The Strongest Gene - Chapter 407: Target: Spirit Sea Wood!

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Chapter 407: Target: Spirit Sea Wood!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Unknown region.

Leading a squad, Chen Feng was traversing amid the darkness. With two months and using gene reagents, he had created this powerful barbarian squad. A squad of 10 barbarians, all of them with a body strength of A class and with over 95% energy immunity. Naturally, despite these fellows not having any problems with their brains, due to their actual age being young and their rapid growth, they were still all brawn and no brain.

Each of these fellows was an existence akin to a boss in a game. In this era of technology, even weapons were all pure-energy weapons. After witnessing the prowess of energy weapons, humanity had long given up on physical weapons. As such, even the Mysterious Organization was using high-energy weapons. Those were all useless against the barbarians. With over 95% energy immunity, only 5% damage would be dealt against these barbarians. Such an amount of damage might still be able to hurt an ordinary person, but against these barbarians with their heaven-defying bodies, these weapons were merely jokes. On top of that, a huge amount of gene reagents had been prepared by Chen Feng for these barbarians as well.

The only goal for him at the Mysterious Organization was their Spirit Sea wood. In actuality, things would be more interesting if he decided to instead slowly rise in ranks among the Mysterious Organization. However, the time required for this was too long. Chen Feng could not afford to spend so much time. As such, he had decided to use this method to rob them, which was much simpler.

"Have you all learned what I taught you?" Chen Feng asked.

All the barbarians nodded. "Mhm."

The strength of the Mysterious Organization was not to be underestimated. Even if a vast majority of their members were normally out on missions, this was still not a place Chen Feng could act rampantly. As such, he had devised an extremely simple plan: flee immediately after the robbery! Using Luck Aura, he was able to estimate the location of the Spirit Sea wood. That\'s right, the location was deduced using his Luck Aura.

The mysterious power of the Spirit Sea wood was capable of causing Luck Aura to lose its effect. However, in of the entirety of the Mysterious Organization, only a certain area was undetectable using Luck Aura. As such, after mapping the Mysterious Organization\'s headquarters using Luck Aura, he had found a blank spot on it. If that was not the location storing the Spirit Sea wood, what was?

Chen Feng hollered at them, "Remember! Try your best to not attract any attention. Accomplish the goal while being as low profile as possible."

The barbarians nodded. "Mhm."

"Very good." Light flashed in Chen Feng\'s eyes. "Then... let the operation begin."

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The group of 11 entered the Mysterious Organization noiselessly. As Chen Feng had been staying here for quite a while, he was clear on the areas that were monitored and the areas where he needed to be careful. Coupled with the assistance of Luck Aura, they were able to sneak in easily. From their current position to the location of the Spirit Sea wood, they needed to travel through seven tunnels. There would be patrols at all times. This would be a rather dangerous operation. However…

"I\'ll be relying on you guys," Chen Feng said in a low voice.


The barbarians around him vanished. Far away, at the first tunnel, a group of seven was patrolling. All of them were B-class warriors, and the captain was peak B class. This was the strength of the Mysterious Organization. A mere normal patrol squad was comprised fully of B-class warriors. Extremely terrifying.

With squads like this, even if the one sneaking in was an A-class warrior, they would be able to hold out for quite a while, and the moment the alarm was activated, everything would be over. However…

Shua! Shua!

Several barbarians concealed themselves quietly at the two sides of the tunnel. Silently, they awaited the arrival of the patrols. When the patrols reached the entrance of the tunnel, the barbarians erupted and appeared behind them instantly. Next, the barbarians placed both hands at the necks of the patrols before using the technique Chen Feng had spent several days teaching them, a technique they were extremely well practiced with after practicing against scarecrows, a technique known as the neck twist.

Ka! Ka!

One after another, heads separated from their bodies. A B-class patrol squad was decimated just like that. Even Chen Feng himself felt fear when he witnessed this scene. Was this the squad he had created with his own hands?


He let out a long breath. That\'s right. This barbarian squad had been transformed into an assassination squad by Chen Feng. Were the barbarians powerful? Yes, they were. With powerful physical bodies and high energy immunity, if they were used as warriors, even A-class genetic warriors would need a long time to deal with them. These barbarians were simply akin to tanky meat shields! However, what was the point of that?

The moment someone surpassing A-class made a move, or when one of the myriad abilities of those B-class genetic warriors happened to work against the barbarians, all the barbarians could very well end up dead there. It was too dangerous to use the barbarians out in the open for everyone to bombard as they wished like bosses in games. What if the barbarians were used as assassins? An A-class assassin with a superpowerful physical body?

They would be able to insta-kill anyone with lower body strength than them! One had to know that even regular A-class genetic warriors generally only possessed a body strength of C class. At most, they would only have a body strength of B class. What could these people do when facing assassins like the barbarians? The result of this encounter was a no-brainer. As for the counterstrike of the patrols\' defensive energy abilities? Hehe. Against an assassin with energy immunity, one would have a good taste at how helpless one\'s defensive energy abilities were.

As long as sufficient training was provided, such a barbarian squad might be able to kill even those surpassing A class. Naturally, this would only work with the premise of them being undiscovered. This was also the ultimate goal of Chen Feng.

Ka! Ka!

Several crisps sounds resounded once again. Another patrol squad was killed off by the barbarian assassins. As for Chen Feng, he was busy using the numerous minor abilities he had to provide cover to these barbarians. For example: Body Concealment, Aura Elimination, Decimator of Corpses, and Trails!

Ka! Ka!

Numerous patrol groups were eliminated. Chen Feng\'s group traveled forth without stop. By the time the alarm was finally activated, they had already reached their destination. There, enemies that were more powerful could be found.

"A-class patrols."

With a single glance, Chen Feng\'s heart jolted furiously. A group of eight, all of them at A class, and the captain and deputy captain were peak A classes. If this truly where the Spirit Sea wood was stored, even mere guards were most definitely elites of the Mysterious Organization.

"Peak A class…"

Chen Feng compared the strength of both parties.

Theoretically, the barbarian assassins should be able to insta-kill them. However, this was merely theory. The premise of this happening was that the barbarians needed to first approach those A-class warriors. However, which of those A-class warriors wasn\'t a veteran with rich combat experience? The moment they saw the barbarians, the moment they discovered that the barbarians were immune against energy, these genetic warriors would most definitely use a different approach to combat them. They might not be able to defeat the barbarians, but they would be able to drag it out. The moment the reinforcements of the Mysterious Organization arrived, Chen Feng\'s group would be surrounded.

Chen Feng\'s head ached. "This is getting somewhat troublesome."

Ordinary genetic warriors that were assassins normally possessed unique abilities such as blinking and killing. They would be able to instantly appear behind their enemies and unleash a fatal attack. This was something the barbarians could not compare to. Naturally, there were pros and cons to normal genetic warrior assassins. Despite their numerous abilities, the moment the enemies discovered them or started counterattacking, the enemies might be able to even counterkill the assassins.

When something like that happened, it would transform into a competition of trump cards. None of this was a concern for the barbarians. Unfortunately, they lacked a method to approach their targets. If they were to charge out hastily, only death would await. They might also be exhausted to death here as well.

Chen Feng\'s brain raced. What to do…