The Strongest Gene - Chapter 393: What the Heck

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Chapter 393: What the Heck

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Ka! Ka!

The oppressive sounds of the barbarians\' military boots stepping on the ground echoed in the air. These were boots produced purely from the leather of monsters. Apart from the oppressive sound, a bizarre undulation spread with every step they took when wearing these boots. Every single step taken felt incomparably stable. Currently, Chen Feng\'s group of three were silently following behind the captain. Soon after, after traveling through numerous tunnels, they reached the inner part of the palace.

"It\'s here," the captain said. The curtain was lifted and another sturdy barbarian walked out of the palace.

"Inspect them," the captain said with a deep voice. "If there\'s no problem, send them in."

With a rough voice, the other barbarian replied, "All right." It should be normal for an inspection to be conducted on the visitors of the barbarian\'s leader. However, the barbarian only glanced at Qin Hai\'s body before looking at Chen Feng, hesitating slightly, and ultimately looking at Kong Bai.

Kong Bai blanked. "???" Suddenly, the barbarian\'s hand stretched out and, like a monkey stealing a peach, grabbed Kong Bai\'s crotch.

Instantly, Kong Bai\'s expression greened. "The f*ck?" Before Kong Bai could even finish his sentence, his face paled. "You…"

Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances before inhaling a mouthful of cold air as they saw that barbarian\'s thick and sturdy palm that was grabbing tightly onto Kong Bai\'s crotch, seemingly trying to look for something.

The f*ck!

The both of them took a step back in unison. Was this how the barbarians conducted their inspections?

Kong Bai was ashen faced, and his whole body was trembling from anger. "Let! Go!"

As he felt the hand feeling his crotch up, he felt like killing someone. Just as he was about to erupt in anger without care for the consequences, suddenly, the barbarian retracted his hand silently.

"Where\'s your tail?" the barbarian asked with a deep voice. "The ancient race members all possess tails. Some of their tails might be small or hidden within their clothes, but why do these three not have any tails?! Are there some problems with them?"

The barbarian\'s gaze became somewhat hostile.

Right at this moment, the captain by the side coughed before saying, "Erm, they are not part of the ancient race. Rather, they are only members of a remote barbarian tribe whose bodies haven\'t grown properly."

Suddenly, the other barbarian felt enlightened. "Oh, oh, oh. No wonder they have no tails. Mhm… go, then. The inspection is over."

As he finished his words, he stepped aside.

Kong Bai: "…"

As he looked at the somewhat apologetic captain, he felt like killing someone.

Why? Since you knew it, why don\'t you tell him earlier? You can\'t bully someone like this! And why am I the one getting inspected, not Chen Feng or Qin Hai? Even if I am the main character, this is not the kind of plot that should be unfolding. Normally, main characters should have their crotch inspected by girls, right?

Kong Bai felt powerless to even berate this. Chen Feng and Qin Hai merely exchanged glances as they sunk deep into contemplation.

Their identities had obviously been verified by the captain previously. However, he had still insisted on having another round of inspection done. It would seem like this barbarian captain still had some doubts. Fortunately, this doubt of his had ultimately been erased. As for the ancient race…

Chen Feng frowned. What ancient race was it that had tails? Tails… if so, that so-called ancient race was not a pure human? As he thought of his verified identity, Chen Feng felt like it wouldn\'t be problematic if he had any questions now. Moreover, it would be perfectly rational that he had questions.

"The ancient race has tails?" Chen Feng asked with an amazed tone.

The barbarian scratched his head as he answered, seemingly feeling apologetic at his previous action of grabbing Kong Bai\'s peach. "Not necessarily." He explained, "How can the bloodline of the ancient race be as pure as that of us barbarians? Hmph. There is a lot of variety to that damnable race. The heads of some of them grow in problematic ways, and there are others whose different body parts grow problematically as well. Due to these differences, they are all separated into numerous minor races. As for an ancient race member with no obvious problem in their appearance, then that person is most definitely someone with a tail. In short, on the bodies of these ancient race members, a lot of difference from our bodies can be seen. Our boss mentioned before that those from the ancient race are either people who can\'t grow large enough or those that have various deformities despite having a sufficient amount of nutrition while growing. That is the reason their physical appearances are so bizarre." At this, the barbarian felt somewhat awkward and clarified, "Naturally, I am not talking about you guys."

Chen Feng: "…"

Was that final sentence required? Therefore, the so-called ancient race was a race possessing unique mutations?

It was clear that different barbarians had different education levels. This particular barbarian in front of them had only heard about the ancient race instead of actually meeting one. What exactly was the so-called problems these ancient race members had? None of them had any idea.

"Oh, right." Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something, and he looked at Xiong Da before asking, "That young lady that saved us…"

Xiong Da scratched his head and stated awkwardly, "She is a member of the ancient race. She has a tail as well. However, it\'s a rather small tail. As such, she can hide it."

Chen Feng: "…"

Looking at Xiong Da\'s embarrassed expression and the fact that he had not explained how he had seen her tail, mhm… Chen Feng finally understood how the life-forms of this world were all different from humans. There was no need to mention the differences between the barbarians and humans. There was also the mysterious yet powerful ancient race. He was sure that the ancient race was not something as simple as a race with "problems." If he had the opportunity, he wanted to take a look at what the ancient race looked like.

At this time, they had finally arrived, and the barbarians escorting them needed to leave.

"The boss is rather curious about your identities. You guys only need to answer honestly. Since your appearance is somewhat unique, you guys might be able to disguise yourselves as members of the ancient race and spy for us. After all, we can\'t find anyone as short as you guys around here…" the barbarian captain said sincerely.

Chen Feng\'s group was speechless.

By the side, the barbarian that was in charge of inspection gave Kong Bai a thumbs up. "Even my entire hand is not sufficient to grab the entirely of it. You, kid, are a true man!"

Instantly, Kong Bai\'s killing intent surged. Getting groped by a man, no, a barbarian at that, was definitely not something worthy of praise. That was simply too embarrassing.


He snorted coldly before entering the building. Chen Feng and Kong Bai followed behind him. This was the inner hall of the palace and the domain of the legendary leader of the barbarians. After gaining a certain level of understanding with regard to the barbarians, Chen Feng\'s group had mentally prepared to meet this leader. Unexpectedly, they had still underestimated this barbarian leader.


As they entered the inner hall, an astonishing scene entered their vision. An expanse of wilderness could be seen. Two green mountains were in front of them, and weeds were growing all over the mountains. The peaks of both mountains joined together, a dense bush growing on it. Occasionally, small birds could be seen flying around, giving off an incredibly lively feeling. This was quite a magnificent scene. It would seem like this barbarian leader was someone who knew how to enjoy his life.

However, only the green mountains and the pleasant scenery could be seen here. Nobody else was in sight.

"Is the leader not here?" Kong Bai muttered. That shouldn\'t be the case. Earlier, they had obviously…

"Just wait a while," Chen Feng said with a deep voice.

Qin Hai nodded. "Mhm."

Right at this instant, an imposing voice descended upon them from above. "After seeing me, why are you guys not kneeling down to pay your respects?"


The voice was so loud that it was akin to a thunder.


Chen Feng\'s group raised their heads instinctively, and their expressions changed greatly at what they saw. That so-called mountain range was, in actuality, an over-10-meter-tall immense stone man. Those green mountains were actually the thighs of this stone man. As for that place where the "mountains" joined, it was actually…

Oh, f*ck.