The Strongest Gene - Chapter 404: Don’t Be Sad

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Chapter 404: Don’t Be Sad

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"When that happened, I was out hunting. By the time I returned, everything had already ended. I searched through every single nook and cranny to find some clansman with breath still left in them and exhausted all methods available to me to help them recover before starting a small tribe with them," the stone statue stated painfully. This was truly a painful memory for him.

In a low voice, the stone statue said, "I heard about you guys from my brother. You guys greatly resemble the ancient race yet are actually members of us barbarians. It was said that during the war, you guys killed countless ancient race members and even fought against the Sage. You guys are the most respected and powerful warrior of us barbarians!"

Chen Feng suddenly asked, "How about Qin Hai?" Since Xiong Er knew Chen Feng and Kong Bai, he should know Qin Hai as well.

The stone statue\'s expression was somewhat odd. "He was brought away by the ancient race. It was rumored that he was accepted as a disciple by the Sage. He also married the daughter of the Sage, seemingly turning into a part of the ancient race. Despite his freedom being restricted, everything he wanted, he was allowed. As for the Devil King, they continued warring against the ancient race. Subsequently, news pertaining to the ancient race started becoming less common. As for the ancient land, the power of primal chaos started getting denser, and the races became separated. In the end, we were no longer capable of finding out whether it was the Devil King or the ancient race that was victorious."

Primal chaos… Is that the thing that separates the aura of the unknown regions from the outside world? This is the very thing that has caused human satellites to fail to get a clear look at the entire planet. This is also the very thing blocking all sort of exploration or sensory related abilities. So… this is a leftover product of the ancient era? As for Qin Hai… it seems like the luck value worked back then. At the very least, he survived and lived on rather comfortably as well. However, as for whether he is still alive now, nobody knows. After all, so many years have passed…

"How have you guys stayed alive until now?" The stone statue was somewhat amazed. He had survived by transforming into a stone statue, forfeiting his life force to become an existence that was essentially not alive. This was how he had preserved his consciousness and survived till now. These three, though…

"We have no idea." Chen Feng started telling a half truth and half lie. "Actually, we are humans. We stepped into the land of legacy accidentally. Lord Divine Ancestor saw through our identity and bestowed us with some mysterious power, telling us to help the barbarians when we woke up. After we woke up, we were already here."

He pointed at his forehead. There, the remnants of the Divine Ancestor\'s aura could still be felt.

The stone statue\'s expression became solemn. "It is indeed the power of Lord Divine Ancestor." Divine Ancestor… is this the favor your esteemed self bestowed upon us back then? He had indeed heard about the Divine Ancestor summoning these three. The present barbarians had truly declined greatly compared to their past and could no longer rise up. If they were to follow this person… He looked at Chen Feng. Young, dynamic, and formidable! Perhaps the future of the barbarians would lie with this person?

Suddenly, the stone statue assumed a solemn expression. "Chen Feng, right? From today onward, the descendants of the barbarians will be relying on you."

Finishing his words, he pointed midair. A dim light bloomed from his finger before landing on Chen Feng\'s forehead.


The radiance started shining brightly.


The shockwave of the terrifying radiance engulfed their surroundings.


Next, countless barbarians started charging at them from their surroundings, giving Chen Feng and Kong Bai quite a scare.

To Chen Feng\'s surprise, these barbarians actually knelt down on the ground while muttering something with their mouths, muttering something like "Lord Divine Ancestor high above," "Oh brilliant Divine Ancestor," and so on. Moreover, some of them even started taking out the portraits left behind by their elders and comparing the portrait with Chen Feng\'s appearance before becoming alarmed and starting to cry bitterly while kneeling on the ground.

Chen Feng: "…"

Vacantly, he stared at the numerous barbarians kneeling on the ground. As far as his eyes could see, there were barbarians kneeling.

"In the future, these are your people. To be able to see the barbarians obtaining a new future before leaving, I can rest in peace," the stone statue lamented endlessly.

Chen Feng widened his eyes abruptly. "You\'re leaving?"

The stone statue sighed. "I should have left long ago. Although I transformed into a stone statue, as long as my consciousness exists, this stone statue will suffer damage. This is especially true whenever I use my power through this stone statue. So many years have passed since then and my true body has long decayed. Only this final breath remained in my body that was deep asleep underground. All this is to ensure the future of us barbarians. Fortunately, I was able to wait until this day." The stone statue appeared gratified. "Lord Divine Ancestor indeed had his own arrangements."

Chen Feng opened his mouth yet did not know what to say. This… What could he say? Tell them that, in fact, Lord Divine Ancestor had been beaten up badly by the Sage? Tell them that back then, when Lord Divine Ancestor had summoned them, he had only intended for them to be spies, since they resembled the ancient race? Tell them how their ancestors had actually seen everything that had happened clearly, but that had been too bitter a battle and they had only been able to lie and say that their Lord Divine Ancestor had fought bravely to his death? But then, it was true that he had been killed there. What could Chen Feng say? He could only smile bitterly at this. He had originally only been planning to trick this Xiong Er. Unexpectedly, he had gotten himself an entire tribe from this single trick of his.

To the side, Kong Bai was sighing endlessly. "Why not me?" Look at this. They had both transmigrated. They had both been summoned by the Divine Ancestor. On his forehead was also the remnant of the imprint of the Divine Ancestor. Why the heck had this stone statue entrusted the barbarians to Chen Feng alone? Kong Bai was indignant.

The stone statue glanced at Kong Bai with a hint of apology in his gaze. "Actually, you would be more fitting for this than him," the stone statue said.

Indeed. Instantly, Kong Bai felt elated.

"Unfortunately, your looks are somewhat lacking." The stone statue sighed before vanishing into the thin air. From here on, both his consciousness and soul would no longer exist. As for the Kong Bai that had still been rejoicing earlier, the smile on his face stiffened.

Looks are somewhat lacking… somewhat lacking… lacking…

With a dumbstruck expression, he stared at the stone statue that was no longer there. His face flushed red, and he started raging as he kicked at thin air. "What is the meaning of that! Finish your sentence! F*ck you, Xiong Er, get your ass out here! Do you have the balls to come back? What\'s the point in not finishing your sentence? What do you mean by me lacking in looks? You indeed deserve to perish, both in soul and consciousness! If you are still alive, I will most certainly grind your bones into dust! Come out! If you have the guts, come out!" Kong Bai roared furiously. That was too excessive! Before his soul and consciousness perished, he felt the need to first berate me? What the h*ll.

Chen Feng: "…"

As the kneeling barbarians saw this, their eyes were filled with reverence as they thought about how these people were indeed the friends of their ancestor. Only such people worthy of being their ancestor\'s friend would display their emotions so openly, right? It was rumored that, when Xiong Da had died back then, Xiong Er had also cursed endlessly for three days and nights, asking Xiong Da to return. Back then, Xiong Er\'s emotions had been extremely unstable, and now, this Kong Bai was the same as well.

Naturally, with the intelligence of these barbarians, they did not understand that the present Kong Bai was truly furious. He had been mocked by the demonic mirror, he had been mocked by the barbarian foot soldiers at the land of legacy, and now, even an expert surpassing A class had mocked him! How was he supposed to live with this? Kong Bai did not even have the tears to cry.

Chen Feng patted Kong Bai\'s shoulder before sighing heavily. "Don\'t be sad."