The Strongest Gene - Chapter 385: The Past Glory

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Chapter 385: The Past Glory

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Chen Feng: "…"

Qin Hai: "…"

They had never expected that this calamity, which had befallen Chen Feng in such an absurd manner, would proceed in such an absurd manner as well. This land of legacy was truly…

As for Kong Bai, he had a "what the f*ck" expression on his face and was feeling extremely furious.

You are angry? I am even angrier, all right? I can forget losing to Chen Feng and Qin Hai in terms of handsomeness, but what do you, a barbarian, think you are? God d*mn you, you dare to look down on me?

Taking wide strides, Kong Bai stepped into the makeshift ring.

"Oh." Chen Feng paused, then continued, "Can he win without using energy?"

Qin Hai smiled forcefully. "I have no idea." Kong Bai was indeed a powerful person—there was no doubt about that—but his strength when not using any energy was unknown.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, "Since he dares to enter the ring, I suppose there is a reason for his confidence."

Qin Hai nodded slightly. "Mhm." Kong Bai was a person with an unknown identity and strength. Every single time he had showcased his ability, he had been able to shock them. Regardless of the unlimited energy supply or his demonic mirror… both were similarly shocking. This was a person with astonishingly scary abilities. Even in their present situation, where the three of them had grouped together, none of them dared to look down on this person.

If he had truly survived all this while with an identity as a neutral party, that was an extremely terrifying feat. Would such a person have no trump cards? Their present question was what other abilities this guy had. The demonic mirror, unlimited energy supply, and The Profitable Third Party, all three abilities this guy had displayed so far were bizarre, out-of-the-ordinary abilities. How many other abilities did this guy have?

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. "His condition seems somewhat off." If Kong Bai killed this barbarian for real, things would be troublesome.

"He should know when to stop, right?" Qin Hai stated uncertainly. Next, he looked at the furious and roaring Kong Bai and could only smile forcefully. "If he is really planning to kill, I will stop him forcefully."

Chen Feng nodded slightly. "Mhm." They focused on the ring as Qin Hai braced himself for the battle and Kong Bai arrived in the ring.


With an indignant howl, both combatants clashed.

Battle, begun!


A huge sound erupted.

Qin Hai\'s heart leaped. "Something happened!" Abruptly, he charged out. However, when he saw clearly what had happened, he momentarily blanked.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The berserk barbarian was attacking without stop, while the Kong Bai that had charged into the ring furiously was being smashed all over the place.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Instantly, Kong Bai was swollen all over.


Qin Hai was stupefied.

Earlier, he had been bracing for battle, as he had feared that Kong Bai would kill the barbarian. Unexpectedly, this guy had entered the ring just to get himself beaten up. After coming to himself, Qin Hai walked into the ring and dragged Kong Bai out.

Qin Hai did not know whether to laugh or cry. "If you can\'t beat him, why did you enter?"

Kong Bai sighed. "In a moment of anger, I entered. Godd*mnit, these barbarians are actually so strong."

Qin Hai: "…"

Chen Feng: "…"

They started doubting the evaluation they had made of this guy. With such a level of intelligence, how had this guy survived until now? Chen Feng was stupefied as well. But then, with this spectacle by Kong Bai, Chen Feng could now see clearly that this land of legacy was not as strictly guarded as they had believed. This was reasonable, though. With the existence of that terrifying stone statue, this was probably a place no outsiders had entered before. As such, who would suspect that the Chen Feng trio were actually outsiders?

"Let\'s go."

They left. As they walked past the huge tower, the scene of the entire land of legacy could be clearly seen. Layers of radiance flickered without stop as a huge stone city entered their sight.

Their hearts jolted. A city? Here, in the inner region of the land of legacy?



Numerous barbarians could be seen traveling in and out of the city.


A vague howl could be heard.

They raised their heads and, to their astonishment, a huge figure could be seen lingering above the city. That was a huge red dragon!

This place…

Chen Feng\'s expression changed slightly. These barbarians had actually created a civilization unique to them. The three of them exchanged glances, shock apparent in their eyes. Here at this place, within the unknown region, a complete civilization had been born? If that was the case… humanity was truly in deep trouble!

On this planet that was not fully explored, humanity had been exploring unknown regions with great effort. Using all sorts of methods, they tried to obtain the resources contained within these unknown regions. The Genetic Union was doing their explorations in the open, whereas the Mysterious Organization was doing their own explorations from the opposite side of the planet. Even with this, not a lot of other races had been discovered so far. This time, a complete civilization was before their eyes.


The defensive barrier around the city was flickering without stop. The world within the barrier and the world outside the barrier appeared like two different worlds. Different from the towering buildings, steel, and other signs of technological advancement, this city was instead filled with totems and numerous mysterious life forms. This was a civilization that revolved around "mysterious powers." This was a civilization of barbarians!

Qin Hai smiled bitterly. "In other words, those barbarians we met out there were merely the illiterate peasants, the outcasts of this civilization?" Within this city, numerous odd-looking characters could be seen. They could not read these characters, but it was rather obvious that these characters represented the language of these barbarians. Possessing written characters was one of the characteristics of a complete civilization.

Kong Bai inhaled a mouthful of cold air. "Things are going to get very troublesome now."

It was common knowledge that the moment a foreign civilization was discovered, a huge war would erupt between two different civilizations. When that time came, a lot of lives would be lost. Even if humanity possessed genes and technology… as they saw the huge dragon circling in the air, they concluded that the final victor of such a war was not a sure fact.

"What should we do?" Qin Hai asked cautiously.

Kong Bai looked toward the city. "Try going in. Since the legacy is located within this city, we might as well go in and obtain some understanding of this civilization. The moment a war begins… it might prove helpful. We are, after all, still humans," Kong Bai finished with a solemn expression.

"Mhm," Qin Hai agreed.

As for Chen Feng, he merely stared at the city silently, looking at the barbarians that were covered in dust entering and exiting and looking at the defensive barrier around the city opening and closing akin to a ripple.


Suddenly, Chen Feng raised his head and lightly pressed on the defensive barrier. Next, a gush of energy spread out of his hand.

Kong Bai and Qin Hai were shocked. "What are you doing?" What was Chen Feng doing? Using his energy at the base of the barbarians? Had he gone crazy? However, before they could even say anything, they saw the defensive barrier before Chen Feng split apart noiselessly, a bizarre radiance lingering around the opening.


Without a noise, the barrier opened. Through the opening, the true appearance of the city became distinct.

Chen Feng sighed and shut his eyes. "Indeed…"


Kong Bai and Qin Hai looked over curiously and their hearts instantly jolted furiously. Through the opening, they saw the true appearance of this city. This was actually the remains of a city! This was indeed a civilization of barbarians. However, this was only a civilization that used to exist.