The Strongest Gene - Chapter 390: Transmigrate! Transmigrate!

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Chapter 390: Transmigrate! Transmigrate!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

As they walked on the streets, one tall and lofty figure after another appeared. Each of them was three meters tall. Different from the normal barbarians they knew of, these people here were all clean and neat, without all the messy hair on their body. Far away, familiar-looking characters could be seen on the signboard of the shops by the street. Those were the characters Chen Feng\'s group had previously seen on the barrier outside the ruins.

These people… these scenes…

The three of them exchanged glances and sunk into a solemn mood.

"This can\'t be true, right?" Kong Bai muttered. The h*ll, he had only tried to transmigrate. Unexpectedly…

Chen Feng rubbed his head. "This must be it." They had indeed transmigrated. However, rather than transmigrating to a different world, they had instead transmigrated back countless years, transmigrating into the most glorious era of these barbarians. This was the era of barbarians!


Suddenly, a thundering roar resounded in the air. This roar traveled through layers of air, seemingly capable of shaking one\'s soul itself. Next, a huge figure streaked past in the sky. A familiar red afterimage was left behind. That was precisely that mysterious dragon they had seen earlier! They had truly traveled back in time! The three of them blanked for a long time at this realization.

Chen Feng looked at Kong Bai. "Can we still go back?"

Kong Bai knew that he wouldn\'t be able to keep this a secret from Chen Feng and could only smile bitterly as he replied, "After accumulating a certain amount of power of time, I will indeed be capable of transmigration. However, the location of the transmigration… will depend on fate. This time, we arrived here by accident. As for the next transmigration, I have no idea where we will end up." Kong Bai\'s head ached as well. "When I first obtained this ability, I transmigrated to a different world as well. After that, I spent 20 years transmigrating nonstop for several hundred times before I was able to return back to our world. The next time we can return to our world… I truly have no idea when will it be."

Kong Bai announced his ability in a helpless manner.


Ability: Transmigration

Effect: transmigrate to a random world containing energy.

Consumption: pure energy


This was an extremely simple description. It clearly described that this was a one-way trip. One could only transmigrate endlessly to reach a particular world one wished to reach. Based on Kong Bai\'s description, every time he transmigrated, he himself would not know the destination. However, after leaving his world, he would work hard to return. Regardless of which world he reached, he would work hard to accumulate pure energy. Only by doing that would he be able to transmigrate any time he encountered a danger. All those years, he had been transmigrating without stop. He had also been saving up his energy supply without stop. One time, two time… ten times…

After several hundred attempts, after 20 years of transmigrating aimlessly, one day, he had returned to his world. On top of that, he was not able to save up his energy in advance before transmigrating, because regardless of the amount of energy he saved, the instant he transmigrated, the energy would be completely exhausted. Depending on the amount of energy he had saved, the destination would change accordingly. Even now, Kong Bai had yet to discover exactly how the amount of energy saved affected the destination of his transmigration. Both the destination and time of his transmigration were things he was not able to ascertain.

After 20 years transmigrating around endlessly, it was truly out of his expectations that only three days had passed in that world when he returned. Transmigration was truly an amazing ability. However, since his return, he no longer dared to utilize this ability of his. He was afraid that, when he once again used this ability, he would be sent to some random location. At least, this time…

Chen Feng and Qin Hai were disappointed. "So that\'s the case."

Transmigration… so this Kong Bai guy had such a rich experience? Was this also the reason his abilities had gone through so many mutations? At this moment, the things they had suspected became clear to them. Who would have guessed that this guy had experienced so much at such a young age?

Twenty years of transmigration… More than a hundred different worlds with energy…

Chen Feng could imagine the kind of horror he would feel whenever he reached an alien world and encountered danger, and that was the manner in which this guy had lived.

Suddenly, Qin Hai asked, "As such, you have no friends?"

At that, Kong Bai\'s expression turned somewhat unsightly.

"I suppose you don\'t have a lover either," Chen Feng said after pondering.

Instantly, Kong Bai\'s expression darkened. These two guys…

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. "It has been hard on you." No matter what, Kong Bai had indeed saved both their lives this time.

"This is why I am the main character," Kong Bai muttered. "I don\'t even have a family, let alone friends or lovers. Traveling the world by my lonesome self, with the ability to transmigrate at will? With such a character background, if I\'m not the main character, what am I?"

Chen Feng and Qin Hai chuckled. True.

Chen Feng shook his head. "However, there are also many different types of main characters. I know a guy who possesses the characteristics of a main character as well. However, if my guesses are correct, the story in which he is a main character must be a porno story. That guy is a main character with a harem! As for you…" Chen Feng pondered seriously before saying, "I\'m afraid you are playing the role of a tragic main character with great bitterness and deep hatred."

Kong Bai: "…"

Suddenly, Chen Feng laughed. "Do you know what you lack?"

Kong Bai blanked. "Huh?"

Chen Feng\'s expression became serious. "You lack the aura of a main character. Therefore, are you interested in having the aura of a main character, in transforming into a true main character? For example, the next time you transmigrate, we can directly return to our world?"

"How is that possible?" Kong Bai cried out in alarm. Returning in a single attempt? What a joke. How was that possible? Based on his experience of hundreds of transmigrations and the worlds he had traveled, the probability of him returning to the genetic world was less than one in a thousand. Moreover, that was only the probability of returning to that world—the point in time he would arrive at was uncertain as well. To return to the same point of time, only god knew how low the probability was. Back then, he had managed to return purely by fluke. That probability… it would seem like Chen Feng still lacked understanding of his ability.

Kong Bai smiled bitterly. "Transmigration is not so simple. The probability—"

"Ah," Chen Feng interrupted him, and with a faint smile on his face, he whispered by Kong Bai\'s ear, "I forgot to tell you that, in fact, I am a main character as well."

Kong Bai had a bewildered expression. "Ah?"

"You possess the power of transmigration. As for me…" Chen Feng\'s mouth curled up, forming a smile. "I am able to turn the probability of any occurrence into reality."

Suddenly, Kong Bai\'s pupils shrunk. "What?!" He stared at Chen Feng with an inconceiving gaze.

Probability… into reality! In other words… No, impossible, how could such a thing…

Suddenly, Kong Bai stopped his denial. He recalled the legend-like rise of Chen Feng. Although the plot was somewhat different than his own traveling through different worlds, Chen Feng was a genius who had risen to prominence in the genetic world! Kong Bai knew about Chen Feng\'s past very well. This was a guy that seemed to specialize in creating miracles. Some said that these miracles were due to Chen Feng\'s strong willpower. Some said that he was lucky. Some said that he had formidable accumulation. But now, he finally knew the real reason. Probability... into reality?! What damnable ability was this? Luck? With this simple explanation, Kong Bai could already feel how scary Chen Feng\'s ability was.

Kong Bai\'s lips felt dry. "Such an ability…"

Chen Feng smiled. "Similar to your ability, the limitations are rather huge. However, I have suddenly thought of an idea. If both our abilities are used together, what interesting things will happen as a result?"