The Strongest Gene - Chapter 396: War with Ancient Race!

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Chapter 396: War with Ancient Race!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng looked at Kong Bai. "Where\'s your Profitable Third Party ability?" At a time like this, when the ancient race and barbarians were battling each other, shouldn\'t The Profitable Third Party be greatly effective? If it worked nicely, it might possibly cause both sides to suffer damage.

Kong Bai smiled bitterly. "It\'s ineffective. I tried earlier. The difference in their strength is too huge."

Chen Feng was alarmed. "Too huge a difference?" How was that possible? The ancient race and barbarians had been at odds for so many years, neither of them gaining the upper hand. They should obviously be evenly matched. Otherwise, the barbarians would have been wiped out long ago. Even if the ancient race seemed more powerful, they only had a single Sage. As for the barbarians, even if they appear somewhat weaker, they had the Divine Ancestor and the red dragon at their side. Therefore… they should be evenly matched!

Even if the Divine Ancestor was heavily damaged, he shouldn\'t be completely helpless against the ancient race, right? With Kong Bai\'s ability of enhancing one party\'s strength by 20% and reducing one party\'s strength by 20%, it was not something as simple as a difference of 40%—it was actually a difference of a party with 120% combat power against a party with only 80% combat power! Even with that, the tides of the war couldn\'t be reversed?

Moreover, the requirements for activating Kong Bai\'s ability were rather low. As long as one party didn\'t possess a combat power two or three times that of the other party, Kong Bai\'s ability would be effective. How was it failing now?


Chen Feng stared toward the center of the ancient race\'s camp.

There, the gold Godkilling Crossbow was shining dazzlingly. Even after the crossbow had been used earlier, it was still emitting a power that caused one\'s heart to palpitate.

Chen Feng\'s gaze sharpened. "Luck Aura, activate! I want the details of that thing."


Ten points of luck value were consumed, and the details of Godkilling Crossbow were transmitted to Chen Feng.


Name: Godkilling Crossbow

Ability: Shoots out a divine arrow, unleashing the entire soul aura to deal a certain degree of damage depending on the amount of soul aura accumulated. It is also able to bind the target to the same spot.

Soul Aura: By absorbing the souls of the deceased, soul aura can be formed. The higher the amount of the enemies killed, the more powerful the soul aura will be. After accumulating a certain amount of soul aura, a divine arrow can be formed.


Using the method most familiar to himself, Chen Feng obtained the details of that crossbow. However, the result… soul aura? Chen Feng\'s heart chilled. The scene of that single attack from the crossbow was still vivid in his memory. A magnificent Divine Ancestor had been directly heavily injured. Such a formidable power, how high was the amount of accumulated soul aura? How many lives had this Sage reaped? These lives… were they all enemies? No wars had erupted recently. The barbarians would definitely not have allowed the ancient race members to slaughter their members. As such, it was quite possible that the ancient race had been slaughtering their own!

In other words, the Sage had killed a huge amount of his own just to heavily damage the Divine Ancestor and eliminate the barbarians? Only by doing this had the Godkilling Crossbow been able to unleash such power. What was scary was the fact that, even now, that crossbow was still accumulating its power. What place was this? A battlefield!

The elites of the barbarians and the ancient race were dying without stop. As such, the power being absorbed by the Godkilling Crossbow was increasing at an unprecedented rate. At this speed, it wouldn\'t be long before the Godkilling Crossbow was once again ready for use. At that time, its target might very well be that dragon. No wonder Kong Bai\'s Profitable Third Party had failed.

By this point, Chen Feng\'s group had finally figured out how the barbarians had been eliminated. Ancient race? Chen Feng\'s group of three inhaled deeply.

Chen Feng said. "The barbarians won\'t be able to hold on much longer."

Kong Bai sighed. "I know." From the moment his ability had failed, he had been aware of the result of this battle.



Presently, the ancient race members were already charging into the land of legacy and were heading straight toward the pure energy. They were completely uninterested in the barbarian\'s legacy and were not bothered with making a move against Chen Feng\'s group. Their only target was the pure energy. This was a power any life-form could utilize. This was the root of life!

