The Strongest Gene - Chapter 384: Provoke!

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Chapter 384: Provoke!

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Qin Hai was stupefied. "The f*ck?"

"What reaction is this?" Kong Bai glanced over curiously, and his face darkened immediately. "The f*ck?"

Chen Feng: "…"

Silently, he picked up that black clump.


As the black dispersed, Chen Feng had the same reaction as them as well. This, this, this… why the h*ll was this the final result?

Qin Hai sighed. "Your taste is getting weirder."

Kong Bai sighed deeply as well. "Your feelings for each other must be rather strong."

Chen Feng: "…"

How could he have known that this would be the final product of his ability?

Chen Feng smiled forcefully and rubbed his head. "It\'s not that bad, right? Mhm… at the very least, in a lot of situations, this thing can be used as a specialized disguise item." Chen Feng shrugged. "Why aren\'t you thinking of our current situation? At a place like this, can anything good be produced?"

Qin Hai and Kong Bai exchanged glances and could only nod helplessly.


The car stopped at the outer fringe. Next, the three exchanged glances before taking out the three unknown black items. At that moment, an expression that couldn\'t be explained with words appeared on their faces. With a pull, the black item was easily stretched open, giving off an extremely silky-smooth feeling…

That\'s right, the unique disguise item Chen Feng produced by his Energy Equipment was the perfect robber\'s mask as detailed in the legends: pantyhose! This was a unique pantyhose capable of disguising one\'s aura, a black lacy pantyhose.

Qin Hai clenched his teeth. "Let me try it."

He stretched the pantyhose, no, to be precise, he stretched the unique disguise Energy Equipment, showcasing its extreme flexibility and smoothness. Next, he put it on, covering his whole body with it. Unexpectedly, it actually fit his whole body. Subsequently, an astonishing thing happened. Just as this unique disguise Energy Equipment touched his skin, noiselessly, his skin transformed into the color of the barbarians. His skin color and aura transformed. The disguise was successful!

Even more astonishing was the fact that even the portion covering his head readjusted seamlessly after wearing it. He was still able to breathe normally, and when one looked at him, he was no different than a normal barbarian.

As for the pantyhose? No, to be precise, the unique disguise Energy Equipment, it was nowhere to be seen now. In a flawless manner, it had fused with Qin Hai\'s skin.

Chen Feng\'s eyes shone. "Success!" As long as they could disguise themselves successfully, this small sacrifice of having to wear pantyhose was nothing.

"He actually has to wear the pantyhose over his entire body…" Kong Bai did not know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at Chen Feng. "Don\'t you feel like this thing here looks more like a condom?"

Chen Feng shook his head and stated in a collected manner, "No. Which condom would be used to fill a single individual? Normally, a condom will be filled with hundreds of millions of individuals 1 , don\'t you know that?"

Qin Hai\'s expression darkened: "…"

These two!

"You two, put them on as well," Qin Hai snapped, and he tossed the other two black clumps at their faces.


Chen Feng and Kong Bai looked at each other mournfully before clenching their teeth and putting on the unique disguise Energy Equipment. Next, they transformed successfully. And thus, three barbarians appeared. Despite their rather low heights, at the very least, they appeared the same as other barbarians.

They stayed nearby, observed the land of legacy for an hour, and noticed that there were people coming in and out without stop. Some of them were even wearing hats. As long as they had the correct aura about them, even if one wore a gown, none of the barbarians would be bothered. The majority of the barbarians here were still underage or those waiting for the adulthood ritual, so the barbarians stationed here might not necessarily know everyone here. Moreover, based on the height of Chen Feng\'s group of three, they would be assuming the identity of child barbarians anyway.

Even if there were only several hundred inhabitants here, it would still be normal for some of them to not know some of the children here.

"Let\'s go."

They inhaled deeply and followed behind a certain group of barbarians that were returning home. Noiselessly, they entered the land of legacy. Their bodies stiffened as they braced for a battle at any moment.


Under the watch of several attentive gazes, they entered the land of legacy smoothly.

Chen Feng\'s heart jolted. "We have entered!"

Qin Hai\'s eyes shone. "No signs of alarm."

Kong Bai felt relieved. "We were not found out."

