'s Eye! If the giant could block it so easily, would this still be the formidable divine weapon everyone knew it as? Regardless of the color, the biggest advantage of light was the lack of blind spots. The beam of light that was being blocked by the giant was still capable of shining upon Chen Feng through a different angle.


Instantly, the black light exploded. The dazzling radiance caused the hearts of countless people to tremble. Ultimately, everything was reduced to nothingness.

The endless expanse of black gradually faded, and the Mysterious Organization members started looking over. With such a large-scale attack, regardless of how powerful Chen Feng\'s group was, how many of them could have survived? Moreover, even if those giants could survive… how about Chen Feng? Hehe. In the end, he was still an ordinary person.

Despite their thoughts, when they looked over, they were all startled. At the spot where Chen Feng had stood—that spot that was supposed to have been erased to nothingness—several giants were blocking in front of Chen Feng, using their bodies to block all attacks. One giant was insufficient to block the attack? It did not matter! There were 10 of them in the group anyway!

Ten giants could be seen surrounding Chen Feng, forming two layers of sturdy meat walls around him to forcefully take on all the black beams of light.

All the Mysterious Organization members blanked. "This works?" None of them had expected that those giants would use such a method to protect Chen Feng. Unfortunately, the energy immunity of these giants was shockingly high as well. Not much damage had been dealt to them.

"This is a unique and dreadful breed of humans," someone said with a heavy expression.

"It seems like a huge battle is going to start."

One expert took out his weapon. The Death\'s Eye was taken away noiselessly. Since this thing was useless against Chen Feng, there was no point in using it. After all, they would have to pay a terrifying price for every single usage of this weapon.

Tang Lan sighed. "I originally believed that we would be able to deal with this easily."

They had originally expected the Death\'s Eye to greatly reduce the combat power of Chen Feng\'s group. Even if Chen Feng\'s group had survived, they should have been gravely injured. Unexpectedly, this was what had happened instead.

"Battle it is, then."

Many of them were already getting ready for a battle. However, Tang Lan kept having a bad feeling. As he paid careful attention, his expression changed greatly, especially when he saw the scene behind the meat wall after those giants moved away. Only at this point did he realize that something bad had happened.

Tang Lan\'s expression changed greatly. "Where\'s the Spirit Sea wood?"

As for the other Mysterious Organization members, when they realized what had happened, their expressions became unsightly as well.

"Could it be, earlier…"

Some of them were staring at Tang Lan with hostile expressions. Hadn\'t he said earlier that the Spirit Sea wood was well protected?

Tang Lan shook his head. "The defenses were indeed prepared long ago. Fifteen layers of defenses with all sorts of categories. Even ancient restrictions were placed there as well. Let alone the Death\'s Eye, even those surpassing A class shouldn\'t be able to break through those defenses by brute force. Although the Death\'s Eye is capable of dealing a huge amount of damage, facing these unconditional defenses, it shouldn\'t be able to deal any sort of damage. Unless…" Suddenly, Tang Lan thought of a possibility. He looked at Chen Feng abruptly. "You… you removed all the defenses?"

Chen Feng merely laughed as a response. "Hehe."

Tang Lan\'s expression became deathly pale. "It\'s you indeed!" So that\'s what happened!

Just as Chen Feng had finished removing the defenses and been about to escape with the Spirit Sea wood, the Death\'s Eye had erupted, coincidentally destroying the Spirit Sea wood. As Tang Lan thought of this possibility, he almost spat blood in anger. Therefore, the most mysterious possession of their organization had been destroyed by him just like that?

"Chen Feng!" Tang Lan raged, "you must pay with your life!"

Same as before, Chen Feng mere replied with a laugh. "Hehe." At this moment, nobody was aware of what Chen Feng was experiencing. If Tang Lan was able to get nearer to Chen Feng, he would most definitely be able to feel the bubbling mysterious power around Chen Feng. That was precisely the power of luck. Had the Spirit Sea wood been destroyed? Nope. The entirety of the Spirit Sea wood had been absorbed by Chen Feng\'s Luck Aura!

As for Chen Feng, he hadn\'t been saying anything not because he did not want to. Rather, presently, he was simply incapable of saying anything. He had absorbed too much luck value, stuffing his body full. His Luck Aura was crazily absorbing the luck value to increase its level. As for the excess power of luck, almost all of it was flooding Chen Feng. As such, Chen Feng was being forced to expend all his effort to control the excess power. This power…


He raised his hand. There was nothing in his hand, yet a heavy feeling could be felt.

Anger flashed in Tang Lan\'s eyes. "Kill him! For destroying the Spirit Sea wood, he must pay with his life." Tang Lan was pointing at Chen Feng as he said this despite the fact that he had yet to figure out how Chen Feng had broken through their defenses.


The other Mysterious Organization members were extremely furious as well. With the disappearance of the Spirit Sea wood, it was likely that they could no longer upgrade their badges in the future. Only by finding new Spirit Sea wood would they be able to once again upgrade their badges. This Chen Feng was truly a bringer of disaster.

An expert whistled and said, "Let me do it. I heard that you destroyed a countless amount of the Mysterious Organization\'s resources. Unfortunately, every time it happened, I was unable to arrive in time. This time, let me have a taste of your abilities."


He stood midair while radiance started swirling around him. This was actually a peak A class, the first expert of the Mysterious Organization to have arrived earlier.

With a hearty laugh, a different peak A class strode out. "Let me make up the number as well."

Shua! Shua!

In succession, several other people strode out as well. They might not necessarily join hands to attack Chen Feng, but with them standing there, it was sufficient to prevent Chen Feng\'s escape. Several peak A-class warriors were sufficient to lock down all of Chen Feng\'s escape routes.

"Come, then," the first person shouted.



Countless A-class and B-class warriors charged out, their targets being those fierce-looking giants. After their previous experience against these giants, they had already figured out the giants\' weakness: containment! That\'s right, containment. Due to their energy immunity and strong physical bodies, these giants were nearly unequaled. However, the biggest weakness of such unequaled giants was containment. Energy containment methods might be weak against these giants, but what about physical containment methods?

Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, the ground started transforming. A peak A-class warrior with earth-element abilities waved his hand and caused the ground to start transforming. At this, several huge barbarians were forcefully trapped within a pit over 100 meters away. If they wanted to return, they would first have to climb out of the pit.

As long as they figured out the weakness of these giants, they could trap these giants to death even if they couldn\'t kill the giants directly. These traps that one with energy could solve easily had instead become something quite deadly when used against these giants. The only thing the giants could do was slowly climb up out of the pit with their physical bodies. This was the biggest weakness of these giants.


Stepping on thin air, the expert started walking toward Chen Feng, radiating killing intent with each step he took.

"And now, enjoy your time in hell."