The Strongest Gene - Chapter 398: A Cheating Transmigration Ability

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Chapter 398: A Cheating Transmigration Ability

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

At the land of legacy, the ancient race expert was filled with doubt as he stared at the distant Chen Feng\'s group of three. Those three had obviously vanished where he was. However, when they had reappeared, they had already been several hundred meters away. He had no clue how they had moved. Space teleportation? A concealment ability? He was unable to make sense of it.

However, no matter what, this would not hinder him killing them. Regardless of the bizarre abilities they had, he only needed to kill them and everything would be clear.


His body streaked out and once again charged at them. This time, he was somewhat far away from them. However, with his current strength, he only needed a single instant to reach them, yet this single instant was sufficient for Chen Feng\'s group to react to his charge.


They managed to barely evade the attack of the expert.


At the place they had stood previously, a dazzling explosion erupted. A countless amount of ancient race members were killed by this ancient race expert.

"Hmph!" The expert merely snorted and said, "Kill!"

Once again, he charged at them.

Chen Feng merely smirked coldly. "Hehe."


With a nonchalant wave of his hand, when the expert was about to reach them, the three of them vanished once again.


Another attack missed.

"Damn it!" That expert was furious. "Get your asses out here!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless attacks started landing on the spot Chen Feng\'s group had vanished from. Numerous clumps of terrifying energy exploded without stop. A crater several tens of meters deep was left in the ground. However, those three had seemingly vanished from the face of earth.

The expert was shocked. "How is this possible?" He couldn\'t wrap his head around this. Why were those few weaklings escaping from him? This was obviously something that was not supposed to happen. Red light flashed in his eyes. "You all… can\'t escape me."

At this time, at the ruins of the land of legacy, accompanied by a faint radiance, Chen Feng\'s group of three appeared. Once again, they returned.

Chen Feng\'s mouth curled up, forming a smile. "It indeed works." Earlier, he had only returned there to verify his guess; he had indeed guessed correctly. With the combination of his Luck Aura and the figurine, he was able to traverse as he wished between the land of legacy of the past and the land of legacy of the present. Granted, he wouldn\'t be able to stay here too long. However, this was already sufficient for him.

Kong Bai and Qin Hai were still confused. "What\'s going on?"

"You can transmigrate as well?" Qin Hai exclaimed in admiration.

Kong Bai was staring at Chen Feng in shock as well. Qin Hai was a person who lacked knowledge about the numerous aspects of transmigration. However, Kong Bai was extremely clear on them.

What Chen Feng was doing was not as simple as transmigration. Although he could transmigrate as well, the limitations were extremely harsh. Moreover, he might not be able to return from his transmigrations, but Chen Feng\'s version of transmigration… he could transmigrate as he wished!

With a wave of his hand, he transmigrated. With another wave, he f*cking returned! Who was the actual main character here? Kong Bai felt powerless to even berate this unfairness.

"This is only traveling between two different points in time," Chen Feng answered calmly. Presently, he did not have much time to explain to them. As such, he chose to simplify his explanation. "I am able to return temporarily. The duration being…" He checked the timer on his wristband. "One minute."

Instinctively, both Kong Bai and Qin Hai looked over at Chen Feng\'s timer as well. On his wrist, the screen hovered midair and the permission was set to public. With that, they were able to easily see the time indicated on the timer.

Fifty eight! Fifty nine! Sixty!


With a faint flash, the three vanished from where they were standing and returned to the ancient land of legacy.

The expert was still waiting for them there. "You have indeed returned! Come and die!"


With a loud sound, the expert that had been preparing himself all this while erupted with an incredibly powerful might!


The ground started trembling, and a terrifying power started surrounding Chen Feng\'s group.

"Careful!" Kong Bai cried out in alarm. Chen Feng merely gave the attack a single apathetic glance before nonchalantly waving his hand.


Light swirled around the, and once again, the three returned to the ruins. Kong Bai and Qin Hai exchanged glances. "…"

What was this?

Chen Feng smiled calmly. "We have one minute."

"Seems like we can now reach our goal easily," Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration.

With such a divine ability, wasn\'t reaching their goal an extremely easy thing to do now? Regardless of how powerful the experts of the ancient race were, could they interrupt what Chen Feng\'s group did out here?



Chen Feng was high spirited. Amidst the chilly wind, the three vanished amid the ruins at the land of legacy. However, this land of legacy was, after all, still a place laden with danger. Going through these ruins were not such a simple matter after all. Before even half a minute of traveling forth, they encountered enemies. The enemies were barbarians that were returning from their explorations.


As the group of barbarians saw the energy barrier around Chen Feng\'s group, they started going crazy. As far as they were concerned, only those elemental life-forms possessed energy here in this place. In their eyes, Chen Feng\'s group had transformed into NPCs.


With a resounding howl, several barbarians charged at them angrily. All the barbarians were B class. Chen Feng\'s group would have no fear if it was a one on one match, but now that there were more than 10 of them?


They retreated speedily. However, this was the home ground of the barbarians! These barbarians had explored this area innumerable times. As such, they were extremely clear on every nook and corner of this place. As for Chen Feng\'s group, they were the ones who were unfamiliar with this place. After less than 10 seconds of fleeing, they were surrounded by the barbarians with no way out.

The barbarians roared proudly.


The three of them were surrounded by a group of barbarians, and Kong Bai was maintaining their energy barrier with great difficulty.

Chen Feng glanced at him. "Persevere." He lightly stated, "One second... two seconds… three seconds… It\'s time!"


Light swirled around them, and the three vanished instantly. Unfortunately, in the blink of an eye, the three that had just escaped the barbarians were now looking at the ancient race expert that was staring at them viciously.

Kong Bai\'s expression darkened. "Shit."

Chen Feng pulled them and escaped hastily. "Go!"

One second… two seconds… three seconds…


The fatal attack of the ancient race expert descended.


The three vanished yet again. At this time, within the ruins, the barbarians that were still confused due to the vanishing act of Chen Feng\'s group noticed their reappearance not far away.


With a bellow, the barbarians charged at them.

"Damn!" Kong Bai howled. Why were things like this? Even when they were able to transmigrate as they wished, they were still being chased on both sides? Run, run, run! The three fled frantically. Unfortunately for them, even if the barbarians only knew to follow behind them, the ancient race members were not idiots. After being tricked several times by Chen Feng\'s group, the expert was able to figure out the route Chen Feng\'s group was taking soon after. Astonishingly, the three were also heading toward the pure energy. In other words, regardless of how many times they vanished and reappeared, they were heading toward the pure energy in a straight line from where they had initially vanished. Their ultimate target was the pure energy as well.

The expert sneered. "If so, things are much easier to deal with."

He stopped moving and concentrated his attention on this straight route, awaiting the reappearance of Chen Feng\'s group.

The expert calculated the time. "It\'s nearly time." He was unsure of the exact time, but he had some rough guesses on the time it would take for Chen Feng\'s group to reappear. On top of that, he had also managed roughly guess the spot they would reappear at. All that was left…


He felt an undulation somewhere.


The expert erupted instantly.


A formidable attack was instantly unleashed. The figures that had reappeared vanished instantly, but in the air, blood splattered around.