Only now did the three of them breathe out in relief. In a group, they walked toward the side of a building. In truth, none of the barbarians were bothered with these three "kids" that had just returned. Distantly, three huge towers could be seen with flickering lights around them.



Nearby, a group of barbarians raised their hands and started waving in excitement. Chen Feng\'s group went over to take a look and noticed that, in the middle of that group of barbarians, two sturdy-looking barbarians were fighting. This was a rather bloody scene.


Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. It seemed like this was a rather popular combat method between the barbarians.

Chen Feng frowned. "Let\'s go." He glanced at Qin Hai and Kong Bai and shook his head slightly, hinting them to leave. They were here to receive the legacy, not watch a show.


Qin Hai and Kong Bai signaled each other, but just as they were prepared to leave, beyond their expectations, suddenly, a barbarian in the makeshift ring howled and pointed at Chen Feng before starting to viciously beat his own chest.

The barbarian howled without stop. "Howl!" Howl!"

Oh? Chen Feng was dumbstruck. What was going on?


Qin Hai glanced at the barbarian and recalled Chen Feng\'s previous expression. Silently, he transmitted his voice to Chen Feng. "I think he\'s trying to say that since you dare to look down on him, he hereby challenges you to a match."

Chen Feng: "???"

As he looked at the serious expression on that barbarian\'s face, he had a "what the f*ck" expression on his face.

Wait… in other words, for these barbarians, those "rituals" of exchanging dialogue like "What are you looking at?" and "So what if I\'m looking at you?" and "Try looking at me one more time!" before fighting were directly skipped—they would instead directly start a fight? Just because Chen Feng had gazed at him once while shaking his head, this barbarian viewed that as a challenge? This… what brutal world was this?

On top of that, Chen Feng had noticed that the issue of his identity he had been worried about was apparently not a problem at all. These barbarians did not seem like they cared at all. What should he do now, then? Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Fighting that barbarian? If using energy was an option, Chen Feng could beat this guy up at any time. Even if these barbarians were immune to energy, he could still use some other methods to trap them and gain the upper hand before slowly dealing with the barbarian.

Unfortunately, here, he could not use his energy at all. The moment he used it, he would most definitely die. Regardless of how stupid these barbarians were, regardless of how low their sense of vigilance was, the moment they sensed the threat posed by energy, they would figure out that Chen Feng\'s group were not simply locals. As such, Chen Feng could only use his physical body to fight this barbarian.

This won\'t do.

Chen Feng smiled forcefully. It would seem like he would not be able to avoid getting beaten up. In a situation where he was not allowed to use his energy, he had no confidence that he would be a match for a barbarian. As his thoughts reached this point, he walked forward.

Suddenly, Qin Hai pulled Chen Feng back. Wait. Next, he pointed at that barbarian and looked at him with a pair of eyes filled with disdain.

Challenge! Qin Hai was challenging that barbarian!


The group of barbarians around them started roaring in excitement.

However, before Chen Feng could even feel any sort of relief, he saw the barbarian kneel down and kowtow to Qin Hai, admitting his inferiority! That\'s right, the barbarian had chosen to directly kowtow to Qin Hai, admitting defeat! Evidently, the barbarian had sensed that Qin Hai was unordinary.

"Jiliwala howl howl—"

The barbarian started talking to the other barbarians beside him, saying how he would rather submit than fight Qin Hai. Next, he continued staring at Chen Feng, evidently wanting to battle Chen Feng.

Chen Feng: "…"

Now he had two choices remaining: be beaten up or kneel down and submit.

He sighed inwardly. I suppose I can\'t avoid getting beaten up, then.


In a serene manner, he walked out. To reach his present height, he had suffered all sorts of injuries. Getting beaten up wouldn\'t be much for him. He was not willing to waste his luck value for something like this. Surprisingly, though, suddenly, Kong Bai walked out.

Kong Bai said some simple words. "You! Ugly! Howl!" Beyond everyone\'s expectations, the barbarian that had been forced to kowtow to Qin Hai was instantly infuriated the moment the word "ugly" came out of Kong Bai\'s mouth.



The furious barbarian pointed at Kong Bai. Evidently, he felt extremely insulted when Kong Bai was the one calling him ugly.