The Strongest Gene - Chapter 394: Get Your *ss Out Here!

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Chapter 394: Get Your *ss Out Here!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

That thundering voice echoed through the air. "You guys are not part of the ancient race. From your body, the aura of my race can be felt, despite how weak that aura is." Along with the thundering voice, that immense "mountain range" finally started moving. That perfectly straight mountain range piercing straight to the clouds started descending upon them. Next, a 10-meter-tall stone statue appeared in front of them. Even if the stone statue had reduced the size of its body, it still appeared very large.

Chen Feng felt somewhat apprehensive. "This is the leader of the barbarians?" Based on Chen Feng\'s guess, the so-called aura on their bodies was quite possibly the 50% energy immunity they had obtained previously at the land of legacy. That was the reason some sort of resonance between their bodies and this leader had appeared. Regardless of what this leader said, Chen Feng was able to understand the leader\'s hidden meaning. If they had not possessed this aura on their bodies… they would most probably have been killed off immediately after arriving in this world. Even the inspections and what the captain had done earlier had probably been authorized by this leader. These barbarians were evidently much smarter than the barbarians of the Genetic Era.

"You are the leader?" Chen Feng asked.

"Leader?" The huge stone statue chuckled and said, "There is no such thing as a leader. If you have no idea what to call me, you can call me the Divine Ancestor."

Divine Ancestor?

The expressions of Chen Feng\'s group changed slightly. They had once heard about the Divine Ancestor from that young lady. This was one of the three strongest existence in this world. Apart from this Divine Ancestor, the other two were the Sage and Devil King. This guy here was at least an existence surpassing A class.

Chen Feng tried to sound calm. "What do you need us to do?"

Since this Divine Ancestor had gathered them here instead of killing them, he most certainly had something important for them to do.

"The aura of my race on your bodies is rather weak. As such, I am the only one able to feel it. Those fellows from the ancient race would not be able to feel the aura in your bodies. Hence, I have an extremely important mission for you guys," the Divine Ancestor stated.

"Please say it," Chen Feng said with a calm expression.

"The ancient race has a divine tool with extremely formidable killing power. Every single time we battle, a countless amount of people are killed by this tool. That divine tool is located in the core area of the ancient race. I need you guys to sneak into the ancient race\'s territory and stay there as a part of them. When an opportunity arises, destroy that divine tool!"

The Divine Ancestor\'s killing intent could be clearly felt as he said these words. As for Chen Feng\'s group, their hearts jolted furiously. It was indeed such a mission. A spying mission… as part of the ancient race? They exchanged glances and looked at each other in dismay. They had only entered this place to obtain the legacy before gathering sufficient pure energy to return to the Genetic Era. That was the only thing they wanted to do. If they had to go where the ancient race was…

Instinctively, Chen Feng asked, "How long will this mission require?"

"Ten years," the Divine Ancestor answered with a deep voice. "I will give you guys a deadline of 10 years."


Their hearts chilled. Ten years... This was too long a time. Did they truly have to stay there for 10 years? But if they refused to go… This was an option they did not see happening.

Despite the inquiring tone this Divine Ancestor had used when asking them, it was certain that if they dared to refuse, the consequences would be rather fascinating.

They exchanged glances. "What to do?" It was impossible for them to reject this mission. However, if they were to accept it…

Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, "Can we enter the land of legacy? Our strength is too weak. If we can enter the land of legacy and improve our strength…"


The eyes of Kong Bai and Qin Hai shone. True. If they could enter the land of legacy earlier, they would be able to obtain the legacy and pure energy required. After that, they could directly return to the Genetic Era. Who would be bothered with whatever happened here next?

The ice-cold answer of the Divine Ancestor shattered their hope. "No."

"Why?" Chen Feng asked.

"The aura in the land of legacy is too thick." The Divine Ancestor pondered before continuing, "With your current strength, the moment you guys obtain the legacy, even if your guys\' strength increases greatly, similarly, your bodies will contain a stronger aura of our race. At that time… I\'m afraid even those from the ancient race will be able to determine your true identities. It will no longer be possible for you guys to be spies."

The Divine Ancestor\'s reason for refusing their request was something they couldn\'t argue against.

The Divine Ancestor smiled. "However, you guys need not worry. When you guys return, I will personally open the land of legacy to grant you guys a stronger power, transforming you guys into true experts!"

Their hearts chilled as they heard this. Ancient race… return… ten years?

Suddenly, the calm tone of the Divine Ancestor became somewhat stern. "Or perhaps... you guys are not members of my race after all?" At this moment, the normal-looking clouds in the sky suddenly transformed into a huge clump of dense black aura that roiled endlessly. A terrifying power echoed about in the sky.

Bang! Bang!

A thunderous sound could be heard. The voice of the Divine Ancestor echoed without stop. This was a threat! At this moment, the Divine Ancestor\'s eyes seemed to have turned purple, and dazzling lighting appeared in the sky, seemingly as if an astonishing and terrifyingly powerful attack was going to descend upon them at any moment.

"We agree," Chen Feng answered hurriedly.


The dark clouds vanished.

Chen Feng breathed out in relief and explained, "I was only worried that we won\'t be able to complete this mission. After all, the three of us are too weak. For such an important mission, if we fail…"

The Divine Ancestor indifferently stated, "Don\'t worry. I will pray for you guys."


The Divine Ancestor pointed midair. A beam of light appeared and landed on the bodies of Chen Feng\'s group of three. This was a blessing bestowed by the Divine Ancestor! They felt apprehensive. From the information obtained from the young lady, the blessing of this Divine Ancestor was incredibly formidable.

Divine Ancestor\'s Blessing: able to block three fatal sources of damage.

In other words, any attack capable of killing someone could be blocked three times. This was a formidable power of the Divine Ancestor capable of blocking even the power of the Sage. Naturally, the disadvantage of having this blessing was the fact that, moving on, they would be totally under the Divine Ancestor\'s monitoring.

"With this, the lives of the three of you are safe," the Divine Ancestor stated indifferently.

"Many thanks, Lord Divine Ancestor."

The three of them laughed bitterly. What more could they say?

Regardless of how powerful this Divine Ancestor\'s blessing was, as far as they were concerned, this was akin to a huge shackle, controlling them firmly! At first, they had believed that the barbarian leader would be an A class at most. Unexpectedly… that Divine Ancestor was the leader. This time, they truly had no other options. Escape? It was pointless. This was the territory of the barbarians during the era of barbarians. They had no way out. As for resisting… they had no intention of dying this early by resisting this Divine Ancestor.

"It seems like we will have to make a trip to the ancient race this time," they mumbled inwardly. However, right at this moment...


A huge thundering sound appeared in the sky. Numerous terrifying beams of light rushed out, and a cold voice echoed through the sky, "Divine Ancestor, get your ass out here!"


What a powerful entry!

The Divine Ancestor frowned. "Sage?!" He was not afraid of the Sage. However, the timing of the Sage\'s appearance…