The Strongest Gene - Chapter 402: I Am a Selfish Person

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Chapter 402: I Am a Selfish Person

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"Qin Hai!" Chen Feng bellowed.


The radiance that filled the sky—the suppression from the Sage—slacked a tiny bit. The power unleashed by Qin Hai with his very life and the support of the Energy Equipment was truly too astonishingly powerful. Even the intent released by the Sage cracked from it. The radiance of transmigration that had dimmed slightly once again shined an intense radiance.


The radiance of transmigration pierced through the clouds and instantly enveloped both Chen Feng and Kong Bai. Numerous halos hovered around them, and instantly, the both of them vanished. Transmigration successful!


Space and time swirled around them endlessly.

"Qin Hai!"

Chen Feng\'s gaze was fixed at that silhouette what was gradually growing indistinct.

That guy… how dare he…

Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. None of them had expected that Qin Hai would be the one to ultimately save them. This guy who was once a genius was still as much of a lofty and unyielding character even after losing his energy. Regardless of how difficult it was, he would still survive tenaciously. Chen Feng had once feared that Qin Hai would give up due to the blow dealt to him. Unexpectedly…

He was not resigned to being baggage? He was not resigned to being useless? Even so, there was no need for him to do that! If Chen Feng had been allowed to use his luck value earlier, they might have still been able to escape. When that happened, they would have been able to transmigrate. With the power of the three of them combined, they would most definitely have been able to seek a brand new future for Qin Hai. It was truly unexpected that Qin Hai was so unyielding a person!

So… you are still the Qin Hai of the past!

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled Qin Hai\'s words. Perhaps he had already seen this coming? He had been keeping silent out of fear that Chen Feng would not agree with this plan?

Qin Hai… Without realizing it, had they been using Qin Hai as a bodyguard simply because he did not possess the power of luck like Chen Feng or the power of transmigration like Kong Bai? As Chen Feng recalled what had happened during this trip, every single time, it had been Qin Hai standing there at the forefront! Even so, Qin Hai had never once complained. And this time, to save them, he had stayed behind with the enemy!

It did not need to be mentioned what would happen there. Those ancient race experts and that Sage whose intent had been cracked by Qin Hai would most definitely not let him off so easily.

Qin Hai…

Chen Feng\'s heart trembled. At this moment, the void before them started collapsing, and endless radiance swirled around them. This was the first time Chen Feng had transmigrated while maintaining his consciousness.

Kong Bai sighed. "Don\'t be sad."


His unlimited energy supply was activated. Only this would ensure that Kong Bai could maintain their transmigration process. He hadn\'t known Qin Hai for long. As such, he wasn\'t too emotional about Qin Hai\'s sacrifice. However, Qin Hai had still sacrificed himself to save them, after all. It would seem like, from today onward, he would owe an eternal favor that he no longer had a chance of repaying. The strength of that person\'s will was indeed something one couldn\'t not respect!

"Your luck is still required for this transmigration," Kong Bai said with a low voice. Although Qin Hai was dead, they still needed to stay alive.

Chen Feng shut his eyes. "I know."

Luck Aura was activated noiselessly. During the instant of their transmigration earlier, a huge amount of luck value had been exhausted. As such, the luck value required for the transmigration had already been consumed.

The remaining luck value… Suddenly, Chen Feng opened his eyes abruptly.

Kong Bai jumped from the scare. "What are you doing? Your sudden movement was rather shocking."

Chen Feng\'s gaze was sharp. "Luck…" True, luck! Says who that Qin Hai will definitely die staying there? No, even if it\'s a fixed fate, that\'s not for sure!

Chen Feng checked his remaining luck value. As they had stayed here for one whole month, he had accumulated several hundred points of luck value. Even after the transmigration, he still had 150 points remaining.

"A hundred and fifty points is sufficient."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Luck Aura, activate!


A power could be felt spreading noiselessly. If they had already returned to the genetic era, he would have no way to alter the past. Now, though, they were still in the process of transmigrating, existing at no specific point of time. If so…

Chen Feng sighed as he commanded his Luck Aura, "Take all the luck value and ensure Qin Hai\'s survival…"


Instantly, his luck value was completely exhausted. Next, Chen Feng slumped down weakly. Kong Bai held him up and asked with a low voice, "Are you fine?"

Chen Feng shook his head. "I\'m fine."

A bizarre radiance flashed in Kong Bai\'s eyes. "You helped Qin Hai…"

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "Mhm. As for his ultimate fate, it will have to depend on himself."

Kong Bai sighed. "Is that so?" Luck was truly a magical power!

At this time, they seemed to have reached the destination of their transmigration as well. The tunnel of transmigration started dimming, and in the distance, an exit shining with a white radiance could be seen.

"Hopefully your luck works," Kong Bai said, inhaling deeply and suppressing his anxiousness, "in helping Qin Hai survive and in helping our escape!"

Chen Feng\'s gaze was resolute. "It will."


Their figures vanished amidst the white radiance. Presently, at the land of legacy, the huge battle had just ended. By the time that radiance vanished, nobody was left behind. As for Qin Hai, he was half kneeling on the ground, and the Energy Equipment on his body was no longer there. His clothing was torn all over, and his body was stained with blood. Looking at the spot where Chen Feng and Kong Bai had vanished, a smile appeared on his face.

"Success… Forgive me, Chen Feng," Qin Hai said with a smile.

The outsiders all said that he was a person who cared deeply about friendships and relationships. However, Qin Hai felt that he was instead a rather selfish person. The reason he had cared so deeply about friendships and relationships was simply to keep his heart clear. An example was what had happened this time. If he had allowed Chen Feng to die in front of him, that would instead have been something he would find hard to accept. After all, he owed Chen Feng way too much. As for now…

Mhm. He had a clear conscience, being the one left behind. As for Chen Feng and Kong Bai, if those two truly survived this, they would feel guilty forever, right? This was an eternal favor, a favor they could no longer repay! An eternal debt!

Ka! Ka!

Around him, heavy footsteps resounded.

The ancient race expert that had been pushed back by him was rushing over, and numerous ancient race soldiers appeared around him as well. They were all fully armed and had Qin Hai surrounded, yet none of them dared to move. The only reason for that was because Qin Hai had managed to shatter the intent unleashed by the Sage earlier, even if it was only in the form of a single word.

Finally, the ancient race expert arrived. "You deserve to be killed." His eyes were filled with fury and his killing intent was surging. He had never expected that, with his strength, he would be played around with by these weaklings. Ultimately, two of them had still managed to escape. This was intolerable! As for this one guy who had been left behind…

The attack of the furious ancient race expert started descending. "Die!"

Qin Hai laughed heartily. "Haha. Come." Facing death, he had instead become more steadfast. If a next life truly existed, he wanted to be a main character as well!


Midair, a radiance caused by a collision of energies bloomed, and blood splattered around. At this time, the faraway Sage was merely watching on coldly. He was rather astonished that Qin Hai was able to crush his consciousness. However, that was all he felt, a small amount of astonishment.

However, right at this moment, suddenly, a scene appeared before his eyes, a scene that he had been hiding in his heart for a very long time.

"Why… have I suddenly thought of him?" Suddenly, the Sage looked toward Qin Hai. "Is it because of you? That must be so. You two resemble each other greatly, after all… Perhaps this is fate."

The Sage sighed.


With a wave of his hand, all the energy there dissipated. With astonishment, Qin Hai watched on as the energy that had been about to pierce through him dissipated. As he stared ahead, the Sage that had always been standing tall throughout both heaven and earth was walking toward him, one step at a time.

"Are you willing to be my disciple?"