Kong Bai\'s expression was unsightly. "What should we do?" He had initially planned to absorb the energy in secret before transmigrating away. Now, though, it seemed his thoughts had truly been too naive. These ancient race members would definitely not allow Chen Feng\'s group to take their spoils of war. This pure energy was the largest spoil of this war started by the ancient race.

A group of excited ancient race members charged toward the pure energy.

Howl! Howl!

The three of them exchanged glances. "What to do?" Each of them could feel an intense sense of danger.

Chen Feng inhaled and said, "We don\'t have much time left. Now, only some regular troops of the ancient race are here. The moment those true experts currently entangled in the battle are able to spare some of their time, or perhaps when that Sage is done with whatever he\'s doing…"

Kong Bai and Qin Hai understood what he was trying to say. At that time, the three of them would be in true despair. As for now…

Kong Bai\'s gaze was sharp. "Start killing, then. I have transmigrated through countless worlds. I have been to countless worlds even more dangerous than this place. A mere beastman, what\'s there to be afraid of?"

Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai. "How about you?"

Qin Hai only replied with one word. "Battle!"

"Good. Then let us begin!" Chen Feng\'s blood started boiling. It had been a long time since he\'d had such a feeling.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The three of them moved at the same time. Instantly, the ancient race members passing by beside them collapsed like grass being mowed.


The rest of the ancient race members were alarmed. Instantly, they noticed these three people who were somewhat bizarre due to resembling the ancient race yet seeming somewhat different at the same time. So these three were enemies?

A nearby ancient race member reacted. "Kill!"

Bang! Bang!

Groups of ancient race members charged at Chen Feng\'s group.

Chen Feng\'s group had no fear.


These regular soldiers were at most C class. As far as Chen Feng\'s group was concerned, killing these weaklings was as easy as mowing grass. All three of them were able to easily defeat all their opponents. They started pushing in while slaughtering all the enemies they encountered along the way toward their goal, the pure energy.

Presently, at the battlefield, a large majority of the ancient race members were concentrating on battling the barbarians. However, some of them still noticed what was happening in the land of legacy. A certain ancient race expert glanced at that direction coldly before saying, "You guys, go there." He pointed at Chen Feng\'s group of three. "Kill those three."


A chilly radiance shimmered amidst the darkness. Just as Chen Feng\'s group was about to finish killing all the normal soldiers around them, suddenly, a terrifying killing intent descended upon them. The three of them were only barely able to evade the incoming attack.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

More than ten dark silhouettes descended from the sky. These newcomers were a unique species among the ancient race members. Each of them had a pair of bat-like wings behind them, and their speed was as fast as lightning, so fast one nearly couldn\'t catch a glimpse of them when they were moving. This was the Lightning Squad of the ancient race.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The black silhouettes moved around, leaving afterimages everywhere. Numerous bloody scars started appeared on the faces of Chen Feng\'s group.

Chen Feng had a deep gaze. "They noticed us?"

"B class!" Kong Bai said as he wiped the bloodstains from his face.

Qin Hai\'s killing intent surged. "Just kill them."

At this point, they had no other option. Earlier, when they had been killing those ordinary soldiers, they had been able to advance while killing. Now, though, they were facing a unique squad. As such, they first had to kill the newcomers before they could continue advancing. Otherwise, these newcomers would be able to exhaust them to death.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Cold radiances flickered without stop. Chen Feng\'s group wanted to kill those newcomers as soon as possible so they could continue advancing, but not much time passed before a huge amount of experts started streaming toward them unendingly. It was apparent that the number of ancient race members around them was increasing in amount.

After killing one group, a new group would appear to give their lives away? Something so stupid did not seem like a mistake the ancient race would make. In fact, after they had witnessed how Chen Feng\'s group fought, they had first deployed the Lightning Squad, the group with the fastest speed, to hold them back. Next, they deployed some elite squads over. Instantly, Chen Feng\'s group sunk into an impasse. They had no way out! The ancient race was much smarter than they had imagined!