The Strongest Gene - Chapter 403: He’s Dead

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Chapter 403: He’s Dead

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


The dense white radiance that gave one an incomparably comfortable feeling started gradually fading, transforming back into the environment they were both familiar with, an environment with a chilly breeze rustling in the air, a bone piercingly cold breeze that caused a great amount of pain to one\'s skin.

Kong Bai was overjoyed. "We are back!" They had truly returned. After suffering an untold number of hardships, they had finally returned. He had gone through countless transmigrations in the past. However, not a single one of those transmigrations had been as carefree as this current transmigration. They had actually returned successfully. Did that not mean that…

Kong Bai was overjoyed at the prospect. He glanced at Chen Feng only to notice that Chen Feng\'s expression was rather serene.

Kong Bai was worried about him. "Are you still thinking about Qin Hai?"

"Mhm." Chen Feng frowned, seemingly deeply contemplating something. Suddenly, he asked, "If I take you along, can we both still return there?"

Kong Bai\'s eyes widened. "You\'re thinking of…" This guy was actually thinking of going back there! To be precise, he wanted to return to the past and bring Qin Hai back to the future. However, the probability of such a transmigration occurring again…

Kong Bai shut his eyes.


Using the remaining energy he had on him, he tried.

Kong Bai shook his head. "It won\'t work. To be honest, I have transmigrated so many times before. Most of the time, they were space transmigrations or world transmigrations. Only when a unique energy was involved did I encounter a time transmigration. I suspect that our previous transmigration to the past is related to the remaining unique energy in the ruins of legacy. And now…" Kong Bai tried sensing around. "That energy has already dissipated."

"Is that so?" Chen Feng stared ahead, wondering about Qin Hai\'s fate.


A group of barbarians appeared. When they saw Chen Feng and Kong Bai, they charged over in excitement.

Kong Bai patted Chen Feng\'s shoulder. "Let\'s go. There are way too many things waiting for us to do."

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "Understood."


They both streaked away and entered the depths of the ruins of legacy. Their journey had even brought them to the ancient era as they had walked this land of legacy. What was the reason for all that? It was precisely for the barbarian\'s legacy. Traveling through two points in time, they had reached this deepest depth of the land of legacy. Those things they had failed to obtain and had lacked the time to accomplish during the ancient era had to be completed here.


Amidst the ruins of legacy, a clump of dazzling radiance flickered without stop. As both Chen Feng and Kong Bai stepped in, that gentle radiance started blending into their flesh. That was precisely the legacy of the barbarians! This was a legacy every single barbarian who passed the test could obtain: energy immunity! Back then, the entire race of the barbarians had almost gone extinct. This remnant of their legacy was likely the very thing that had helped them survive till now. This so-called legacy was most probably a certain degree of energy immunity.

"Let\'s try it out."

Chen Feng shot a beam of energy at Kong Bai. Kong Bai did the same to Chen Feng.

Mhm… an immunity of 90%.

This was still not as powerful as what the barbarians possessed. However, it was sufficiently terrifying to astonish others. In other words, all energy damage, curses, and so on would be weakened by 90% against Chen Feng and Kong Bai. This was simply a legacy that was in defiance of the natural order.

Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. "How about healing…"


Once again, they tried using energy on each other. With astonishment, they found that even healing abilities were weakened by 90% against them.

"This is indeed a double-edged sword."

Chen Feng wasn\'t particularly surprised.

Since the immunity was capable of reducing energy damage, it was natural that this immunity reduced healing energy as well. However, most of the abilities they possessed were combat related abilities—as such, they weren\'t greatly affected by this.

"Let\'s go," Kong Bai said with a low voice. He felt like it was better for them to leave fast. Initially, the three of them had only come here for the legacy anyway. Now that Qin Hai was no longer with them and the both of them had obtained the legacy, there was no longer any meaning in staying here any further.


Chen Feng nodded and started leaving speedily. Their journey back was still rather smooth. Only a small disturbance was encountered when they reached the entrance. Instead of stopping, they simply charged through. However, at the very instant they left the land of legacy...


An ice-cold feeling descended upon them. Right after they returned out here, that bone-piercing chill could be felt. The superexpert surpassing A class that had been chasing after them previously was actually waiting for them here!

Kong Bai\'s heart chilled. "It\'s over." So long has passed, yet this fellow is still here? D*mn it! Are all experts that surpass A class so free?

Kong Bai nearly lost all hope. Against an A class, they might still be able to escape. However, facing an expert surpassing A class like this, they had no hope of succeeding even with the energy immunity they had just obtained.

"You both! Deserve death!" the stone statue decreed with his ice-cold voice. The eyes of the stone statue were filled with a chilly radiance as his huge body started charging toward Chen Feng and Kong Bai.


Space itself started collapsing.

The both of them could only stare blankly at the incoming iron fist. Right at this instant, Chen Feng abruptly started talking, "Xiong Da, is that you?"


The fist that was about to land halted. The eyes of the stone statue flickered with a red radiance as he stared at Chen Feng.

Xiong Da?

This name had seemingly roused an ancient memory… back then…

He recovered from his absent-mindedness. "Who are you?"

Chen Feng unwaveringly stared straight into the stone statue\'s eyes. "You don\'t remember me anymore? Back then, you and that young lady of the ancient race rescued us. Furthermore, you personally brought us to the Divine Ancestor…" Chen Feng looked at him. "Have you forgotten?"

"Young lady… Divine Ancestor…" The stone statue appeared to be in a daze. Seeming to have finally recalled something, with great difficulty, he uttered, "You… you are that fellow called Chen Feng!"

Chen Feng breathed out in relief. All would be fine if he recognized them. "Yes, it\'s me."

More and more memories of the stone statue seemed to emerge. "So it\'s you guys." He had finally recalled the events that had happened in the distant past. That was truly an extremely ancient era…

Chen Feng shot out a succession of questions. "How are you? Do you still remember Qin Hai? That pretty boy? What happened to him? What happened to the war with the ancient race? How have you stayed alive until now? What about that young lady you liked? How is she?"

The stone statue remained silent for a long time before answering, "I don\'t know."

Chen Feng was somewhat speechless. "Don\'t know?" How was that possible? This stone statue had lived on all these years…

"They are probably all dead, I suppose." The stone statue sighed. "After all, the scale of that war was rather huge. By the time I arrived, only crumbling fences and dilapidated walls remained. The ancient race had already retreated, and a countless amount of people were dead."

"How is that possible?" Suddenly, Chen Feng felt that something was wrong. "Wait."

When you arrived? Wasn\'t Xiong Da right there? I remember that, back then, Xiong Da was fiercely clashing against the ancient race!

Chen Feng\'s gaze became solemn. "Who are you? You are not Xiong Da!"

The stone statue shook his head. "I\'m not." However, a gratified expression appeared in his eyes. A person might have accidentally seen some picture and recognized his appearance. However, only someone who had been there back then would know that he was not actually Xiong Da. As such, Chen Feng\'s identity was verified.

"I am indeed not him." The stone statue sighed. "He was killed in that war. I am his brother, Xiong Er 1 ."

Instantly, Chen Feng had an odd expression on his face. The names of these barbarians truly caused one to be speechless.